Best rangefinder binoculars in 2023[Specs, pros & cons]

Binoculars are one equipment that you will need at any cost if you are going on a hunting venture anytime soon. Binoculars let you see faraway objects, that cannot be seen by the naked eye with much clarity and detail and lets you keep in track of your prey to secure the perfect shot.

Binoculars of different types are available like the image stabilized binoculars, waterproof binoculars, compact binoculars, etc. but today, we are discussing on the range-finder binoculars. Range-finder binoculars not just makes the distant objects visible but also informs us about the distance between the user and the object, by making use of the latest rangefinder technology.

In this article, we will introduce you to the top picks for the best rangefinder binoculars in 2023, which will greatly improve your hunting experience and reduce the number of missed shots. With so many options available, it can be challenging to choose the right one. By discussing the top picks, we aim to help you make an informed decision.

Buying Guide

Though buying the certain product is dependent upon the user itself, here below are some bullet points to make you choose between binocular rangefinders easier.


Magnification of a rangefinder isn’t the sole determining factor of purchase, but it plays a crucial role. Either too high or too low magnification can cause lethal damage to your hunting experience. And, even more, having high magnificent isn’t always a right thing too, because consideration of field of view is also very important.

Practically, an 8x magnification is great it there is a limited field of vision. Similarly, 10x magnification is required for large areas, and similar magnification condition is required according to need and requirements.

Integrated Rangefinder

A lot of binoculars offer a huge range of features but sometimes tend to lack a built-in rangefinder. This absence will lead to some sort of disadvantages to the whole hunting gear in the long run, and you will also need to carry a separate range-finder for yourself.

So, instead of carrying around a separate pair of binoculars, it is very much recommended to grab a gear that combines the features of both binoculars and rangefinders.

Angle Compensation

A lot of people just take up hunting and shooting as a hobby they do on weekends, so they don’t realize the importance of angle compensation in a range-finder, because they shoot mostly on flat lands.

But, if you are a pro-hunter, you definitely know about its importance, and can comprehend on how difficult it will be to perform on either incline or decline sloping lands, when it comes to shooting. Thus, it is always advisable to choose a binoculars rangefinder with angle compensation offered.


Since the binoculars rangefinders are mostly used outdoors, they can be susceptible to some pretty harsh weather conditions of the environment. So it must be durable to withstand those extremities and keep working for a long time.

A lot of binoculars rangefinders available today offer water-proof and fog-proof features in them, and there is also drop/ fall resistant technology in most of them. It is advisable to first understand the durability and warranty offered by the company before purchasing any binocular rangefinders.

Size and Weight

Integration of a lot of features will not compromise with the compact and highly portable sizing for a binoculars rangefinder. Since, you need to carry these gears yourself from time to time, during hunting, you definitely don’t want a very heavy gear that will exhaust you very quick and make you regret buying them.

#Quick look at the best rangefinder binoculars

1Best Weather Resistant
Zeiss 10 X 42 Victory RF range-finder

Extremely weather-resistant, with integrated computerized system within, making it very futuristic and desirable, featuring amazing ranges.

2Best binocular range-finder combo
Leica GoeVid 10 X 42

Premium designed, excellent 2-in-1 combo, and a binoculars with good linear and horizontal range backed by great optical performance.

3Best optical clarity
Swarovski EL Range 10 X 42

A truly sophisticated and high-class binocular rangefinder, with impeccable ranging, optical clarity and weather-resitant properties.

4Best Overall
Nikon LaserForce 10 x 42

Best binocular rangefinder, with appropriate range distances, angular measurements, provides clear images, with a very light-weight and portable design.

5Best value for money
US Camel 10 x 50

Waterproofed and capable of floating if dropped, the feature set of these ‘military grade’ binos suggests value for money.

1. Zeiss 10 X 42 Victory RF range-finder

Zeiss 10 X 42 Victory RF rangefinder

Extremely weather-resistant, with integrated computerized system within, making it very futuristic and desirable.

If you have ever been interested in or part of the photographic and optical devices arena, you might already know that Carl Zeiss, is a company that manufactures top-class optics – and similar is the case for this Zeiss 10 x 42 Victory RF range-finder, which we have put at the top of our picks.

The rangefinder binoculars features a highly expertise glass, having a built-in laser rangefinder plus a real-time computer attached to it that further contains its own attendant smartphone application. The rangefinder has the capability of maximum range upto 2300 meters, in the daytime or under adequate lighting facility. It also comes with a lens cap and eyepiece protector case, alongside robust waterproofing that will not let the gear be affected either by fog or water at any cost.

Zeiss range-finder binoculars has been our favourite pick since it is the best in class when it comes to binoculars, and is very weather-resistant, you can take it anywhere. And, the integrated computerized system within just makes it very futuristic and desirable.


Field of Viewn/a
Objective Diameter42mm
Eye relief17mm
Closest focusing distance5.6m
Size453 gm, 28.4×27.1x11cm

Pros and Cons

  • Maximum precise range-finder range up to 2,300 metres.
  • Very weather-resistant.
  • Built-in modern computerized sytem.
  • Expensive option.
  • Sort of bulky to carry around with.

2. Leica GoeVid 10 X 42 Rangefinder binoculars

Leica GoeVid 10 X 42 Rangefinder binoculars

Premiumly designed, excellent 2-in-1 combo, and a binoculars with good linear and horisontal range backed by great optical performance.

Leica, definitely is one of the most high-selling and popular brands when it comes to manufacturing hunting gears, and these range-finder binoculars don’t disappoint either. Even though these cose premium prices, these include almost all the features needed within a device, and this is simply the best Rangefinder microphone combo you will get in the market of 2023.

Featuring the unique Porro prism-type binoculars, which are highly waterproof up to a depth of about five metres, is nitrogen filled and amazingly designed with a built-in rangefinder. Plus, the top-class optical performance and clarity is just the cherry on top for this already incredible product.

It is designed as an all-black body, rocking a traditional design with a familiar red Leica logo. The binoculars offer 10x magnification, backed a big 42mm objective lens – implying their usage for a wide range of functions. It bears the ability to display linear distances (max. range) up to 1200 yards, and likewise, the equivalent horizontal range from 10 metres up to 550 metres, making it one of the most versatile rangefinder binoculars in the market.


Field of View110m
Objective Diameter42mm
Eye reliefn/a
Closest focusing distance5.6m
Size945 gm, 125x168x70mm

Pros and Cons

  • Excellent optical clarity and performance.
  • Wide and versatile rangefinding ability.
  • Features a robust aluminum body.
  • Pricey in comparison to other market finds.
  • Heavy equipment.

3. Swarovski EL Range 10 X 42 Rangefinder binoculars

Swarovski EL Range 10 X 42 Rangefinder binoculars

A truly sophisticated and high-class binocular rangefinder, with impeccable ranging, optical clarity and weather-resitant properties.

The name, swarovski itself is enough to determine, how big of a caliber is carried by a binoculars designed for faraway sightings. Perfect for sighting faraway objects at a magnification of 10x, is definitely a solid hit on the budget, but this is a price you pay for the exclusivity, and quality of the brand to use the top-notch product manufactured by them, bearing great rangefinding performance and capability.

The Swarovski EL Range 10 x 42 rangefinder binoculars feature a solid and accurate reading starting from 9.1 meters all the way up to 2,011 metres, added with an LCD display for booting. This level of caliber is all credited to it’s Class 1 laser system, also termed as ‘eye safe’, that is capable of recording and displaying readings within the right tube, in as quick as half a second.

There is also a button located in the right side of the bridge, that activates these kind of rangefinder functions, backed by theri wide field of view of around 127 metres and 914 metres that ensures spotting of a wide landscape elements and even animals in the realm of outdoor brightness or daytime. These equipments are also filled with gas, making them highly water-resistant even when dipped under 4m water depth.  


Field of View at 1000m119.2m
Objective Diameter42mm
Eye relief19mm
Closest focusing distance5 m
Size924 gm, 16.8×13.5×7.9cm

Pros and Cons

  • Filled with gas, and highly water-resitant even upto 4m depth.
  • High range finding capacity (up to 2011m)
  • Good optical performance.
  • Pricey option.
  • Heavy.

4. Nikon LaserForce 10 x 42 Rangefinder binoculars

Nikon LaserForce 10 x 42 Rangefinder binoculars

Best binocular rangefinder, with appropriate range distances, angular measurements, provides clear images, with a very light-weight and portable design.

It is a no brainer that the companies who have been dealing with the manufacture of a lot of optical devices including cameras always have the best hunting apparatus too, for instance, these range-finder binoculars from Nikon, which is undeniably best overall as a rangefinder binocular.

Featuring a reflective range of around 1900 yards, plus a 10x magnification, it ensures a crystal clear view of the target at all times, no matter the distance. Not just the reflective ranges, the non-reflective ranges are also quite commendable including 1400 yards and 1100 yards, for trees and deer, respectively.

The Nikon binoculars also feature the Extra-low dispersion (ED) glass, which is known to offer a view of high-resolution, filled with colours and contrast of just the right amount. The reflective multi-layer coated lens, also helps in giving clear, bright images. These binoculars also come with angle technology, meaning that if there is a horizontal distance between the user and the target, the device can still give an accurate reading of the range.

The built-in OLED display screen also gives a high visibility display, with an adjustable brightness, all while being very light-weight and portable. One drawback faced by the users, however, is the outer rubber armor that is said to be too soft attracting a lot of dust to it, but besides that, it is the perfect tool for outdoor activities. It also has an automatic shut-off feature saving you battery.


Maximum range1900 yards
Objective Diametern/a
Eye reliefn/a
Closest focusing distancen/a
Size30.9 ounces

Pros and Cons

  • Maximum range of around 1900 yards.
  • Integration of extra-low dispersion (ED) glass.
  • Features automatic shut off mechanism.
  • Waterproof and fog-resistant.
  • Features a soft rubber coating.
  • Design and material liable to accumulate lots of dust.

5. US Camel 10 x 50 Rangefinder binoculars

US Camel 10 x 50 Rangefinder binoculars

Waterproofed and capable of floating if dropped, the feature set of these ‘military grade’ binos suggests value for money

Some of you reading these might be a military personnel, or simply want a gadget that gives a ‘commando’ feeling. If so, then this US Camel rangefinder binoculars are just what you need. Porro prism-type construction, in an army green color, this binocular is definitely built for the rough stuff, like water sports and mountaineering, making it your best friend for any kind of outdoor activity.  

The main features of this binoculars include the well-received BaK-4 prisms, giving you very bright and sharp images with enough contrasts, all while the internal rangefinder scale, plus comes with a directional compass alongside an illumination switch, clearly depicting the distance and size of the object being viewed, along with its orientation. The operating temperature is also optimal, making it one of the best rangefinder binoculars in 2023



Field of Viewn/a
Objective Diameter50mm
Eye relief7.1mm
Closest focusing distance5.6m
Size1.22kg,  18.7x8x14.6cm

Pros and Cons

  • Internal reticle type rangefinder, featuring scale and directional compass for easy navigation.
  • Designed to float when dropped in water.
  • Budget-friendly option.
  • Contains huge lenses with good magnification.
  • Heavy to hold for long time frames.
  • Lacks angle compensation settins.
  • No night vision features.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the built-in rangefinders for binoculars really come in handy and are very useful when it comes to shooting/ hunting or outdoor activities of any sort. In this article, we categorized the best of the best binocular rangefinders on the basis of aspects like affordability, best combo and the ones giving best weather resistance.

This list was made by reading hundreds of reviews online and was aimed at being the ideal guide if you are looking to buy a binoculars rangefinder. So, we hope this was helpful, in case you have other queries, please feel free to comment them down below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a laser rangefinder binoculars?

A laser rangefinder binoculars are devices used generally in hunting, shooting and other outdoor activities, that projects an eye-safe invisible laser beam to the target and then calculates the time taken for that laser to return back to the binoculars.

Does Leupold make rangefinder binoculars?

Yes, Leupold makes rangefinder binoculars. Although they are not listed above, as the best picks, the rangefinder binoculars from Leupold are pretty solid and come with around 3000 yard maximum range. On of the popular Leupold model is the Leupold RBX-3000 TBR/W 10×42 Laser Rangefinder Binocular.

Why do I need a rangefinder binoculars?

A rangefinder binocular can be very handy, and a real 2-in-1 piece in a way you don’t have to carry both of these separately. You can view a distance or target at a distance, and then make a prediction of shoot to directly hit your target.

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