Best budget rangefinders in 2023 [Buying guide, Pros and Cons]

A rangefinder is a perfect tool for activities like hunting and shooting, along with golfing and other outdoor activities. A decent rangefinder will improve your hunting game, and reduce your chances of missed shots to a great extent. A lot of both amateur and professional hunters are always on the look out for a range-finder that suits them the best. But, one issue about these range finders is that some of the good ones working cost a fortune and not everyone is willing to pay for it.

Bu, don’t worry! There are also tons of range-finders in the market that come under a budget, what it needs is a little exploration. We’ve got you covered there too, because, in this article we bring you the top picks for the best budget rangefinders in 2022.

Buying Guide for the best budget rangefinders

Though there aren’t any hard and fast rule for choosing the best budget range-finder for you, there are certainly some aspects that needs to be considered in general before buying one.


Magnification feature in your range-finder, allows you to zoom in and zoom out on your target to give the best shot possible. If a range-finder has the most appropriate magnification, then this will help you aim properly and correctly. Magnification is generally measure as 6x, 5x, 10x and so on.


The lasers are usually categorized into the grade of 1 to 4, with number 4 measuring the strongest and number 1 measuring the weakest. Since we are taking a look at the budget range-finders, you have to understand the cost of the range-finder is directly proportional to the strength of the laser. Lasers assist in improving the maximum range of the range-finders.

ARC Technology

Angle range compensation or the ARC technology is one factor a lot of people don’t realize is actually realize until they are in a difficult terrain. Since a lot of people shoot in a relatively flat terrain, an angle compensator is not used. But, if you land has any kind of slopes, either incline or decline, your linear measurement will be inaccurate and you will end up missing a lot of shots. An angle range compensators helps you to find ranges in a slopy and touch terrain.

View Screen

A benefit of having a good view-screen in your range finder is that you can easily and clearly read the done calculations, and also locate the target clearly. That’s why it is important to choose a range finder that has a great screen and easy-to-read interface, when purchasing a budget rangefinder.

Size and dimensions

A rangefinder is a hunter’s best friend and goes wherever the hunter goes. Since, it needs to be carried time and again from place to place, it is required to not be extremely heavy and exhausting, rather very light-weight and portable to carry around. A range finder with a compact design and robust build is often preferred for hunting.

Additional Features

Besides the above mentioned features, there are also other features required in a budget range-finder like the resistance to weather, durability in design and materials, battery life, lens quality and scan modes, which are equally important when choosing the best budget range-finders. These can be checked first hand in stores, to determine which one is the best one for you or if you are purchasing online, you can also look through reviews of the product in shopping sites.

#Quick Look at the best budget rangefinders in 2023

1Our Pick
Sig Sauer Kilo 1000 5 x 20

A premium budget option from a high-ranking company, offering 1200 yard range, and 18mm of eye relief. Great value for money.

Tec Tec Pro Wild

One of the best rangefinders, considered to be a premium product. Giving maximum precision, giving yardage upto 540 yards.

VisionKing 6 x 25 Hunting/ Golf 600m

Containing all the necessary features of a range-finder, along with a 650 yardage and 6x magnification, under a budget.


WOSPORTS 800 yards

Equipped with a maximum range of 5-800 yards, a very efficient and accurate range-finder, with maximum level of accuracy.

Gogogo Sports GS24 Pro

Versatile option featuring three modes of gear, and great ranges. The best value for money, with exceptional yardage accuracy

#1. Sig Sauer Kilo 1000 5 x 20

Sig Sauer Kilo 1000 5 x 20


A premium budget option from a high-ranking company, offering 1200 yard range, and 18mm of eye relief. Great value for money.

Sig Saeur Kilo is a well-heard and well-loved brand in the hunting community, delivering the best of hunting and shooting gears. And, this affordable budget-friendly option given by the company is definitely a sight to see, and this product is definitely not a disappointment either.

As rare it is to find Sig Sauer Kilo in this budget category, it is equally rare to see an OLED display features in a budget rangefinder. However, it also has an LCD display, so the users might have a tough time viewing the display in shaded or low-light areas. This range finder also features the Lightwave DSP (rangefinding engine), along with HyperScan, that induce very quick readouts in scan mode even with ranging of upto 1200 yards, though they might be difficult to comprehend in low-light conditions.

Under reflective conditions, trees can be ranged up to 800 yards and deers, elks ,etc. can be ranged up to 600 yards. Assistance of the AMR technology (inclinometer), users can also receive the angle compensated distances, allowing them to rightfully use the right pin on a bow sight plus holdover or dial in the turrets on a scope.

The featured 18mm of eye relief, in the Sig Sauer budget rangefinder might be thought of to be a little insufficient by some people, but this lies within the standard for sufficient eye relief. Boasting an adjustable diopter, dedicated to sharpen the display for your vision, plus a two-button interface in order to streamline user-friendly operation.

The rangefinder is constructed of polymer housing, imparting much strength and lightweightness. All in all, it is accurate, easy to use and a great deal for the money you pay for it.

Pros and Cons

#2. Tec Tec Pro Wild

Tec Tec Pro Wild


One of the best rangefinders, considered to be a premium product. Giving maximum precision, giving yardage upto 540 yards.

Hunting and shooting is a sport, where the more time you delay, the lesser your chances are of securing your catch. So, you need a reliable and quick range-finder to act as soon as the target is withing the given shooting range. The Tectec Pro will do you for that.

The Tectec Pro Wild features a multi-coated optics, 6x magnification, alongside protection from fog and rain. On top of that, it has a camouflage outer covering that gives you just the best opportunity to blend in with the surroundings. Featuring a solid accuracy of upto 540 yards, and an added scan mode featured, the area of the hunting range can be easily panned and the measurements are also taken in very swiftly with detailed calculations.

The Tectec ProWild also comes with a speed meter mode, that can give you a speed measurement of how quick the target travels. The provided LCD display is where you will view all these data. The apparatus is also fairly light-weight weighing at just about 6.5 ounces, so small that it might fit in your camo flap pocket itself, and doesn’t become bulky or nuisance of any sort whenever you are busy with shooting.

Although, the Tectec Pro is one of the most dependable options for its price, there are some minor issues observed by the users. Even though the close focus distance is said to be 5 yard, people have struggled measuring past 50 yards. This is a possible subject of concern for close-range shooters, tree-stand hunters, and for small, swift moving targets.

Pros and Cons

#3. VisionKing 6 x 25 Hunting/ Golf 600m

VisionKing 6 x 25 Hunting/ Golf 600m


Containing all the necessary features of a range-finder, along with a 650 yardage and 6x magnification, under a budget.

VisionKing is really the king of budget rangefinders in the market, thanks to its unique feature like high optical claritu and continuous scan feature. The continuous scan feature offered by the range-finder, lets the user measure the larget accurately, even when the target is continuously moving. The next great score for this product is that it is versatile enough to efficiently work for both hunting as well as outdoor activities like golf, so that you don’t have to purchase separate rangefinders for two of your favourite sports.

This Visionking rangefinder is also nicely built with a robust design, highly compact, very portable and easy to use and operate. It is also very durable with a body that is resistant to water, without much complicated settings and manuals to follow through. Another one of its stand-out feature is the invisible infrared beam feature, that allows users to detect the distance from the user to the target in the safest of ways. It doesn’t have any green or red laser that might spook and scare away the target, rather is a subtle light to know the direct distance between them.

One huge drawback for this incredible budget-find, however, is the absence of any sorts of angle compensation, which is actually important in places with uneven ground topography. Absence of the angle compensation might miscalculate the distance between target and user, eventually making a lot of missed shots. Another possible flaw of this gear is the high minimum distance, implying you needs to get a few yards away to get to the minimum clear view position to shoot the target.

Visionking best budget rangefinder is known for one special feature that is its invisible infrared beam. It helps you detect the distance to your target in the safest way. No green or red laser to spook the animals. This can be a good companion for your hunting, even in dire weather. Spending less than 100 dollars on this is quite the catch, considering all its useful features.

Pros and Cons

#4. WOSPORTS 800 yards

WOSPORTS 800 yards


Equipped with a maximum range of 5-800 yards, a very efficient and accurate range-finder, with maximum level of accuracy.

WOSPORTS rangefinder, as it is already evident from it’s name, is very sporty and simply the best for any outdoor activities including a range-finder. It features the unique angle range compensation (ARC) technology, letting the users to get a pretty solid measurements and calculations whenever there is a hill or slope present in the hunting path. This makes a complete analysis and detailed measurement on both the horizontal and angle, providing the most accurate and a bullseye shot.

Not just linear hunting/shooting, this WOSPORTS 800 yards rangefinder is also very useful for activities like archery, bow hunting and golf. In order to shoot non-reflective targets that are beyond 400 yards, an advanced rangefighter costing a lot of amount will be required. Or else, this unit of Wosports will work just well in the broad daylight.

Paired with all these incredible features of the WOSPORTS 800 yards rangefinder, one are where the gear seems lacking is the laser light. Whenever there is a little amount of either fog or rain, the laser light appears to be a little foggy and rainy, which can cause issues with getting the right shot. But this is great until you use this range-finder in broad daylight and where there is adequate lighting. And, since most people make use of the range finder during day, this range finder is okay.

Not to mention, the main feature that makes this range-finder stand out is its precision in the measurement of distance. Despite the low cost, this budget rangefinder, has some commendable level of speed, accuracy, along with rate of distance measurement.

Pros and Cons

#5. Gogogo Sports GS24 Pro – most versatile

Gogogo Sports GS24 Pro


Versatile option featuring three modes of gear, and great ranges. The best value for money, with exceptional yardage accuracy.

Last but not the least in our picks for the best budget range-finders is The Gogogo Laser Rangefinder. This particular brand and model are known to providing exceptional performance with a very sharp yardage accuracy. The main features of this range-finder is the unique flagpole vibration technology, quick scan measurements technology, locking mechanism alongside 6x magnification lens. All of these features are very important to take the perfect shot of your target and make a shot accordingly.

On top of that, the amalgamation of such features will let you scan around your vicinity quickly, and you don’t even have to spend a lot of time spotting your target. Plus, the multi-coated lens features in the Gogogo sports rangefinder gives a bright surrounding view, with just the right amount of colors and contrast ratio, making your hunting experience even more great.

This particular model of Gogogo Laser Rangefinder, is considered to be one of the most versatile models in the market right now, thanks to its usability if other ventures like bow hunting, rifle hunting, golfing rangefinder and even in shooting as well. While most rangefinders aren’t allowed in golf tournaments and other, this model os completely legal to be used anywhere.

Not just its versatility and features, function-wise, this range-finder contains 3 different modes that can be accessed by pressing the same single button itself. It also features the unique slope calibrate functions, making it stand out from it’s market competitors. Despite the elevation changes that might occur in the course, the Gogogo rangefinder always ensure you accurate yardage. and especially when considering such feature available for less than $150, this is definitely a steal!

Pros and Cons

Final Thoughts

To sum up, we can all agree that not all range-finders available in the market are affordable by the people because, a lot of them provide exceptional features but come at a very high price. But, this doesn’t mean that a budget rangefinder will not bear good features. The most feature compromised when manufacturing rangefinders are seen to be done in the field of night vision or just in places with low visibility. But, as long as the hunting or shooting is carried out in the daytime, these budget range-finders seem to work just fine.

We hope this article was helpful for you in choosing the best budget rangefinder for you. In case you have any other queries, please feel free to comment them down below.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of buying the best cheap rangefinders?

The key point when buying range-finders is that rather than investing a lot into the product, you need to get the work done, because this is all that matters. All a range-finder needs to do is give you the accurate distance between the target and the user, and then get the work done.

Which is the best value rangefinder?

From the research and analysis done above, the Gogogo sports gs24 pro is the most versatile and budget-option, with the price range just around $150.


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