How To Unblock Someone on Pinterest – Find Blocked List on Pinterest

Do you want to find out how to unblock someone on Pinterest? Sometimes you accidentally block someone on Pinterest without any reason. If you Block someone from Pinterest they will not able to follow you, message you, or interact with your Pins. Unfortunately, Pinterest has no block list features but in this articles you will get some ideas to unblock someone on pinterest.

How To Unblock Someone on Pinterest

If you accidentally blocked someone, don’t worry – here’s how to unblock them! It’s quick and easy:

  • Open the Pinterest profile of the person you’d like to unblock.
Unblock Someone on Pinterest
  • if you blocked someone on Pinterest you will see unblock tap on their profile. Just simply tap Unblock .
  • Tap Unblock to confirm.

How do I find my blocked list on Pinterest?

There are no block list features available in Pinterest. If you want to check whether someone is blocked or not then you have to check manually by searching their profile.

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