What does nfs mean on instagram and its Origin

NFS is a slang word that is widely used these days. So what does nfs mean? For gamers, it is the popular video game series that is Need for Speed. For technical terms, it is a Network File system but for tiktok and Instagram nfs means No Funny Shit. It is also used in some conversations like when somebody gets irritated they will just say nfs leave me alone which means they don’t want to hear you.

What Does NFS Mean on Instagram DM?

Another variation of the NFS acronym is it is mostly used in Instagram DMs. It stands for “no funny sh*t” and is mostly used by Instagrammers during the chat to end a boring, unfunny or corny chat or when one person doesn’t want to continue chatting.

Other Meaning of NFS on Instagram

There are so many meanings of nfs these days. But on Instagram, the acronym NFS stands for “No Filter Sunday.” Instagrammers use it on hashtags when they post photos without special effects, especially on Sundays.

NFS could also stand for “Not Following Specified”. One meaning of this term on Instagram is that you are following someone, but they are not following you back. These are some of the meanings of NFS on Instagram commonly used today.

Origin of NFS on Instagram

NFS is originally an acronym for “Not For Sale.” But in recent years, the acronym has become more popular on Instagram for other purposes. It’s mainly used by advertisers to warn potential customers that the product cannot be purchased anymore or is unavailable.

Then after there are other variations of NFS such as Need for Speed, No Filter Sunday, Not Following Specified, and No funny sh*t used these days on Instagram and other social media.


Certain acronyms on Instagram can be confusing, for example, “NFS” means different things in different contexts. This article has explained what does NFS mean on Instagram.

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