The New Google Pixel watch is here – and what do we know about it?

The highly anticipated, Google’s first ever smartwatch, namely ‘The Pixel Watch’, launched earlier this month at the company’s I/O conference along with Pixel 6A, Pixel Buds Pro, Pixel 7 and Android 13. However, it was not an ordinary launch of the watch but a preview of it, with an ocean of questions still unanswered like the price of the watch, health sensors, battery life, etc. But, we definitely have seen the first look of it, which it looks just spectacular in design and a little details which we will be discussing below.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch’s First Look

One starting sentence for its appearance is, a round design containing customizable straps, a look so impressive, it is set to compete with Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series, along with other high end smartwatches.

Very similar to the leaks that previously circulated around the Internet, Google’s first smartwatch, indeed has a circular face with a domed design, meaning the mid-portion is slightly raised in comparison to the edges. The glass on the screen looking a little curved on the edges, providing a seamless design. The materials used in the watch are claimed to be recycled stainless steel, with a palpable crown somewhat similar to the Apple Watch’s. Along with these, customizable straps are available too.

Google Pixel watch
Credit: Google

OS Software and Applications of Google Pixel Watch

The new smartwatch is set to indisputably, run on its Wear OS platform. Google’s senior vice president of devices and services, stated the OS to be “tappable, voice-enabled and glanceable.” Appearance of applications like Google Maps, Wallet and the Google Assistant were also demonstrated during the presentation.

Compatible with Android devices only

The Pixel Watch is meant to go together with Google’s Pixel devices, hence it is definitely not going to be iPhone-compatible. There is also a chance of Google not replacing FitBit but working with it, for Fitbit’s watches and trackers go together both iOS and Android. 

Integration with FitBit

We are expected to see some of the friendly Fitbit features on the Google’s watch too; like the constant heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and Active Zone Minutes, the one that calculates the period of time you spend in a specific heart rate zones during exercise, along with health statistics like heart rate and number of steps, directly on the watch’s face.

However, what we don’t know is the specific health tracking sensors to be used in the watch, but it is very likely to be the one Fitbit uses,

Cellular Feature

The Google Watch is set to add a 4G LTE, cellular option, enabling it to maintain a cellular data connection in case a phone isn’t nearby.

So, When will it launch?

Pixel Watch is said to be formally launching this fall, (very similar to other Google products generally launching in the fall). However, the exact date and time is still not fixed. But, considering Google, the launch will most probably take place in late September or October.

Will Google Pixel watch be vaguely similar to the Apple Watch?

The answer to that is still hefty, but judging from the limited information we have, we can say that Yes! It definitely looks like its going to be similar.

Distinctively, Google will be sharing the same wearables manufacturer as Apple— Taiwan’s Compal Electronics. Compal Electronics is one of the companies that Apple vaguely relies for its watch manufacturing.

A touchable crown is also an intersecting feature between the Apple and the Google watch, as seen on the first look of the watch. But, regarding the hardware similarities, it is still yet to see.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Google release Pixel watch?

Earlier this week, Google has confirmed that the pixel watch is launching this fall.

Is Google Pixel Watch running on a 4 year old Chip?

It is rumored that the Google Pixel Watch will run on an Exynos 9110 chip, which is a 4 year old chipset. This chip was used in the 2018 Galaxy Watch, but Google has yet to confirm the facts. In case this chipset is used, the users will experience a hard time getting a good battery life.

What colours will the Pixel watch come in?

It is rumored to come in two colours for now, Black and Silver.

Can Google Pixel Watch be charged wireless?

Although it has not been confirmed yet, it will probably facilitate wireless charging. It probably is locked to support Qi charging.

Is the Pixel Watch waterproof?

Looking at its competitors, Pixel watch is almost surely waterproof.  We may be able see a 5ATM + IP68 combo.

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