Top 10 Best Sofa Set For Living Room

The way you live and the furniture in your room tells a lot more about your personality. People can easily sense your intelligence through your lifestyle. You may call it judging quick but it’s a fact and everyone should be aware of what furniture defines you the best. There are thousand of tons of branded sofas in the market making you hard to decide which one to pick. So, Today we have listed top ten sofa set for living room where you can choose the best sofa as per your interest and comfort.

Depending on what you are looking for, there is a perfect sofa set for living room that suits your needs. In this article, we have shared the top 10 best sofa set for living room.

Sofa sets come in different types and styles. The most popular type of sofa sets are those that have a bed as well as a sofa. There are also those which include an ottoman, side table and arm chairs. Some people prefer to buy a separate bed and a separate sofa set so they can combine them according to their home’s setup or decoration style.

How to choose best Sofa for your living room?

To make sure that you choose the right sofa for your needs, you should first determine the orientation of the sofa in relation to where it will be placed in your living room or family room. This is because all sofas are not created equally! Sofas can be oriented with its back against a wall or facing outwards towards an open space. An L-shaped sofa is perfect for a corner situation because it can face both directions at once! You also need to decide how many seats are needed.

Sofa Set For Living Room

Slipcovered Sofa

modern sofa set

This Slipcovered Sofa will add elegance in your living room with just its presence. It comes in three colors; Charcoal, Charcoal grey and Light grey. It’s dimension is 42.1″D x 89″W x 33″H. It is fully wood material with square in shape. The Seat height of this modern sofa is 21.37″ with seat depth of 26″ to cushion. Without a doubt it will fully embrace your guests and family in it’s comfort. This sofa is easy to clean even with soft wipe and dry cloth. It’s cushions are removable and maintains tidiness. You will be praised for choosing such a versatile neutral color sofa set for your living room that perfectly suits any room.

Leather Sofa Set For Living Room

sofa set for living room leather

Leathers are all time unique and stylish amongst all other materials. This leather sofa comes in three variety of colors; Black leather, cognac leather and Dark brown leather. It’s dimension is 37″D x 81.9″W x 36.2″H in square shape. It is made up of 100% top grain leather featuring hardwood frame. It has seating capacity of two person. By adding this leather sofa instantly upgrades standard and style of your living room. It can be easily cleaned with vacuum or slightly wipe with soft or dry cloth.

Sectional Sofa

modern sofa set designs for living room

Comfort is the first and most important point to be noted while you buy anything. This stylish sectional sofa unfortunately comes in only one color; Blue. It has 104″D x 76″W x 31.5″H dimension with seating capacity of two person. It resembles L in shape and fits perfectly even in the corners or any section of your room. This dynamic sofa can be freely changed and molded. This sofa set for living room could be the perfect choice of yours as it has full comfort style and sophisticated.

Chesterfield Sofa

Sofa Set For Living Room

This modern Chesterfield Sofa is classic and known for its low profile. It has dimension of 83” W x 31” D x 29” H and comes in black color. This crystal button tufted sofa is designed with wood and Velvet fabric material. This beautiful sofa set is a perfect fit for your bedroom or living room. This sofa set features seating capacity of two people with Love seat style. You can imagine how much of glam does this sofa set adds to your living room as it is less space consuming and yet classic.

Modern Upholstered Sofa

modern sofa set designs for living room

As it’s name represents, this modern touched sofa set is uniquely designed for your living room. It has dimension of 74.80”W*27.95”D*36.41”H. This upholstery sofa is made up of durable polyester and solid hardwood frame. This modern sofa set comes in six colors; Chestnut, Denim, Grey weave, Heritage green, Linen and storm grey. It features simple lines and tall tapered legs that comes zippered with the product and later it is attached. It can be easily clean with soft and clean cloth.

Vonanda Sofa

Wooden sofa

This minimal customized sofa is an elegant sofa set for your living room. It has 27.16″D x 72.83″W x 25.59″H dimension. It is grey in color with rectangular shape. This contemporary modern sofa set features seating capacity for two people. It is made up of metal frame and premium materials. It especially features spring seat keeping you comfy and cozy. This modern touched sofa set will add eye catching style to your living room.

Mid-Century Sofa

Sofa Set For Living Room

If you are fond of timeless aesthetic, This lovely Mid-century sofa is just for you. This lovely Ruby red weave colored sofa is 76.4″D x 30.7″W x33.9″H in dimension and comes in rectangular set. It is made up of wood and fiber in cushions. It’s seat height is 17 inches with seating capacity of 3 person. This timeless sophisticated sofa is cozy and durable in design that resembles you love for modern yet wooden sofas. It is easy to clean with clean, damp cloth or mild detergent. This sofa is the perfect sofa set for your living room as it is cozy and relaxing for a movie night or game night.

Convertible Sofa

Sofa Set For Living Room

If you love simple yet Elegant, this convertible sofa set can be the highlight piece of your room. This modern sofa is 66.1″L x 31.9″W x 29.5″H in size. It is made of solid wood frames and premium velvet materials. It is rectangular in shape. This simple sofa set for your living room features sturdy tapered legs making you to easily move or clean. It has seating capacity of 3 person. This graceful contoured sofa acts as a convertible multifunctional tool for sleeping, Curl up, Movie nights. It’s marvelous features will make you realization of meeting comfort with modernity.

Loveseat Sofa

Sofa Set For Living Room

This beautiful velvet grey colored sofa is 36″D x 72″W x 29″H in dimension. This retro styled sofa comes in grey color with seating capacity of two people. This sophisticated sofa features gold metal legs with non marking foot caps. It is stain resistant and so you won’t have to clean it all the times. This modern yet classic sofa set will add glamor and vintage in your living room. The color grey and golden colored foot of sofa is an eye catching combination of color.

Couture Sofa A Beautiful Sofa Set For Living Room

Sofa Set For Living Room

Last but not least this deluxe velvet tufted couture sofa set will be an instant eye catching piece in your living room. It is 70.08″D x 34.84″W x 29.13″H in size. This sophisticated sofa comes in two colors; Blush pink and Gold. It is rectangular in shape with seating capacity of 3 person. It is made up of highest quality products and unmatchable style. It features gold polished metal modern legs and stainless steel finish. This bold looking sofa set is a perfect modern sofa set for your living room that will add touch to any of your living room, bedroom or library.


The living room is a special space and it deserves to be decorated with the best furniture and accessories. With the help of these tips, you can find the perfect sofa set for your living room. This section should not include any images; instead, it should include links to relevant sources such as e-commerce sites or blogs that will provide more information about this topic.

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