How to Unread Messages on Instagram? [Solved]

Commonly asked questions like “How to unread messages on Instagram?” are usually because brands use Instagram DMs for business in various ways. Instagram has made it possible for people to share their thoughts with the world, and it is one of the best social media platforms for this. However, with so many messages that are posted on Instagram, it can be hard to find a message that you want to read. This article will explain how to unread messages on Instagram.

How to Unread Messages on Instagram?

Switch your person account into professional account to enable Mark as Unread Features on your Instagram. Only Creator or Business accounts on Instagram can unread messages.

Note: Your recently sent or received message will be mark as unread. You can’t unread the individual message on chat section.

There’s no one standard way to unread a message on Instagram, though some of the most common techniques are to open and immediately close it (marking it as “read”), and delete it from your inbox altogether. You can also use “mark as unread” features of Instagram to unread the message. But to enable this features you have to switch your person account to business or creator account.

Now, Follow the given steps to unread messages on Instagram:

Step 1: Go to chat section of your instagram.

Step 2: Select any message(conversations) list which you want to unread and press it.

Step 3: No you will see different option like move to general, mark as unread, flag and delete.

Unread Messages on Instagram
Unread Messages on Instagram

Step 4: Simply tap on “Mark as Unread ” Option to unread the message.

If you want to know more about how to unread messages on Instagram. Please check out this video for more details:

Can you make an Instagram message unread?

The answer is that yes, you can make an Instagram message unread. To do this simply go to message box and long press the account name and you will see “Mark as Unread ” Option. Just simply select “Mark as Unread.”

How do you see unread messages on Instagram?

If you’ve already unread messages on Instagram, then follow the steps below to see your unread messages:

Step 1: Click the 3 horizontal lines option as shown in Screenshots.

Step 2: You will see different option like inbox, unread, flagged and subscribers.

Step 3: Just simply tap “Unread” Option to see the unread messages.

unread messages
unread messages


Hope you learned all the steps to unread messages on instagram. If you have any problems related to instagram, then do visit instagram help center. You will find your solution there. You can also leave comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to switch your private account to a professional account to enable Unread message Features?

Instagram’s Unread messages features can be easily enabled for business or creator accounts only . But, if you don’t want to go through the process, you can simply place your account on Restrict mode.

Does Instagram Allow You to Unread Messages?

Yes, Instagram allow you to unread messages after switching your private account to professional account.( Business or Creator Account).

Does Instagram unread work on Private Account?

No. Instagram’s “Mark as Unread ” Features does not work on private account but you can place your account on Restrict mode.

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