Top 10 Best Smart Backpack For Travel[Tips, Pros and Cons]

If you’re a frequent traveler, you know how important it is to have a nice & comfortable backpack that stores all your essentials in an organized way. Smart backpacks will greatly improve your carrying experience by offering numerous features that can provide maximum durability with minimal effort.

In this modern day & age, day by day our everybody life is getting smarter. Normal backpacks aren’t enough anymore to satisfy our needs as Smart back packs allow us to carry all our essential belongings in an organized way and enormously improves your carrying experience. But that’s not a problem, as you know, smart backpacks are already here in the market! There are just so many out there with varying numbers of quality and features and it can be hard to find the right one for you.

To make our everyday carrying experience convenient and comfortable these backpacks come with lot of technology and unique features. In todays topic we present you our top 10 picks that will help you choose the best smart backpack for your needs. These contain all the cool features like anti-theft, solar charge, smart compartments, portable charging, lots of room, water-resistant materials and what not. Here’s our list of the Top 10 best Smart Backpacks for travel. We hope it helps and you enjoy!

Why is it important to use a smart backpack?

As you may already figure out that smart backpack are the modified versions of normal backpacks in smart way. These smart backpacks are fully capable of fulfilling your travel needs by keeping your valued items safe and sound within it. 21st century has redefined the way that we live our daily lives. These tech backpacks have varied features depending on the brand and its quality. You will instantly know that these bags can go well with any occasion of your life.

The large storage capacity and enormous pockets helps you keep your necessary thing in well and organized way. This helps in saving your time and effort to find the things you have placed in a bag. These bags are full of comfort, technology, reliable, organized and durable. These bags feature anti-theft technology so you never have to worry about stolen or broken.

Tips on Choosing The Right smart backpack For You

Charging Port

To save yourself the hassle of carrying around power packs and cables, smart bags offer a convenient way to charge your devices. The USB ports inside these bags can charge objects while they are being used without the need to carry them around. You won’t need to carry around your power bank as it can charge from the bag itself. This is a great way to have your essentials and essentials always with you.


Having the proper compartmentalization in your bag is important so it doesn’t become too cluttered and difficult to reach for items when you need them. Compartments for your laptop and other small items can make this all easier.


If you are a student, then you will likely carry around your laptop and books every day. You could get away with a medium-sized bag to carry these and other small items for the day. But if you’re a traveler, then your backpack would need to be extra large to fit all of your clothes, shoes, and other essentials


No matter how many items you carry, it’s worth noting that the weight of your bag will rest on your shoulders. If the bag is not padded well enough, you may find yourself feeling uncomfortable. To avoid such a problem, make sure that your bag has a soft padding so that stress is alleviated during long use periods. Always be careful with the interior of your storage unit, as well as anything you bring in. Padding on the inside can protect whatever is inside from being damaged.


If you need a bag for commuting, the office, or college, we know that having expensive items like laptops and tablets with you can make your commute feel more secure. It is important that the bag you are going to buy has a number-lock system. This will allow people with the right password to get access to it


Backpacks are always a great investment and will provide you with a lifetime of service. Not only does having strong materials allow for comfortable use, but it also makes it so that the backpack won’t easily rip due to the weight of your items. It’s also important that your backpack is water-resistant or at least waterproof to protect the items during the rainy season.

Quick Looks

ImageProductDetails  Price
tsa 43$TSA Large Travel BackpackColor: Grey
Weight:2.5 LBS
Check Price
BopaiBOPAI Super Slim smart BackpackColor: Black
Weight:1.5 LBS
Check Price
lykmus 89Lykus M2 Travel BackpackColor: Black
Weight: 3.74 pounds
Check Price
love vook 39LOVEVOOK Laptop BackpackColor: Beige Grey
Weight: 1.72 pounds
Check Price
hap tim 36Hap Tim travel backpackColor: Grey
Weight: 1.8 pounds
Check Price
swiss gearSwiss Gear SA1923 Laptop smart BackpackColor: Black
Weight: 3.09 pounds
Check Price
tigarnuTigernu BackpackColor: Black
Weight: 2.1 pounds
Check Price
yorepeck 39YOREPEK BackpackColor: Black
Weight: 2.43 LBS
Check Price
veraVera Bradley Travel BackpackColor: Navy Mint Heather
Weight: 2.29 pounds
Check Price
travsessedTravesessed Anti-theft Travel smart BackpackColor: Black
Weight: 2.12 pounds
Check Price

1.TSA Large Travel Backpack

This large laptop travel backpack is 19 x 14 x 7.8 inches in size and 2.4 pounds in weight. This water-resistant backpack can be used in drizzle days and on occasions like Travel/ Business Trip/ School/ Work/Camping etc. These bags are good choices of both men and women so it could be the best gift. This travel bag has durable 17 inch laptop travel backpacks with external USB charging port. It features luggage belt on its back which makes a fit backpack for business traveler.

This backpack sturdy backpack has one separate laptop compartment with size up to 17.3 inch. The compartment with lay-flat technology simply unfolds to 90-180 degree ensuring a convenient and quick TSA scan, saving more time at airport security checkpoint. Its water-resistant and eco-friendly built backpack is perfect for business travelling, professional office work and other outdoor activities.

  • Large capacity compartments
  • Great for online schooling
  • Good quality bag
  • Dependable, high capacity and stylish
  • Small in size

2. BOPAI Super Slim smart Backpack

This super slim BOPAI backpack is 11 x 2.8 x 17 inches in size weighing 1.5 pounds. This backpack is made by high density sponge, soft and breathable scientific design. Its soft flannel compartment protects up to 15 inch laptop and reduces the friction between backpack and the computer. It has invisible zip pocket on the back to place your mobile phone, Keys and wallet conveniently.

This backpack is anti-theft design featuring unique concealed double zipper ensures the security of your stuffs. This classic designed backpack can be used by both men and women for carrying workplaces, schools, trips or other occasions. The back sleeve design allows the backpack to slide over the luggage handle for easy mobility during travelling. It has elastic sponge material with double protect and protect your laptop in a collision.

  • Suitcase belt
  • Professional look
  • Super comfortable
  • Very light and convenient
  • Small exterior pocket

3. Lykus M2 Travel Backpack

This Lykus M2 travel backpack is 18.9 x 11.81 x 7.87 inches in size weighing 3.74 pounds. This unisex-adult backpack can meet the demand of professional drone pilots who are photographers and videographers. It has the same EVA foam high density like Lykus M1 as its stuffing and hard dividers inside as the backbone. The hard front shell secures the equipment inside. Laptop pockets help users to quickly store, edit, share photos and videos on the laptop.

Outside, there is space for space for tripod on one side and mesh pocket for water bottle on the other side. This backpack is equipped with thick soft foam in shoulder straps on the back. The anti-water cover protects the backpack in wet circumstances. In order to fit different types of equipment the large capacity and velcro dividers allows you to flexibly configure the layout.

  • Solid protection
  • Perfect fit dji smart controller
  • Great backup for camera gear
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Bit of challenge to store the remote and phone

4. LOVEVOOK Laptop smart Backpack

This beige grey colored LOVEVOOK laptop backpack is 14.21 x 11.14 x 3.98 inches in size and weighs 1.72 pounds. This backpack that comes under $50. It has padded laptop compartment provides good physical protection to your laptop. You can put the phone in charging in the anti-theft back that is close to the USB charging port. This classic looking backpack has lots of pockets like large zip pocket, electronic organizer pocket, small front zip pocket.

This women backpack promises you to keep your stuff nice with enough organization. This backpack is designed with sturdy nylon material with reinforced edges and steel frame keeping the perfect shape of the bag. The mesh designed shoulder straps allows sufficient air circulation. This best gift choice for ladies is stylish and perfect for university, business, travel, daily use, outdoor activities.

  • Large capacity
  • Wide pouch
  • Super cute and nice quality
  • Not ideal for 17″ laptop

5. Hap Tim Travel Backpack

This multi purposed backpack is 16.53 x 9.44 x 11.81 inches in size weighing 1.8 pounds. It is made of water-resistant fabric to save your laptop and documents during light rain. The backpack style backpack id water resistant, features well padded largest compartment. Comparing to other laptop bags this bag can adjust any size less than 15.6 inch tightly and protect them very well from swinging and bumping. It consists shock absorbing shoulder straps and thick padding helps ease the thick load. This is a dream bag for someone who carries around large number of items.

The backpack has many pockets and sections with spartan look. The interior pockets are quickly accessible and can easily see what’s inside so you don’t have to miss anything. It features headphone/cable pass through allowing you to charge your smartphone or listen to music on the go. It is very accommodating to a large laptop, necessary files and multiple books.

  • Professional laptop backpack
  • Great for travelling or commuting
  • Little frustrating quirks

6. Swiss Gear SA1923 Laptop Backpack

This swiss gear backpack is 18 x 13 x 8.5 inches. in size and 3.09 pounds in weight. This backpacks are crafted with plenty of pockets and compartment designs in order to protect the items. Keeping the needs of today’s active lifestyle, it features scan smart technology, Airflow back panels. RFID pockets and USB equipped charging facility. It is made from rugged polyester. It can adjust 15″ of laptop and handles the pounding of constant commutes while protecting the device.

It’s padded shoulders allows you convenient and cool experience of carrying a full bag load. It features large packing capacity to fit binders and any other accessories you need. It has MP3 pocket making you easier to find your music player. Made for brutal treatments, this bag is durable even if you use it for daily.

  • Elastic straps
  • Many compartment for storing things
  • Quality material
  • Highly padded limits the storage space

7. Tigernu Backpack

This black colored Tigernu backpack is 14 x 9.4 x 4.4 inches weighing 2.1 pounds. This backpack that comes under $30 has separate laptop compartment that fits laptop up to 15.6″. Similarly other 10 inner pockets are suitable for many stuffs making your backpack organized. It is made up of water-proof Nano molecular oxford material making you easy to clean and can withstand daily harsh treatment. The detachable USB cable allows you to charge your phone or tablet in convenient way.

The thick padded back and straps lets you a comfortable experience of carrying even a full load for a long time and won’t let you feel hot. It is designed in s-shape adjustable shoulder straps and ergonomic design promising you to reduce the burden system and lumbar pressure. It can be suitable backpack for travel, college/school and casual/business backpack. It has a rubber feet at the bottom and zip lockable feature for valuable things.

  • Multi-purpose backpack
  • Great for travelling
  • Double zippers
  • Very safe compartments
  • Quite unmanageable

8. YOREPEK Backpack

This backpack under $50 is 18 x 8 x 13.9 inches weighing 2.42 pounds. This backpack features 20 independent pockets mainly focused with large storage and spacious organization. These pockets can accommodate many stuffs that are necessary for our personal as well as business supplies. These YOREPEK backpack can be a great gift for your friends and family as it easily unfolds 90-180 degrees saving your time and security checking in the airport.

This backpack is perfect for indoor/ outdoor activities like hiking, climbing, camping, overnight trip, business or college backpack for teen boys/girls. Its external USB port allows you a convenient charge of your electronic devices everywhere. It is equipped with a headphone jack that offers an easy usage to your earphone. It is designed in U shaped with three dimensional ventilation design eliminating the heat and allowing you easy carry experience.

  • Great value backpack
  • Very large and well made
  • Multi-purpose

    9. Vera Bradley Travel Backpack

    This recycled lighten up backpack is 9 x 12.5 x 20.5 inches in size and 2.29 pounds in weight. The one thing that stand out among all of the backpacks out there is that this backpack is made from recycled bottles. This eco-friendly backpack is sustainable water-repellent fabric. For quick packing and organization this backpack can be unzipped on three sides to lie completely flat. The lay flat feature confirms you to unzip the bag like a normal wheeled carryon.

    The 38 inch adjustable shoulder straps offer you to keep strolling through the airport handsfree. This backpack especially features three compartments, two front zip pockets and side mesh pockets. It has lots of little pockets with deeper pockets and small pockets. The thick padded straps evenly distributes the weight reducing the pain or pressure on your shoulder. This classic backpack fits the title of convertible travel bag.

    • Stylish backpack
    • Eco-friendly
    • Doesn’t hold much
    • Too big to carry personal items

    10.Travsessed Anti-theft smart Backpack

    This anti-theft travel backpack is the only travel backpack with an RFID passport holder and has slots for credit cards, ID and cash, and cell phone pouch allowing you safe and easy to access for total peace of mind. This bag if foldable made by travelers, for travelers. It’s breathable s-shaped straps confirms your all day comfort. This backpack can adjust laptop up to 16 inches and accommodate many other accessories.

    It’s next level durability overcomes rough treatments that it gets during indoor/outdoor activities. This lightweight packaged travel backpack is water-resistant and perfect for airport travel or everyday adventures. It has meticulous design and has interior pouch for electronic devices.

    • Multi-purpose backpack
    • coolest
    • Optimized for travel
    • next level versatility
    • No padding on the bottom of the bag


    There are different types of backpacks for different purposes and needs. We have listed and explained all the top 10 best smart backpack for travel. In order to find the right size and fit for your needs with a smart backpack , you should pay attention to some key factors such as the style of the bag, volume , paddings , compartment ,durability and budget which we explained above already.

    Some Frequently Asked Questions

    Are smart backpacks waterproof?

    Sure, a lot of backpacks these days are water resistant so it’s best to to check Specs while purchasing it.

    Why do I need an anti-theft smart backpack?

    Anti-theft backpacks are built with locking systems that prevent someone from opening your pack without your knowledge, slash-proof material, and RFID pouches to protect against hackers looking to steal personal information out of your backpack.

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