Precision Pro NX9 vs Precision Pro NX10

Precision Pro is definitely one of the major rangefinder companies in the market right now. In a swarm of rangefinders alongside their rangefinding companies in today’s competitive market, Precision Pro has surely managed to stand out and even become favourite of some of the users.

It isn’t in everyone’s will and the highest desire to invest a lot in purchasing a rangefinder to assist you in your next hunting venture. A lot of people hunt, and do birding and sightseeing for hobby, so there is no reason to invest big sums of money in premium rangefinders that can be a financial burden for individuals. A solution to that – Precision Pro Rangefinders!

Precision Pro rangefinders are some of the most affordable rangefinders in the market, bearing the caliber that some of the most premium branded rangefinders in the market don’t have. Just recently, Precision Pro has made an announcement to launch the New NX10 Rangefinder, that has successful updates and upgrades from it’s former model, the NX9 Slope. These featural upgrades might also influence some of you to get the next one, so let’s take a look.

What are good rangefinders?

Before jumping right into the comparisons, let’s take a look at some of the criterias for finding a good rangefinder in the market.


Magnification feature in your range-finder, allows you to zoom in and zoom out on your target to give the best shot possible. If a range-finder has the most appropriate magnification, then this will help you aim properly and correctly. Magnification is generally measure as 6x, 5x, 10x and so on.

ARC Technology

Angle range compensation or the ARC technology is one factor a lot of people don’t realize is actually realize until they are in a difficult terrain. Since a lot of people shoot in a relatively flat terrain, an angle compensator is not used. But, if you land has any kind of slopes, either incline or decline, your linear measurement will be inaccurate and you will end up missing a lot of shots. An angle range compensators helps you to find ranges in a slopy and touch terrain.


The lasers are usually categorized into the grade of 1 to 4, with number 4 measuring the strongest and number 1 measuring the weakest. Since we are taking a look at some of the best qualities a range-finder needs to have, lasers are also one of the crucial factors for a rangefinder. Lasers integrated in rangefinders assist in improving the maximum range of the range-finders.

View Screen

While we’re on the topic of the must have features for a range-finder, there is absolutely no way to skip details about the view screens. A benefit of having a good view-screen in your range finder is that you can easily and clearly read the done calculations, and also locate the target clearly. That’s why it is important to choose a range finder that has a great screen and easy-to-read interface, when purchasing any rangefinder.

Dimension and Size

A rangefinder is a hunter’s best friend and must follow the hunter wherever he goes. This creates a necessity for a range finder to be carried time and again from place to place, that’s why, it is required to not be extremely heavy and exhausting, rather very light-weight and portable to carry around. A range finder with a compact design and robust build is often preferred by hunters, golfers, bird watchers and so on.

Added Features

Besides the above mentioned features, there are also other additional features opted for in a range-finder like the resistance to weather, durability in design and materials, battery life, lens quality and scan modes, which are equally important when choosing the best range-finders for your next hunting venture. These can be checked first hand in stores, to determine which one is the best one for you or if you are purchasing online, you can also look through reviews of the product in shopping sites.

Precision Pro NX9

Precision Pro NX9
Precision Pro NX9

The Precision Pro NX9 is that one rangefinder, that will quite literally do it all for you, without a doubt. From hitting on the flags swiftly, adjusting according to the slope and terrain difficulties, to being very compact, small, affordable and all in all – reliable; the Precision Pro NX9 is truly great.

In such a competing atmosphere with best of the best contenders for the best rangefinders, the Precision Pro NX9 clearly stands out, even rivalling market dominators like Bushnell. For a great price, the Precision Pro NX9 is able to offer a variety of features letting the users enjoy the best of their experience.

With the Precision Pro NX9 being the most advanced model by the brand yet, it can be said that it is a slight modified and updated version of the previous NX7 model, that has also been a top selling rangefinders for quite a while. Facsimile to the previous models, the Precision Pro NX9 also features two modes ; with slope and without slope. In this review, we are mostly talking about the NX9 slope model, because personally we have found this to make gaming far more swift and convenient.

Specification Details

Range900 yards
Slope FeatureYes
Power Source3-Volt CR2 battery
Pin Lock with VibrationYes
Cart MagnetAvailable


The Precision Pro offers a ton of features, and some of the stand out ones are described below with detailed explanations.

Pulse Vibrational Technology

If you are somewhere quite familiar with the outdoor hunting and golfing scenario, you must be aware that there is no bigger frustration than accidentally lasering an object behind the green instead of the targetted flagstick, all just because you presumed it was a 135-yard shot but turned out to be a 105-yard shot! Now, you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

The Precision Pro NX9 is able to help you get rid of these kind of accidents whilst saving you strokes with the right distance for every shot taken. The Pulse Vibrational technology will send a short burst of vibration through your device that makes sure you’re locked onto the target and not on anything else.

Not just locking, this allows the rangefinder to excellently measure objects like bunkers, trees, along with hazards even without the pulse. This rangefinder also works well irrespective of the presence of prism or not.

Crystal Clear Display

This upgraded NX9 rangefinder from the NX7 rangefinder, features a great LCD screen. It features a wide display which is brighter in comparison to the past. Even in slope mode, the rangefinder has an adjusted distance displayed on the top of the target plus the display of the unadjusted raw distance is also given below.

6X Magnification Power and Target Acquisition

In case the users have shaky hands, or has difficulty in obtaining the right distance. The Precision Pro NX9 features the unique ‘ Target Aquisition Technology’ to make sure they are easier to lock onto the target. The Precision Pro NX9 also features a 6X magnification onto the objects, and this increased magnification will allow in strategization throughout the round and hopefully shoot lower scores too.

Adaptive Slope Technology

In today’s day and age, a rangefinder without a slope feature, is just a setback you impose on yourself. For maximum courses, it’s surprising how most greens are uphill, even if it is just a couple yards making a huge difference on club selection.

Featuring the amazing slope features, the Precision Pro NX9, will do all the required math for you without any issue. In replac ement of saying +3 or +6, this rangefinder will also display the adjusted number on the LCD display in an automatic way, that’ll completely mitigate your possible distance mistakes.

Magnetic Grip and Cart Mount

If you have been golfing for a long time, you definitely know that one of the biggest issues lies when you can’t remember where you left off between shots. While they end up on the ground sometimes, they will sometimes be on your bag, you cup or even your cart. But, to find a solution to that issue, the Precision Pro NX9 offers you a magnetic grip, that never lets you misplace your rangefinder again.

While a separate magnetic sleeve would have to be purchased in the past, the Precision Pro NX9 here will give you this feature with the purchase of rangefinder itself. This makes you hunting experience super easy and organized!

Pros and Cons


  • Features a built-in magnetic grip.
  • Offers a pin-lock alongside pulse vibration feature.
  • Incorporated slope feature to tackle terrain difficulaties.
  • Design is water-resistant and shockproof.


  • Non-customizable.
  • The yards/metres button are very easy to switch in-between.
  • Battery life isn’t the best, since it drains out quickly.

The Precision Pro NX9 is an overall great rangefinder, that’ll give you a pretty futuristic feel while using. You will almost feel like having a personal caddie right along with every shot during the round. Added with features like the 6x magnification and pulse vibration, you will never have to hit the the wrong target ever again. Plus, the magnetic grip to never lose on your target is just the icing on cake feature.

Precision Pro NX10

Precision Pro NX10
Precision Pro NX10

Precision Pro has undeniably stood as one of the main rangefinder companies in the market for a few years, kudos to their reasonable price, affordability, performance and services offered by the company. Ranging from around $199 to $320, it is truly a big bang for the buck when kept next to it’s market competitors.

And recently, the company has come up with the better, new and upgraded version from the amazing Precision Pro NX9 model advancing to the Precision Pro NX10 model. This is truly bested out from the best rangefinders which was the Precision Pro NX9, that has added capabilities, which might even make you think about getting a new rangefinder for yourself, so let’s take a look.

When coming directly from the features included in the previous Precision Pro NX9 model to the NX10 model, we will have a query on how it compares to the previous models? One of the most famous and notable updates from the previous models is the addition of “skins”, which basically is the plastic part wrapped around the rangefinder. The unit features a stock white color skin but in case you desire to have a different appearanbce of the rangefinder complementing your style, then that can be ordered for a $10 up-front. Some of the limited edition designs can also be bought for $20, so there is a huge room for customization, which was lacking in the previous model/version.

Specification Details

Range1000 yards
Slope FeatureYes
Power Source3-Volt CR2 battery
Pin Lock with VibrationAvailable
Cart MagnetAvailable


Similar to the Precision Pro NX9 model, the features that are included resemble closely with minimal differences. Some of the recurring stand-out features of the Precision Pro NX9 model are:

Slope adjusted distances and External Slope Switch

Slope adjusted distance feature in the rangefinder allows the user to determine the exact elevation change from your given position to the flagstic, plus generates an adjusted distance reading that takes the required slope into account. Having this feature will help you a lot in hitting the targets better with more number of accurate shots.

Target Acquisition technology

Target Aquisition for a rangefinder is specifically helpful, if you struggle with issues like shaky hands, while rangefinding. This feature lets the users to lock onto the target with ease, and then secure the shot. This can be even greatly backed up by the 6x magnification of the rangefinder, letting you reach higher accuracies and shoot even the lower scores.

This target aquisition technology will also allow you to miss in the correct spots, allowing more shots up and down saving strokes in every round you take. Knowing exactly where to miss and where not to miss in golfing and rangefinding, is a very useful skill and device usage.

Pulse Vibration

Integrated Pulse Vibration Technology in a rangefinder will allow you to save your strokes every shot you take with the perfectly right distance. This will allow your rangefinder to send in a short burst of vibration through the device making sure you’re perfectly logged on the flag.

Magnetic Cart Grip

Much similar to the previously discussed NX9 model, the NX10 model also features the magnetic cart ability. This allows you to easily locate your rangefinder, and never replace them in between cups, carts and bags too. This is a very useful feature, and once you use a rangefinder bearing the magnetic cart property, you are never going back for sure.

Pros and Cons


  • Features built-in cart magnets.
  • Pin lock with pulse vibration feature.
  • Offers the highly useful slope feature.
  • Customization is available, with your choice of outer skins.
  • Has a very compact built with a sleek look.


  • Isn’t rechargeable.
  • Customizable skins cost extra dollars.
  • Unable to measure elements.

All in all, the Precision Pro NX10 is an updated version on the Precision Pro NX9 that focuses on durability of the gear and convenience on use. It is a very strong and powerful rangefinder that comes with a new LCD display with an improved layout and an even brighter display. It also out-performes the Precision Pro NX9 in terms of weather resistance and shock-proofness. The built-in magnet is also significantly better, in comparison to the NX9. Plus, the customizable option is just the icing on cake, for real!

Precision Pro NX9 vs Precision Pro NX10

Precision Pro NX9Precision Pro NX10
Yard Range of 900 yards.Yard range of 1000 yards.
No options on customization.Plenty customizable options
(but with extra charges)
Compact, Robust build.Sleek, and modern design.
Battery runs out quick.Battery lasts slightly longer.
Great performance and speed.Improved performance, speed and accuracy.


So which one would we choose in between the Precision Pro NX9 and Precision Pro NX10 models? Well, we would definitely advise you to chip in an extra $10 for the Precision Pro NX10 allowing yourself to enjoy fun customization options, combines with other updates made in the NX9 models.

Even though the NX9 model was a huge step up from the NX7 model, adding in around 250 yards of range, they have completely blown these off with the NX10 models. The performance, accuracy and speed is definitely a step up and better than the NX9 models. Although the NX9 model is greater, it still feels lacking somewhere when kept next to the Precision Pro NX10 models. Only one thing we quite disliked about the NX10 models is that, you get a rangefinder in plain white unless you buy additional skins for customization with extra dollars. But hey! You get to beautify the rangefinder in your own way!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Precision Pro NX9 rangefinder work for meters and yards?

Yes, absolutely! The Precision Pro NX9 rangefinder works in both meters and yards readings. Similar to the adjustment regarding the slope feature, you can toggle between yards and meters with just a few clicks.

Are there any accessories when you buy rangefinders?

Definitely! With the Precision Pro NX9 and NX10 rangefinders, you get more than just a beautiful rangefinder. You are likely to get either a grey or lime carrying case, a manual, a pre-installed battery alongside lint-free cleaning cloth. They also provide you with training videos on how to get started with the rangefinder, available in their video library.

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