What Are The Top 5 Best Heated Vests In 2023?

With the ever-changing climate, and with winters getting colder than ever, the need of heated vests has risen spontaneously over the years. Relying on coats, blazers and sweaters can sometimes be hefty and many layers of clothes will just bulk you up amd make you uncomfortable, sometimes even restricting the hand movements. So, instead of layering up like a cabbage, why not opt for a material made to keep you warm, and heats you better than a number of layers of clothes? Now, that’s where heated vests come in!

These heated vests are designed in such a way that they always maintain the ideal body temperature when you wear them. Heated vests provide a spectacular way to keep your body warm in the winter, but the market is flooded with options! So, what to do now? which one should I choose? Don’t worry, in this article, we have listed out top 5 heated vests in the market in 2023, to make your work a lot easier!

What should I look for in a heated vest?

Before jumping into the top picks, let’s take a look at the basic criterias of choosing a vest for you. These are some of the points that are crucial for the effectiveness of a heated vest and the things you should consider before buying one.


The most important element to keep you warm depends upon the type of material used in your garment. In case of heated vests, materials do not vary much, but these are usually made up of carbon fiber, to relay heat smoothly while being moisture-resistant and wind-proof. The outermost material is usually made up of polyester or nylon, both of them being extremely durable materials, allowing minimum stretching.


Styling any garment for any individual narrows down to the purpose of use of the garment. A loose fit of the vests are definitely not ideal because it will create space for winds to move in, not making the body hot. Therefore, the style is generally body hugging ones. But, extremely body conmight create difficulties in hand movements causing restrictions in bodily movements, thus a little stretchable material is also preferred. Hence, the ideal style required is something lightweight and comfortable, keeping you warm however avoiding overheating or sweating.

In the market, there are some styles designed to fit under your outer garments like a thin layer, whereas some are even available in puffer models.


This might seem a mild reason on surface, but in case you are buying a vest to be worn as an outergarment and it lacks pockets, it is going to create a huge problem! where are you going to put all your belongings? Aside from belomngings, you will also require a place to keep your battery safe. Although, some companies provide a pocket for heated vests, some don’t! It is usually beneficial to opt for the ones with pockets in them. Sometimes, these vests come with even two pockets , and on top of them water-resistant. These features can come in handy!

Battery and Voltage

This is probably the key factor to take into consideration while purchasing a heated vest. This is because the battery incorporated in the vests are different. While some models come with a built-in battery, some don’t! In case you already own a compatible battery, that’s great! It is because heated vests that don’t come with the batteries are extremely affordable / economical than the one which come with battery. But, it is essential to tally voltages and opt for compatible voltages for safe use of the garment.

In case you don’t own a battery, first you should list out the times or events you are going to wear the vests in! The longest run time for general batteries are about 12 hours, but this greatly depends on the heat setting on the vest you’re wearing. The lasting of battery is direcly proportional to the setting of the garment.

A higher voltage in a garment as such, denotes a higher potential temperature of the heating elements on the maximum setting, whereas mAh refers to the battery’s capacity. The values for heated runtime varies greatly, as they’re affected by battery capacity, heat setting along with external temperatures. Therefore, in harsh climatic conditions, you are likely to lose heat and power faster. Thus, if you intend to wear it indoors and in a normal environment, a medium capacity battery that can be recharged throughout the day is enough. But, if you plan on going outdoors like mountail climbing, trekking, hiking, a high capacity battery is preferred for it needs ro sustain heat for lomnger periods.

So, what are the Top Five Best Heated Vests?

1. ORORO Women’s Lightweight Heated Vests ( best heated vest for women )

ORORO Women's Lightweight Heated Vests
ORORO Women’s lightweight Heated Vests

One of the best out in the market, ORORO Women’s Lightweight Heated Vests works like miracle. Thanks to its materiality, it is lightweight and very easy. It has the best technologies among its market competitors , and is perfect for daily commute, a walk in the park, etc.

  • 100% Nylon.
  • Neat and Tailored Design without restricting movements.
  • Wind and Water Resistant.
  • 4 carbon fiber heating elements – focus on collar, mid-back, and chests.
  • 3 available heat setting – a single button push.
  • Fast heating in seconds with 7.4V cUL/UL certified battery.
  • Run-time of 10 Hours.
  • USB Port for charging smartphones.
  • Doesn’t come in size XS

With a Voltage of 7.4V, Battery of 5200mAh Lithium-ion, Runtime of 10 hours, with three heat settings and a USB port made entirely out of Carbon Fiber and Nylon, it is definitely a bang for your buck!

2. VentureHeat Men’s Battery Heated Vest ( best heated vest for men )

VentureHeat Mens Battery Heated Vest
VentureHeat Mens Battery Heated Vest

Comes with:

Heated clothing, 7.4V power bank, battery charger, and zippered packing cube.

  • Machine Wash.
  • 10 HOURS run-time on low settings.
  • Press Button feature for heat settings.
  • Ultra thin carbon fiber for adequate heating.
  • Targets 4 zones; back, neck, right and left chest.
  • Easy to care.
  • Two zippered outer pockets, one inner drop pocket.
  • Rain Resistant.
  • Battery health only 6 hours in mid-setting and 3 hours in High Setting.

Overall, it has a Voltage of 7.4V, Battery of 5200 mAh Lithium-ion, containing 3 Heat Settings and made up of Risptop nylon with Micro Alloy Ripstop nylon with Micro Alloy Fibers.

3. ARRIS Heated Adjustable Vest ( Best Heated Vest for Hiking Camping )

ARRIS Heated Adjustable Vest
ARRIS Heated Adjustable Vests

  • Adjustable Size.
  • Unisex : Man, Women and Children.
  • 5 heating levels ranging from 40℃ to 80℃.
  • 7.4V Powerful Rechargeable Lipo Battery.
  • Health Care oriented promoting blood circulation and heat relief.
  • Built-in thermal protection module.
  • Runtime of only 6 hours.
  • Take a long time to charge, 8 hours.
  • Not wind and water resistant.

One prominent feature of this heated vest, is the wider adjusting range. Hence, it is very suita ble for wearing under a jacket, by simply unzipping the zippers under each arm and replacing the panels according to your size. Also, the signature portable lipo battery is multipurposeful as it can be used as a power supply for smartphones.

4. VentureHeat Women’s Heated Vest

VentureHeat Women's Heated Vest
VentureHeat Women’s Heated Vest

  • Machine Wash.
  • 10 HOURS run-time on low settings.
  • Press Button feature for heat settings.
  • Ultra thin carbon fiber for adequate heating.
  • Targets 4 zones; back, neck, right and left chest.
  • Easy to care.
  • Two zippered outer pockets, one inner drop pocket.
  • Rain Resistant.
  • Mini Flashlight available too.
  • Check-point friendly.
  • Not size adjustable.
  • Targeted for women only, not Unisex.

This vest generally focuses on wearing a heated vest without placing a coat or jacket on top of it. The presence of 2 outer utility zip pockets, 3 zippered inner media pockets and an elastic drawstring hem is very lucrative to keep your belongings as well as to keep you warm. Plus, the heating materials are so thin and smooth, you wont even know you are wearing them underneath.

5. Milwaukee M12 Heated Access Vest

Milwaukee M12 Heated Access Vest
Milwaukee M12 Heated AXIS Vest
  • Made up of Carbon Fiber Heating Elements.
  • Focuses on your chest, back and shoulders.
  • Includes an LED Controller, with 3 heat settings.
  • Unique Quick Heat Function.
  • Polyester Fabric.
  • Lightweight and Compressible Design.
  • Wind and Water high resistance.
  • 2 exterior pockets, one inner zip pocket, and a single low profile battery pocket.
  • Run-time of only about 8 hours.

The most unique feature of ‘Unique Quick Heat Function’ actions to warm up and dissipate heat up to 3X quicker than its other competitive models. With a Voltage of 12V, Lithium-ion battery, high-end insulation features and a One-touch LED Controller feature, it is definitely worth it!

Everyone has their unique needs and choices, and to cater that, it is essential to surf through a variety of options to end up with the products suiting you the most. With the above review, hopefully, you have found your next purchase!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should I wear the vest for?

Heated vests models are made to be safe, and wearable for prolonged periods in the body. Thus, you can wear it till the battery lasts. However, in cases of discomforts, it is advisable to not wear them immediately.

How do I adjust the heating level?

Heating level adjustment vary according to the models, but they are generally powered by a one-button click, or even LED Lights.

Can I use heated vests in the snow?

Yes, of course! However, the degree of coldness and the region of the snow might make a difference in the kind of heated vests you want to wear. In case of mild snow, strong materials and strong heating technologies are not so importamnt, however in very cold regions, they are very necessary.

Can I machine wash my heated vest?

This will also very likely depend upon the type of heated vest you are opting for, but generally, all heated vests can be machine washed and dried. At least the one mentioned above!

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