Nixplay Vs Skylight Frame Comparison, its Alternatives

Getting a digital picture frame for you camera is never a bad option!

If you are an camera enthusiast or own a good quality camera, chances are pretty high that you are in need of a digital picture frame that displays high definition images with great clarity and sharpness. But, in case you only use your smartphone camera, an HD digital frame is not going to have much affect on the display.

Since, pictures are the physical manifesto of beautiful memories you want to cherish forever, you definitely do not want to compromise. That’s where the question arises, which frame has the most desirable set of options to hold onto your beloved memories?

Don’t worry! We got you covered on that one! The most popular ones on the market today are Nixplay and Skylight frames. In this article we are giving you a detailed side by side comparison and the final verdict on Nixplay Vs Skylight frames.

Tips For buying a digital photo frame

It’s a no brainer you want the best of the best frames to hold a physical moment of the best memories in your life, and that’s why choosing the best digital photo frame might be a little challenging for a lot of people. But, worry not! We have listed out the major lookouts you should make before making that big purchase.

Screen Resolution

The screen resolution is basically the number of pixels present on the frame’s display, measured horizontally and vertically in pixels. What you have to essentially know, is that a higher pixel count means greater details and great quality image will be visible to you when viewing your photos. A decent digital photo frames should have a good enough resolution, letting you see all of the details in your photos. Currently, a lot of photo frames in the market offer a resolution of 1280 x 800, which is pretty good balance between high quality and affordability.

Screen size

The screen size of a digital photo frame is its diagonal length. What this means is that, this indicates how long the frame’s display will be from a top-left corner down to a bottom-right corner. But you need to understand that bigger isn’t always the better when it comes to screens, for your photos have the chance of looking distorted on an oversized device/ screen.
For our comparison, both Nixplay and Skylight have 10-inch display, so both frames stand at par. 10-inch is a relatively small frame and there are other digital photo frames with bigger screens.

and Memory Capacity

Different digital photo frames today provide you several connectivity options allowing you to play medias like Wi-Fi, USB Flash Drive or even MicroSD Card Reader. Not just that, some even have built-in memory to let you store media on them. Frames that come with built-in memory will let you save time, since you don’t have to transfer your photos every time you want to view them.

Frames without this feature will, however, need an additional external storage device like the USB Flash Drive, Cloud storage, or MicroSD Card Reader.
From the comparisons below, the Skylight is seen to have much better versatile connectivity options, as it has built-in Wi-Fi and USB Flash Drive as well as a MicroSD Card Reader, while the other, Nixplay, depends on Wi-Fi and Cloud for connectivity (which is not bad either).

Cloud storage and usage

Digital photo frames have cloud services like Google play, iCloud and Dropbox. But, once they run out of the provided storage, the customers will have to buy additional storage space. This could matter if you’re looking for a frame that you can use indefinitely, rather than needing to keep buying storage space.

With that being said, our comparison subjects, the Nixplay is compatible with cloud services such as Google Play, iCloud, and Dropbox. The Skylight, however, depends on its own cloud, but is compatible with wireless SD cards, so doesn’t quite require the cloud storages.

Video and music compatibility

Not just the photos being shown digitally in these digital photo frames, they can also be used to show videos. This just takes the product to the next level, so if you want a digital frame that is compatible with playing videos too, you might want to look for the one that supports MPEG-PS, AVI, and MPEG-MPG. The videos aren’t without a time-limit though, so you might have to constrict the videos for just a few seconds, like the Nixplay allows 15 seconds of video play feature.

From the two frames we compare in this article, only Nixplay is the frame that can play videos and music as well. It offers 15-second video play feature along with a built-in music player, allowing you to play all the popular music formats.

Wall mounting

Wall-mountable frames are really convenient and can be placed basically anywhere you like. Stand-only photo frames need a base to be placed on. In our case, both the Skylight and Nixplay are wall-mountable.

Portrait mode

Portrait mode for your digital photo frame is a feature that lets you turn your photo on its side to view it in full screen. Viewing only the landscape image might not be the vibe for a lot of people so, portrait mode is pretty cool.
Among the two in our comparison, The Nixplay is the only frame with a portrait mode.

Ease of use

Ease of use demonstrates the ease in setting up, ease in viewing photos on them without much disturbance and must be easy to manage and navigate through. If these are not provided, you are most likely to just store them somewhere in the attic and never use them again.

For our comparison subjects, the Skylight depends on an email address where you send all your pictures. These pictures then get displayed on the frame.

Whereas, Nixplay offers you the Nixplay App for iOS and Android gives you control over your frame. You are able to make sure your frame is always up to date by connecting it to Google Photos, plus can also connect it to Dropbox, Facebook, or Instagram on the website and upload pictures. The Nixplay also boasts of a motion sensor, automatically turning the frame on to display photos on movement sensation. Nixplay is also compatible to Amazon Alexa, letting you control it with your voice. So, Nixplay is pretty great in this field.

The NixPlay Digital Photo Frames

 NixPlay Digital Photo Frames
Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

Nixplay has a new smart frame available in the market having a 10.1 -inch screen, along with a 1280 x 800 resolution, plus 16:10 aspect ratio technology to give your photos just the perfect color make them pop with details. Not just a single picture, you can even watch variety of your photos and videos at once, as a part of a playlist, set up timed slideshows and by using various transitions in both portrait and landscape form.

The Nixplay Digital frame is also free-standing, plus can either be built on a desk or a mantle, all thanks to its back coverings. Plus, near the lights, there’s a way to detach the lights letting you manually sliding them out of the way. One nice feature is that it’s free-standing!

Nixplay digital frame’s mobile app allows you to control, plus connect your frame from anywhere directly. This is very useful for elderly, and non-technical family members, and will let them have the best digital frame experience without much technical hassle. On top of that, there are no physical inputs on the frame, like SD cards or USB sticks, however, it does have 8GB of onboard memory for direct storage of photos and video.

Specifications of NixPlay Digital Photo Frames

Resolution:1280 X 800
Dimensions (inches.):10.55 X 7.36 X 1.22
Compatible Devices:iPhone, smartphone
Motion Sensor:Yes
Built-in-storage:8GB (cloud)
Music Player:Yes
USB / SD Slots:No / No
Cloud Services:Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, Flickr, Dropbox
Voice Assistant Support:Alexa
Wall Mount:Yes
Portrait Orientation:Yes

Like the two sides of the coin, the Nixplay photo frames also come with both it’s strength and weaknesses which are given down below:

What we like
  • Sleek design and brilliant build.
  • Contains wall-mountable frame for flexible positioning, wherever you like.
  • Cloud-enabled, letting you easily access your photos from anywhere.
  • Versatile – able to play both music and videos.
What we don’t like
  • Doesn’t contain the versatile set of USB/SD slots provided by the Skylight.

The SkyLight Digital Photo Frame

SkyLight Digital Photo Frame
Skylight Digital Photo Frame

Nearly in par with the Nixplay, the Skylight 10 inches digital photo frame, has a very great design and is very easy to set up and use. So easy and simple, in fact that you will be ready to display your photos in just a minute like that.

Containing a plug-in, Wi-Fi connecting capabilities, plus an easy download instructions, it is quite the deal. It also features 8GB of memory, that is able to store about 8,000 photos. However, as long as you refraining from overfilling the memory card with a lot of pictures, you may be able to store up to 30,000 images on the card.

The Skylight frame is also budget buy option, reputed as one of the most budget-friendly high-rated digital frames in the market.

Specifications of SkyLight Digital Photo Frame

Resolution:1280 X 800
Dimensions (inches.):10.55 X 7.36 X 1.22
Compatible Devices:iPhone, smartphone
Motion Sensor:No
Built-in-storage:8GB (cloud)
Music Player:No
USB / SD Slots:USB-A, 3.5mm audio, SD card reader, USB Mini-B
Cloud Services:Limited to manufacturer’s cloud.
Voice Assistant Support:No
Wall Mount:Yes
Portrait Orientation:No

Like the two sides of the coin, the Nixplay photo frames also come with both it’s strength and weaknesses which are given down below:

What we like
  • Budget-friendly, high-rated.
  • Wall-mountable, so flexible.
  • 10-inch screen with a good, sharp display.
  • Multiple connectivity options via. USB-A, 3.5mm audio, SD card reader, USB Mini-B.
What we don’t like
  • Portrait mode unavailable.
  • Motion sensor unavailable .
  • Doesn’t contain audio video support.

Price Comparison -Nixplay Vs Skylight Frame

Nixplay Digital Photo Frames – 189.99 $

Skylight Digital Photo Frames – 179.00$

 Nixplay Vs Skylight Comparison Table

Our Pick

NixPlay Digital Photo Frames


Skylight Frame: 10 inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame

Resolution1280 x 800
1280 x 800
Dimensions10.55 x 7.40 x 1.53 inches
10.7 x 7.4 x 0.9 inches
Motion sensor
Wall MountYesYes
Portrait OrientationYesNo
Voice Assistant SupportAlexaNo

Alternatives of Nixplay Vs Skylight Frame- Aura Carver Digital Photo Frame

The Aura Carver is also a great digital photo frame option having a sleek and stylish design, ideal for people wanting a simple way of displaying photos, with high resolution.

Market Price : 159.99$

Aura Carver Digital Photo Frame
Aura Carver Digital Photo Frame

Specifications of Aura Carver Digital Photo Frame

BrandAura Carver
Resolution1920 X 1200
Dimensions (inches.)10.6 x 7.5 x 2.6
Compatible DevicesiPhone, smartphone
Motion SensorNo
Music PlayerNo
USB / SD SlotsNo / No
Cloud ServicesiCloud, Google Photos
Voice Assistant SupportAlexa
Wall MountNo
Portrait OrientationNo

What we like
  • Wi-Fi enabled features.
  • Comes with a “gift mode”, allowing you to pre-load photos onto the frame before gifting it to someone.
  • Sleek design suiting any kind of interior aesthetic.
  • High resolution photo display.
  • Cloud-enabled offering almost unlimited photo storage.
  • Hand gestures allowing you to swipe through photos.
What we don’t like
  • No advanced features- no touchscreen, built-in storage, motion sensing or audio-video support.
  • Not wall mountable like the previously described two frames.
  • No portrait mode supported.

Final Verdict

Both of these photo frames are very good options for a digital photo frames in the market, being strong in different fields. This will let you prioritize your options on what you want in your digital photo frames and choose accordingly.
All in all, Nixplay has the most features including a touchscreen, a motion sensor, music/video players, Alexa support, and both landscape and portrait orientation.
On the other hand, The Skylight is slightly larger and has USB-A, 3.5mm audio, an SD card reader, and USB Mini-B slots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is better NixPlay or skylight?

Although both have their own separate properties and are great in their own ways, where Nixplay contains a lot of features like a touchscreen, a motion sensor, music/video players, Alexa support, and both landscape and portrait orientation. On the other hand, Skylight is slightly larger and has USB-A, 3.5mm audio, an SD card reader, and USB Mini-B slots.

Does NixPlay have a monthly subscription?

No, Nixplay doesn’t have a monthly subscription! Once you buy the digital frame, the customers do not need to pay any kind of annual or monthly fee to use the Nixplay frame.

Are skylight frames worth it?

The picture quality offered by the skylight frame is great, but it lacks of features and controls might not make you think skylight frames are not worth it for the cost you pay.

Is nixplay app free?

The Nixplay app is free, once you pay the price for the digital photo frame at the beginning. It doesn’t require any kinda of monthly subscription regularly.

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