How to Clear Cache and Cookies in Google Chrome

Clearing your cache or cookies can go a long way in fixing loads of problems that might be plaguing you on Google Chrome. We’ve got the scoop on how to delete them and an explanation of what happens when you do.

What Happens When Cache and Cookies are Deleted?

Sites like Google use cookies to store helpful information related to a user. Cookies can also be used as unique customer identifiers and to save browsing data. They also help web pages load more quickly by remembering things such as images and videos from one visit.

Clearing your cache and cookies deletes all the information that was in there. That means any passwords you’ve entered will have to be re-entered and load time of previously visited sites will increase because it needs to load again.

Steps to Clear Cache and Cookies in Google Chrome

Chrome has three different ways in which you can access the Settings menu. Here’s one of them:

The first way to clear cookies is by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the screen, hovering over ‘More Tools’, and then selecting ‘Clear Browsing Data.

Here’s a handy keyboard shortcut: to go straight to the page to clear your cache and cookies, simultaneously press down on Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

Alternatively, you can enter “chrome://settings/clearBrowserData ” in the address bar.

  • You are now at the “Clear Browsing Data” window.
  • The first thing you’re going to do is select the time range for removing cookies and cache.
  • Click the arrow in the box next to “Time Range”
  • then choose your desired time range. “All Time” is selected by default.
  • Once you have checked the boxes, click on the “Clear Data” button
  • Once we’re done, your cache and cookies will be deleted.

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