How To Add Password To PDF? How do I password protect a PDF without Adobe?

This article explains how to add password to PDF and how to password protect a PDF document without using Adobe.

Check here : If you want to add password using Adobe

A pdf file can be password-protected using Ms-Word and other tools. If you want to add a password to your pdf files then you can add using Ms- word. For the process please follow the following steps:

  • First Step open that pdf files which you want to add password
  • Then click file menu and choose Save as option

Note: I have save the file as example.pdf and pick PDF from the save as type dropdown as shown in figure .

Press the Option button as shown in figure above then the following dialogue box will appear.

Enable ” Encrypt the document with password ” Option then click OK.

Enter the password and re-enter the password and click OK

Finally Click Save Option Now your files in completely password protected.

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