Best rangefinders for bow hunting in 2023(Specs & overview)

It doesn’t take much to understand that the sport, hunting is something which requires great composure, backed by the best hunting gear. Having to calculate the most appropriate angle and range/ distance is not just frustrating but difficult too, that might lead to a lot of errors on the practical field.

You definitely don’t want to miss any shots as a result of mismeasurement of any kind in the distance between angle and prey, and this is even more important if you are hunting with a bow instead of a gun. But, this can definitely be avoided by choosing one of the best range-finders specially suited for bow-hunting.

In this article today, we will go through the top picks of the best rangefinders for bow hunting arrows in 2023.

Buying Guide

Before buying the bow-hunting rangefinder, you need to first ask yourself on whether you really need it. This is because there are a lot of range-finder models that aren’t engineered for bow-hunting, but are very compatible with bow-hunting, like the rifle-hunting ones.

You can just make sure that the minimum distance range is near 10 yards, and that these usually offer angle-compensating modes along with the line-of-sight ranging. Besides, some of the main points you need to remember before buying a range-finder for bow-hunting are:

Usability by a single hand

A rangefinder can be used with both hands, but wouldn’t it be so easier if you could use it with a single hand while your other hand could be utilized for another bow-hunting gear? This is something you might want to consider before buying one

Arrow Flightpath Technology (AFT)

Bow-hunting is associated with throwing shots and projections at a number of angles, and these don’t always work according to your wish. You can buy some range-finders that might have some integrated software calculating your arrow’s trajectory. This will definitely help you shoot over and under obstructions in your path.


Precision is a key to hunting of any kind, either long-range shooting of bow-hunting. And, a range-finder needs to be intact with precision at all times. A slight discrepancy in precision will lead to a fatal error and you might even end up missing your entire shot. Now, this is something you don’t want to do, so its important to know about the precision of your range finder before purchasing one.

Quick looks at the best rangefinders for bow hunting

1Our Pick
LeuPold RX FullDraw – 5

A true overall product bearing all the features of a range-finder, plus featuring duplex reticle, armor coating and inclinometer.

2Most Versatile
Vortex Impact 1000 rangefinder.

Very compactly built amd easy-to use, this range finder works under light construction, but gives out high magnifies image.

Bushnell Laser Rangefinder

Featuring an OLED display, accurate distance are widely on the calculated. Plus it’s camouflagic lend, it keeps you blended with the environment.

Nikon Monarch 2000

One of the best optically sound range-finder in the market, that has a maximum range of around 2000 yards, and has a 6x magnification.

Halo RangeFinder XL 450

One of the most brilliantly built range-finder that has all the features needed in a range finder , is weather-resistant and produces clear shots with range upto 450 yards.

1. LeuPold RX FullDraw – 5

 LeuPold RX FullDraw - 5
LeuPold RX FullDraw – 5

The Leupold RX-FullDraw3 Digital Laser Rangefinder is impeccably one of the best range-finders for bow hunting, providing you with an excessive range up to around 1300 yards. This distance superiority allows you to keep an eye on your prey even from a significantly longer distance.

This Leupold range-finder also boasts a unique ‘ballistic measurement function’, able to measure the distance up to 175 yards, till 1300 yards, maximum. In this particular range-finder, DNA technology is also integrated, which makes use of digital programs helping enhance the accuracy of the recorded measurements.

Even more, the CR2 lithium-ion battery used in this rangefinder is bound to have a longer battery life, making it easy for you to carry the gear outdoors. It also has a lens that measures around 23mm, plus an eye-relief of 17.5mm, giving you higher ergonomics and elevated degree of comfort.

Also, the provided viewing angle of the Leupold rangefinder is measured near 6 degrees, which might not be the most ideal for some people. It is however, weather resistant catering to the likes og a lot of out-goers. Plus, the provided multi-coating system ensures a bright view, that has an accuracy of about 0.5 yards.


Laser Typen/a
Objective Lens23mm
Eye Relief17.5mm
Maximum Range1300 yards
Measuring Timen/a
FeaturesDuplex reticle, armor coating, Inclinometer

Pros and Cons

  • Offers 6x magnification zoom-in.
  • Water and fog resistant.
  • Durable construction with a built-in inclinometer.
  • High digital accuracy.
  • Features a long battery life.
  • Magnification can’t be altered.
  • Features a low viewing angle.

2. Vortex Impact 1000 Range Finder

Vortex has been a constant market dominator, always been known to produce high quality hunting gears and this Vortex Impact 1000 range-finder specialized for bow hunting isn’t a joke either. Boasting an eye relief of around 15mm, which is in fact enough for majority people and cases, it can however not be adjusted. Instead, the diopter is used in the rangefinder, reduces the eye strain fully.

On a positive note of the range-finder, it is largely customizable for people having eyesight differences. And, this device has a fixed magnification rated at 6x, giving a proximal view of the subjects up to a distance of around 1000 yards. The range finder with the arc technology is also integrated with a complete kit including accessories like a lens cloth, and straps for easy-carry.

Alongside multiple scan modes offered by the Vortex Range-finder, it also includes a horizontal component distance, HCD, added with a built-in angle compensation, plus a line of sight mode, making it one of the best bow-hunting range-finders in the market.


Laser Typen/a
Objective Lensn/a
Eye Relief15mm
Maximum Range1000 yards
Measuring Timen/a
Weight5.5 ounces
FeaturesBuilt-in LCD display, HCD mode, multiple scan options

Pros and Cons

  • Compactly built, and features a carrying case.
  • Operates at a low temperature.
  • Provides high degree of magnification.
  • The menu for the range-finder is fairly easy to use, offering three scan modes.
  • Doesn’t work well under high operating temperatures.
  • Features a limited viewing angle.
  • Lacks a zoom / magnification function.

3. Bushnell Bone Collector Bow Hunting Rangefinder

The Bushnell bone collector bow hunting range-finder, is really an unique rangefinder in the market. One great thing about this range-finder, is it’s ability to get closer to the prey without physically even moving an inch. Highlighting an amazing scan functionality, long-distance detection features, that are great at providing clear and accurate readings.

On top of that, the Bushnell Laser rangefinder is also undeniably, one of the best picks! This is all thanks to it’s diverse and valuable features. It also has an in-view LCD display, giving a pretty solid view of the target from around 10 to 600 yards. The user’s shots can even be targeted and planned precisely, all credited to the 4x 21mm magnification and featured objective lens. Also, the digital laser option letting you calculate distance immediately, is just the cherry on top.  

Via testing, it was figured out that the LCD is able to provide a clear and thorough view of the surroundings, with the high-definition screen view even supporting the vision in the dark, and the battery condition constantly visible to keep you in track.

Another epic and unique feature of this range-finder is it’s total ability to camouflage, via it’s real tree like appearance. This makes hunting even more fun and easy, plus also protects the gear from weather adversaries like fog, water, and can be your best buddy even on a rainy day.

The sheer quality of this product is truly unmatchable, and when compared with its market competitors, it can be carried around easily based on the user’s convenience. One drawback of this amazing model, however, is the absence of angle compensation, which might prove to be lethal in slopy sites.


Laser Typen/a
Objective Lens21mm
Eye Reliefn/a
Maximum Range600 yards
Measuring Timen/a
Dimensions1.4 x 3.8 x 2.9 inches.
FeaturesCamouflage design, single button operation.

Pros and Cons

  • Features an in-view LCD display.
  • Features a digital laser.
  • Accurate distance calculation.
  • Durable and highly water-resistant.
  • Camouflage properties.
  • Lacks angle calculation feature.

4. Nikon Monarch 2000 6X21mm Laser Rangefinder

 Nikon Monarch 2000 6X21mm Laser Rangefinder
Nikon Monarch 2000 6X21mm Laser Rangefinder

Well-known companies in the digital and optical arena like Nikon, Canon, etc. are famous in the hunting game too, because they often come out with the clearest and some of the best-built range-finders ever. And, this Nikon Monarch 2000 6X 21mm isn’t an exception either.

Weighing just around 6.1 ounces, the Nikon Monarch 2000 6x21mm Laser Rangefinder, bears an angle field of view of around 7.5 degrees, that is pretty enough for hunting a deer. However, it is not a great angle to get a good view of a larger landscape. The objective lens of the rangefinder also stands at about 21mm, and has an eye-relief for 18mm. There is also a presence of an exit pupil of around 3.5mm, that might restrict the view area slightly.  

The rangefinder also bears a fixed magnification of around 6x, that can’t be adjusted with a mere zoom function. The maximum range boasted by the range-finder is around 2,000 yards, which is in fact quite high in comparison to its market competitors.


Laser TypeClass 1 laser
Objective Lens21mm
Eye Relief18mm
Maximum Range2000 yards
Measuring Timen/a
Weight6.1 ounces
FeaturesAdjustable diopter, viewfinder display, electromagnetic

Pros and Cons

  • Features a 0.5-yard accuracy, and around 2000 yards of maximum range.
  • Features a built-in display with large lenses.
  • Tripod compatible
  • Adjustable diopter and 6x magnification provided.
  • Gives a low viewing angle.
  • Features Short exit pupil.

5. Halo RangeFinder XL 450 – Best Alternative

Halo RangeFinder XL 450 - Best Alternative
Halo RangeFinder XL 450 – Best Alternative

Last but definitely not the least in our list, the Halo XL450 Range Finder is one of the most popular and fairly one of the best rangefinders, because it is a complete package of what it should be like, giving all the best features. Highlighting a powerful laser light, this model helps a lot in obtaining a clear shot even when the weather is bad and rainy.  

Boasting an incredible sight, and able to give a clear vision of up to 450 yards, which will then lead to quick and accurate readings. And just to make things even better, the readings in the device can be made in both meters and yards.

The Halo Rangefinder also comes with a scan mode, which allows you to scan for nearly all surrounding targets even in different yards, with just a click of a button away. The rangefinder’s body is completely waterproof, and aims for a strong and non-slip grip to be seen in the rain. The lens also gives around 6x level of magnification, that gives you a great view of the vicinity, all thanks to it’s wonderful glass lenses.

Another unique feature on this range-finder is it’s movable eyepiece, that can be twisted to obtain a clearer view. One drawback of this product however, is it’s lack of option to select the back objects. But, besides that, it is a beast at range-finding able to detect animals from both small to big.


Laser Typen/a
Objective Lensn/a
Eye Reliefn/a
Maximum Range548-600 yards
Measuring Timen/a
FeaturesAngle intelligence technology

Pros and Cons

  • Great value for the paid money.
  • 6X magnification available.
  • Waterproof and fog resistant.
  • Accurate calculation and angle measurement.
  • Lack of back object selection button.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the rangefinders for bow hunting are best when they come well-equipped with high degree of accuracy, appropriate range, degree of precision and the level of clarity they bear in the optical sectors. Having a decent range-finder when bow-hunting can be totally life-chaning, and can even change the entire course of your shooting game. Like any other rangefinders, it is very necessary to check the products first hand by the user to draw the conclusion on whether it is the best fit for you or not.

This list was curated as a result of reading hundreds of reviews online and reading blogs on rangefinders for bow-hunting. We hope this article was useful for you, and in case you have any kinds of further queries, please feel free to write them down below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does a rangefinder work?

The simplest laser rangefinders works by measuring the time a laser beam leaves the device to the time when it returns back. Since laser lights travel in the speed of lights, they are very precise, and can measure distances in nanoseconds. Some even have some additional software combined, that take in readings with the ballistics of your rifle, helping you adjust your aim at a certain distance and angles.

Why are rangefinders used for a bow?

 Rangefinders are vaguely used in a bow, in order to get the accurate measurement of the target range, and to give a clear view of the long distances in between.

Are rangefinders worth it for hunting?

Definitely yes! Rangefinders give you a good sense of direction, help you locate your preys very easily and also assists you in making mathematical analysis during hunting. This makes range-finders very worth it for hunting.

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