Top 10 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair 2023

Most of the people live a very tight scheduled lifestyle in this 21st century which results in stressful and painful daily lifestyle. As you all know that stress is a cause of major pain and discomfort in the body. Whereas gravity is one stressor constantly taking a toll on your body. After a fatigue day at work all you want is peace of your mental and physical health. So, Zero Gravity Massage chairs are the wonderful innovative technologies that helps you fight back by incorporating zero gravity technology positioning your body in a way that reduces the effects of gravity on your spine into real place for physical and mental relaxation.

If you want to save your time, money and want a peaceful private relaxation of your body then let the massage programs become the necessities of home. You will not regret for your decision to buy a zero gravity full body massage chair as these products ensures to give the complete relaxation to your body.

Our Top Picks

  • SL Track Full Body Massage Chair
  • Real Relax Massage Chair
  • Mynta Massage Chair 
  • Angstep New Massage Chair 
  • Shiatsu Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • iRest SL Track Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • Kahuna Massage Chair
  • BOSSCARE Massage Chair
  • Human Touch Massage Chair
  • MassaMAX 2021 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
ImageProductDetails  Price
sl track massage chairSL Track Full Body massageColor: Black
Weight: 255 pounds
Check Price
real relax Real Relax Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Robots Hands Color:  brown
Weight:210 pounds
Check Price
mynMynta Massage Chair Color: espresso
Weight; 260 pounds
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angangstep 2020 New Massage Chair Color:. black
Check Price
shiatsuShiatsu electric Zero Gravity massage chairColor: . black
Weight: 118.6pounds
Check Price
irestiRest SL Track Zero Gravity Massage ChairColor:  blue and white
Check Price
kahunaKahuna Massage ChairColor: brown
Check Price
bosscareBOSSCARE Massage ChairsColor:. green
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human Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 Massage ChairColor: . black
Weight: 107pounds
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massamaxMassaMAX 2021 Zero Gravity Massage ChairColor:. brown
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SL Track Full Body Massage Chair

This full body massage chair is 52 x 34 x 49 inches and 255 pounds in weight. This zero gravity massage chair is ugears integrated that helps putting the center of gravity on the buttocks reducing the pressure of joints and spine. Your body will be in a completely relaxed posture and feeling of getting lost in the real space. This 3D massage chair automatically detects the height and adjusts the massage points. The Thai stretching massage provides relaxation to whole body even if you just massage for 15 minutes.

In order to deeply massage and stimulate the body massage technology it has 3D robot hands which is realistic in feel. The massage chair features 32 massage airbags with heating function at the waist. Here, the heater helps improving the circulation and increase your overall comfort. It has 3 stages of zero gravity position with initial, comfortable and deep.

This massage chair is compatible to any phone model letting you play music via Bluetooth as this chair is designed with built in Bluetooth speaker on both sides. All you need to do is open your mobile phone and link to play soothing music while you are enjoying a whole body massage.

  • Worth the money
  • Safeguard against the bumps
  • The chair has rollers
  • Over inflates
  • Tight fit (varies according to different body Shape)

Real Relax Massage Chair

This full body zero gravity massage chair is 57.4″D x 28.7″W x 43.7″H weighing 220 pounds. This massage chair features a smart body scanning system detects your shoulders height and map the key areas of the neck and back to ensure right amount of pressure during the massage. This massage chair is an combination of SL-Track Robot hand massage system technology allowing you to feel exceptional massage experience.

The airbags locates at shoulders, arms, waist and pelvis and feet areas offers a full body massage experience increasing the blood circulation throughout the whole body to reduce the stress. The built in high quality Bluetooth speaker technology lets you enjoy your favorite music.

This massage chair has 2 heating pads equipped on the back area and unique foot roller massage that enhances the effect of the massage in outstanding manner. Also the chair is capable to scan your legs to adjust your leg length for your height.

  • Very easy control panel
  • Great quality
  • Solid massage chair
  • Short remote control cord

Mynta Massage Chair

This espresso Mynta massage chair is 51 x 31 x 46 inches and 210 pounds in weight. The smart acupoint scanning system provides a massage that fits your body. This massage chair has SL track curved rail that lets you enjoy amazing massage from neck to hip. If you prefer a strong, deep tissue massage, this chair features 3D deep tissue massage rollers that gets into your muscle layers relieving the stress away.

This zero gravity massage chair has 32 airbags grasp that helps stimulate circulation and release muscle tension in your body parts. This chair is designed with bigger sized double layer butterfly shaped shoulder perfectly fitting according to different body sizes. This chair features dual action foot roller and air massage effectively increases the intensity to relieve the tension.

Making the massage chair more comfortable and functioning this chair features extendable footrest that can be extended up to 21.3/54cm according to your desired position. The fast heating therapy ensures you to provide with soothing back relief.

  • Great sounding Bluetooth speakers
  • Good range of intensity
  • Expensive

Angstep New Massage Chair

This leather massage chair is 43.3 x 31.3 x 44.88 inches in size and weighs 242.5lbs. It is designed with re-engineered air massage that reduces the number of air bags and increases the surface coverage. The zero gravity technology helps you feel weightless, energized and stress free after the massage. This massage chair is especially equipped with seat vibration that detoxify, stimulate relaxing the surface tissue for better blood circulation in the groin.

This massage chair features 8 point massage system automatically matching the shape of your body and contours of your back ensuring a customized true full body massage. It has 16 airbags that provides a full body massage, relaxing from head to calf. This acupuncture inspired massage chair has foot rollers located at the bottom of each footrest helps you to relieve muscle tension from your body.

The zero gravity massage chair is combined with soothing heat and cutting edge that effectively relieves your sore muscles. The settings of this massage chair can go from intense to gentle.

  • Seat vibration
  • Intensity adjustment
  • Acupuncture inspired foot roller system
  • Doesn’t fit arm while reclining

Shiatsu Electric Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This electric massage chair is 118.6 pounds in weight and ‎ 59.1 x 43 x 31.9 inches in size. It is made up of high grade leather with zero gravity technology that provides soothing heat, full body airbag and foot roller and other functions. Zero gravity feature allows you to feel relaxed and your body to get deep relaxation. This massage chair is economical and practical massage chair.

The airbags are equipped all over the massage chair that reduces the stress and soreness of your whole body. These airbags are capable to improve the blood circulation and loosen up the muscle of your body. This full body massage chair is featured with soothing heat technology to relieve your sore muscles.

The Bluetooth system is equipped with this massage chair so you can play your favorite song while receiving the full body massage. You can have high quality massage experience with this full body electric zero gravity massage chair.

  • Affordable
  • Great customers service
  • Very comfortable
  • Hard tapping

iRest Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This stylish new massage chair is 66.92 x 29.92 x 33.07 inches in size weighing 220 pounds. This zero gravity massage chair has 8 auto massage modes giving you the best massage experience. It has multiple leg massage feature where it compresses the leg muscles and relief the soreness of legs. Similarly, it has automatic body scan will automatically detect the height, width and shoulder.

This massage chair especially features intelligent mechanical massage hands that imitates professional massage methods for effective relaxation to human body. It has extended calfrest that can freely extend according to different body height. This massage chair is easy to set up and has foot roller pressure that lest you adjust the pressure desirably.

The heating function relieves coldness and pain on your back. It delivers a comfortable, firm massage via the moving rollers and reduces tension in arms and legs with the air bags. This perfect zero gravity massage chair provides meaningful massage and relaxation to whole body.

  • Strong rollers
  • Good quality Bluetooth speakers
  • Adjustable width
  • Extremely generic and vague presets
  • Slow remote setting
  • No pressure adjustment for the rollers

Kahuna Massage Chair

This elite massage chair is  ‎ 57.87 x 45.08 x 34.06 inches in size and weighs 321.65 pounds. This zero gravity full body massage chair is equipped with real 4D massage system is equipped with multi-levels of depth and width control providing you the experience of personalized massage, mimicking a real human touch. This massage chair is designed with targeted programs for different body parts.

This fully assembled massage chair has touch screen remote controller on the side of the massage chair or your convenience. It features 24 auto programs in order to suit any lifestyle like stresses, needs and health concerns. The anion diffuser is equipped for happy mood and fast stress relief with different massage techniques. The auto foot extension feature works perfect for taller individuals with longer legs.

This massage chair is built with space saving and zero gravity technology. It’s heating therapy ensures a boosted blood circulation enhancing the effect of massage.

  • Great massage experience
  • Classic massage chair
  • Elite target
  • Poor quality

BOSSCARE Massage Chairs

This zero gravity full body massage chair is 54.3 x 29.8 x 43.3 inches and 167.6 pounds in weight. The zero gravity massage chair gives you a floating experience reducing the burden of heart and back pain. This aesthetic massage chair has whole body airbag with different intensity to provide a deep and relaxed full body massage making you feel more relaxed.

This massage chair has heating wrap in front and back making you feel warm both in back and abdomen whereas the gentle heat soothes and loosen the tight muscles. so, This massage chair can be a perfect gift for any age group cold winter. It is especially built with ergonomic long SL-Track that widely massages from your lower head to upper thigh for full body relaxation.

To meet different massage needs it has 12 auto programs and 6 kinds of massage methods. The multi-bump sole roller accompanied with foot airbag ensures to release the stress and fatigue of the feet.

  • Smart scan technology
  • Awesome foot roller
  • Excellent heating feature
  • High quality build materials
  • Cannot control intensity of roller and heat
  • No memory function

Human Touch Massage Chair

This whole body massage chair is 44 x 28 x 40 inches in size and weighs 107 pounds. This reclining massage chair is available in soft and durable black synthetic leather. It features 3G flexglide technology that allows you to enjoy soothing, sensitive massage free from pinching and friction that you usually experience with typical massage chairs. It offers a stress-reducing experience like never before.

The retractable foot and calf massage system provides massage in upward motion, circulating the blood to the body’s core. For a targeted massage in specific area you can use the position and partial glide features. The 55-degree swivel base feature of this massage chair ensures you to enjoy a massage from any angle, so that you can sit back, recline, and relax.

This full body massage chair has contoured and padded armrests that helps to provide deep healing at a core level. Its orbital massage technology is smooth and warm like oil massage.

  • Reasonable price
  • Comfy and effective
  • Great product
  • The massage knobs do not retract enough to be comfortable

MassaMAX 2021 Massage Chair

This recliner massage chair is 73.5 x 31 x 34.5 inches in size and weighs 249 pounds. The autobody scan feature scans your back and helps contouring the unique spine curve of each user. This massage chair is equipped with Bluetooth technology that provides the feature of listening your favorite music on high quality speakers in the headrest. The intelligent mechanical massage hand manipulator imitate different massage techniques replicating the sensation of real human hands.

The zero gravity function effectively reduces heart pressure and stimulate blood circulation with adjusting button from 90 to 180 degrees. The carbon fiber heating in the backrest helps relieving cold and pain matching the wavelengths of human body for better heat absorption.

The full body air compression massage chair is equipped with multiple airbags that helps increase in blood circulation to relieve pain and tension.

  • Can do full body compression and massage at the same time
  • Great massage chair
  • Costly

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does a massage chair is compare to massage ta spas?

When you don’t have time to go to certain massage spa yet you can receive the same treatment from massage chairs with its rollers, vibrating mechanisms, and motors to soothe the muscles.

How long should I sit in a massage chair?

You shouldn’t spend more than 15 minutes or for longer period of time in this chair.

Where can I put a massage chair?

Massage chairs takes a decent amount of space but before buying a massage chair, consider the size of your living space.

What things should I look in a massage chair?

There’s lot to consider when you are thinking about buying a massage chair and they can be the functions of massage chair, size, airbags, rollers and track, intensity, recline function, programs and comfort etc.

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