The 10 Best Baby Walkers 2023

If you’re trying to figure out what to present your child for their first birthday, consider a baby walker. A walker is the most commonly used baby accessory after the age of six months. Walkers aid your child’s physical and mental development by allowing them to exercise, learn, and develop. Even if your child isn’t ready to walk about alone just yet, walkers allow her to explore your home and take the next “step” toward adulthood.

While it’s always a good idea to see your pediatrician before deciding whether or not a walker is a suitable fit for your child, we’ve made the list of Top ten best walker so you can find a good deal with the following options. Once you’ve found the appropriate one, your child will be on his or her path to achieving new discoveries at a faster rate.

Our Top Picks : Top 10 Best Baby Walkers

  • VTech Learning Walker ( Best Walker For Baby Learning To Walk )
  • Safety 1st Baby Walker
  • Joovy Spoon Baby Walker
  • Kolcraft  Infant & Baby Activity Walker
  • Tropic Cool Baby Walker
  • Tiny Love Baby Walker (Best Baby Push walker)
  • Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Baby Walker ( best baby walker for 6 months old )
  • labebe Baby Walker ( Best Baby Walker For Small Spaces )
  • LeapFrog Scout’s Baby Walker
  • Fisher-Price Baby Walker ( best baby walker for 4 months old )

Quick Looks

vtechVTech Learning Walker ( Best Walker For Baby Learning To Walk )Color: Orange
Item Weight: 5 Pounds
safetySafety 1st Baby WalkerColor: Multicolor
Item Weight: 11.02 pounds
joovyJoovy Spoon Baby WalkerColor:   

Item Weight:
‎12.3 pounds
lcraftKolcraft  Infant & Baby Activity WalkerColor: Blue
Item Weight: ‎9 pounds
brightTropic Cool Baby WalkerColor: Tropical Cool
Item Weight: 8.16 Pounds
tinyTiny Love Baby Walker ( Best Baby Push walker )Color: Magical Tales
Item Weight: 13.14 Pounds
Bright startsBright Starts Giggling Gourmet Baby Walker ( best baby walker for 6 months old )Color: Multicolored
Item Weight: ‎5.28 pounds
lebebelabebe Baby Walker ( Best Baby Walker For Small Spaces )Color: Multicolored
Item Weight: 4.88 pounds
leapfrogLeapFrog Scout’s Baby WalkerColor:
Item Weight: 4.92 Pounds
fisher Fisher-Price Baby Walker ( best baby walker for 4 months old )Color: Multicolor
Item Weight: 8 Pounds

1. VTech Learning Walker ( Best Walker For Baby Learning To Walk )

VTech Learning Walker ( Best Walker For Baby Learning To Walk )

This engaging baby walker is is equipped with play panel for early learning. It has 5 piano keys that plays over 70 sing-along songs, fun phrases, music and various sound effects to keeps your toddler occupied in creativity. It is developed keeping your sensitive angels in mind. In the world of smartphones there is pretend telephone for your baby that enhances role-play fun.

It also has 5 piano keys that plays music that helps in keeping those tiny hands busy in having fun. The baby walker features 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 light-up buttons and 3 shape sorter helping you baby to develop the motor skills.

The fun part is the colorful, interactive panel is detachable from the walker and can be put on the floor for discovering animals, colors, music, number and shapes for fun play. You can attach the panel back to the walker as your little on grow and see them learning continuously while moving along.

  • Perfect musical sounds
  • Two-speed controller settings
  • Multi-functioning
  • Perfect handle height for a baby learning to walk
  • Entertaining and creative musical unit
  • difficult interlocking gears

2. Safety 1st Baby Walker

Safety 1st Baby Walker

Keep your little one engaged in entertainment with this safety 1st baby walker. The baby walker is attached with five toys in the tray spin that spin, crinkle, rattle, and light up. This multi-functioning baby walker has two swing-open activity trays that is large snack tray area and play tray area. You can swing out the tray on either side to create a larger tray for snacks or for playing toys.

The height this baby walker is adjustable in 3 different height positions allowing you to easily keep your child at the right height as they grows from toddler to child. It features 5 dinosaur themed toys, playful sound and lights that promotes fine motor development control.

This baby walker is foldable making it compact and easy to store away when not in use. The wheels have grip strip on either side of each wheel that prevents from catching on uneven surfaces. You can easily wipe the plastic and metal surfaces with clean or damp clothes and wash the padded seat by disconnecting it from the frame.

  • Great for babies who are active and moving
  • Well built for tall babies
  • Rolls very well with floor and carpet
  • Good quality product
  • Reasonable price
  • Tricky adjusting height

3. Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

The spoon walker is combined with two essential products providing the perfect balance of eating, playing and learning to walk. Feed your baby with removable super sized tray which is dishwasher safe for convenience.

The baby walker features extra-wide footprint that keeps your toddler’s finger secure from smashing while they take it for spin. It has three adjustable height positions, non-slip pads and swivel front wheels. The seat pad is removable allowing you to wash it and put it back to its position.

The Spoon baby walker is very easy to clean. You just have to wipe the parts with clean damp clothes and it’s all clean again. Where some baby walkers take up a lot of space the Spoon baby walker can be folded and store down while not in use. Also, This product is JPMA certified and safe for your little baby.

  • Durable material
  • Great removable large tray
  • Modern yet simple design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy walker
  • Not high enough for tall babies

4. Kolcraft  Infant & Baby Activity Walker

Kolcraft  Infant & Baby Activity Walker

The 2 in 1 convertible baby walker from Kolcraft is built tp help your baby with those tiny steps to learn and engage in different entertaining toys. It features upright mirror with crinkle petals and textured stem and spinning ball that keeps those tiny hands busy in playing and exploring the fun toys.

The walker can be easily converted from seated activity walker to a walk behind walker with independent front swivel wheels. For your information the wheels are build with friction resistant pads for easy maneuvering and child safety. The high foam seat back provides added support and comfort to your toddler with its adjustable heights.

The baby walker easily folds into compact size which makes it easy for storage. You can just wipe the plastic parts with a damp cloth and detach the seats to wash. Your loved ones will adore this perfect gift you can offer it on baby registry and baby showers.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable and sturdy
  • Keeps your baby engaged and active
  • It has an open rear base
  • Doesn’t goes mobile on carpeted surfaces

5. Tropic Cool Baby Walker

Tropic Cool Baby Walker

If you have more than one child then this baby walker is made for you. This cool baby walker from Tropical Cool allows two kids to play at same time as it is designed with removable walk-around seat. Your older baby can play while your toddler ruling the walk around seat keeping both of the engaged and entertained. The walker is designed with dazzling lights and upbeat tunes that aids catching the attention of your baby.

This walker is equipped 10 tropical activities for your baby with the spinning parrot, toggling whale, surfing monkey, spinning turtle, ratcheting turtle, drum set with drum song and drum modes, toucan spinner, and bead chaser that fully keeps your toddler busy in having fun with them while you finish some house chores.

The drum in the walker sets light up when you tap and play. When baby taps the drums, you can switch the music between music and animal sounds by flipping the music book to keep playtime totally tropical.

  • Entertainment for baby as well as other family members too.
  • Keeps your child entertained for hours
  • A perfect alternative to traditional walker
  • Aids developing toddler’s motor skills
  • Bit bulky
  • Not easy to store or move

6. Tiny Love Baby Walker ( Best Baby Push walker )

Tiny Love Baby Walker  ( Best Baby Push walker )

Want to keep your baby entertained for a long time? Then this versatile baby walker form Tiny Love can be a lifesaver for you. The baby walker can be configured as a stationery activity center, pusher, walker, or jumper. This 4-in-1 mobile activity center encourages and adjusts to match your child’s developmental milestones.

The baby walker features 20 different activities that will keep your baby always entertained promoting language, cognitive, sensory perception, fine/gross motor skills, creativity and emotional intelligence. The 360degree seat helps baby to reach for easy play. Your baby can experience bouncing in jumper mode for extra fun improving the leg strength, neck and back muscles.

This walker is JPM certified and meets federal safety standards and comes with one-year warranty. As your baby baby gains confident in walking the activity center assists in providing support for first steps in the push-behind mode. This walker is JPM certified and meets federal safety standards and comes with one-year warranty.

  • It has princess tales
  • Very well made mobile activity center
  • Resistant material
  • Practical baby walker
  • Plastics at the bottom are sharp and dangerous

7. Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Baby Walker ( best baby walker for 6 months old )

Bright Starts Giggling Gourmet Baby Walker ( best baby walker for 6 months old )

This shopping cart designed baby walker gives your baby endless hours of playtime fun. The 4 modes of play includes sit and play removable cook top, stand and play activity table, push and walk behind and remove cook top for shopping cart entertaining your baby. The cook top is full of cooking sounds which is detachable and play on the floor.

If your baby wants to play standing then lock the cart legs in place making the cook top a stationary activity table. When your baby grows and begins to toddle, the wide sturdy legs plays an important role to make baby learn walk. To encourage your baby to continue walking, the popcorn will start to pop with each step and push of the cart.

You can just remove the cook top made for pretend play as your baby grows. You baby can use the walker as a shopping cart and load up toys or whatever they chose just like the carts at grocery store. This fun-filled shopping cart will delight your little shopper.

  • Great for petite babies
  • Very easy to put together
  • A simple idea yet entertaining
  • Child friendly
  • High quality product
  • Flinging food fun
  • Place a weight inside the cart as it is very lightweight

8. labebe Baby Walker ( Best Baby Walker For Small Spaces )

labebe Baby Walker ( Best Baby Walker For Small Spaces )

A standing baby walker is better choice to help your baby practice standing on their own feet compared to a seated walker. If you go hand in had with your baby as they learn to walk and push them, they will be encouraged to walk more. They can push this walker around on their own when they are able to walk consistently with their favorite toys.

With simply a screwdriver and a clear illustrated directions, the robust hardwood baby walker can be put together in no time. This baby walker comes with a big toy chest that helps your baby sit to play and stand to walk. The wheels of the walker are easy to maneuver by baby so as a parent you don’t have to worry about sudden fall due to block of the wheel.

A broad base walker will help your baby keep balance and gain more confidence while learning. Your nearly one year old can ride, push, pull like a cart and play with so many toys. Any room will look great with the natural, vivid colors.

  • Well-built
  • Perfect hand shapes for those tiny little hands
  • Very cute
  • Easy assembly
  • Rubber ring and broad base
  • Weight control
  • Quite smaller

9. LeapFrog Scout’s Baby Walker

LeapFrog Scout's Baby Walker

This 3-in-1 toy from a walker with wheels and speed control, to a floor-play activity panel, to a baby gym. Isn’t it amazing to get these bunch of benefits from a baby walker? You must be wondering how a baby walker can turn into gym. But the walker can be easily turn into floor play with the dangling toys and overhead activity. You can also remove the activity panel for floor-play fun.

The three modes plays melodies and sound effects ready for listening to music, playing games and getting active with 14 fun activities. The dome lights changes its color into six different colors to enhance the music and learning. You can adjust the speed setting if your baby is beginner or a skilled walker.

As your baby grows, you can transform it as a walker to help your baby take those first steps. Five piano keys, vibrant colors, shapes, letters, and numbers stimulate fine motor abilities and encourage learning. Keep your little on busy with this interactive fun baby walker.

  • Impressive features and options
  • Plenty of space for the baby’s feet
  • Adjustable speeds
  • Wheels are enough apart
  • Activity table or toy
  • Quite tippy

10. Fisher-Price Baby Walker ( best baby walker for 4 months old )

Fisher-Price Baby Walker ( best baby walker for 4 months old )

Is your baby affectionate with animals? This adorable elephant baby walker by Fisher-Price can be your toddler’s best friend. Keeping your baby on mind this walker is built very sensitive. Those tiny hands can start the music even just with a little touch.

Your baby can enjoy the bouncing , lights, and music with this independent walker. The handle of the walker can be locked upright or folded down. This toy is an excellent for building gross motor skills, strength and balance assisting as your baby learns to walk.

The walker is featured with over 30 sung songs, tunes, fun sounds and phrases that encourage and reward baby’s actions. Let your baby explore the fun and be capable of standing on her own with the help of Fisher-Price ride elephant baby walker.

  • Convenient wheel
  • Super cute music and songs
  • Great quality product
  • Bounce, stride, and ride
  • Try changing batteries if it is stuck on repeat


Nothing makes newborns and their parents happier than seeing them cruise about the living room for the first time with their walking toys. It’s a significant stage in your baby’s development of balance, coordination, and motor abilities, which will eventually lead to them walking independently. Once your baby has mastered pulling themselves up and supported standing, a decent walking toy can assist them in gaining their footing. It could be exactly what they need to get moving.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the right time to start using a walker for baby?

As walkers are designed for babies from 4 to 16 months of ages. We recommend to use only when the baby is able to hold his head up and can touch the floor with his feet while placed in walker.

Is there any time limit for baby to sit in walker?

You shouldn’t let your baby use the walker for more than 20 minutes.

Does baby walkers help your baby to walk?

Not exactly, baby walkers don’t help baby to walk.

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