Top 10 Best Fastest Electric Scooter in 2022

An electronic scooter are environment friendly scooters built with the mechanism to break all the stereotypes of the modes of transportation. It is independent and popular vehicle that helps you get to your goaled destination in less time than you have consumed while even using your own bike or car. Similarly, we have listed or top ten fastest electric scooters for adults keeping the main points into an account.

  • Our Top fastest electric scooter Picks
  • 2. WEPED FS
  • 3. WEPED SST
  • 8. NAMI BURN-E
  • 9. WEPED GTR
  • 10. ZERO 11X

Features To Take Into Account Before Buying fastest electric scooter

  • Get a helmet as you will be riding on streets or sidewalks
  • Research the reviews of other users
  • Confirm if the scooter can handle your weight or not
  • Look well for the features of electric scooter before buying it
  • Only buy after considering the purpose and usage of the electric scooter

ImageProductDetails  Price
CaptureRION RE90 RACING EDITIONweight: 26 kg

wheel: 11 inch
Capture 2WEPED FSweight: 123 pounds (56 kg)

wheel: 11 inch
Capture3WEPED SSTweight: 60 kg

wheel: 11 inch
Capture4RION THRUSTweight: 31 kg

wheel: 11 inch
Capture5DUALTRON STORM LIMITEDweight: 50 kg

wheel: 12 inch
capture 6DUALTRON X2weight: 65 kg

wheel: 13 inch
Capture7DULTRON THUNDER 2 weight: 47 kg

wheel: 12 inch
Capture8NAMI BURN-E weight: 46 kg

wheel: 11 inch
Capture9WEPED GTR weight:34 kg

wheel:  11 inch
Capture10ZERO 11X weight: 59 kg

wheel: 11 inch

Our Top Picks


fastest electric scooter

Also known as the Bugatti of electric scooters, RION RE 90 RACING EDITION is in the list of top 1 fastest electric scooter with surpassing speed of 100mph (160 Km p). This scooter is powered with 96.6 volt of lithium ion battery. It’s chassis, stem pole, and handle bar are made up of carbon fiber. whereas, front and rear arms are made from sub aluminium. This mighty brushless motor consists dual hydraulic disc brakes with magur carbon calipers. the wheels are PMT slick for smooth and safe rides. It has rigid front fork for better control.

  • Lightweight
  • Top level performance
  • stiff rear suspension


fastest electric scooter

WEPED FS has powerful speed of 9o miles per hour (145 Amp). This powerful electric scooter consists 72 volt Samsung lithium-ion rechargeable cell battery with two motors of 30000 watts. It features good front and rear NUTT hydraulic disc brakes. In order to avoid catching from fire it has amazing feature of good cooling fans. This electric scooter comes with wider reinforced frame and big tires with sporty look among other scooters.

  • wide wheel make safe ride
  • Powerful battery
  • Rear suspension
  • heavy


fastest electric scooter

WEPED SST stands out with top speed of 86.9 mph (140kmp). So this is also the fastest electric scooter in our list This electric scooter is powered by 72 volt, Samsung lithium-ion rechargeable cell battery which can be fast charged in 3 hours. It has two dual hub motors of 30000 watts which takes you 80 miles in less than 12 minutes but one must take cautions while riding. It has adjustable spring suspension with 11 inch wide racing tires. Especially, it’s led light runs along the desk which makes it unique.

  • Light and fun
  • Hyper powerful
  • Not waterproof


fastest electric scooter

RION THRUST is known as hyper scooter with it’s amazing speed of 80mph (128.7kmp). You can chose the desired batteries with it’s great powers of 88.2 volt and 84 volt featuring lithium cell battery. The body, deck, pole handle bar and are made up of reinforced carbon fiber. It only weighs 31 kg which is lighter and better in use.

  • top-end racing
  • super stable
  • small deck
  • lacks supension


fastest electric scooter

DUALTRON STORM LIMITED is one of the fastest electric scooter, the recent release of 2021 featuring dual hub motor features ludicrous turbo mode that gives outstanding 60 amp output current with the speed of 74.6mph (120kmp). It features 84 volt, 45 amp hour with LG battery of 11500 watt BLDC. The special thing about this electric scooter is its tire which is RSC tubeless puncture proof of 12 inch. Also, it has antitheft fingerprint with guaranteed safeguard. It’s disc brakes are of hydraulic without a doubt. Its full charging time is 30hours and 9 hours is fast charging time.

  • Insane acceleration
  • Anti-theft fingerprint


    fastest electric scooter

    DUALTRON X2 is the fastest electric scooter of a Korean brand called mini motors. This massive version of electric scooter has 68mph (109.4)kmp and 8300 watt BLDC. It has 72 volt, 42 amp lithium-ion battery. This dual hub motor has outstanding front and rear adjustable hydraulic suspension system which gradually increases the braking power. This is one of the best till now. It wide handle bar and frame are aviation grad 6082-T6 aluminium alloy and the shaft SCM440.

    • massive performance
    • Powerful brakes
    • Larger battery capacity
    • Extremely heavy
    • Pricy
    • Not water resistant


    fastest electric scooter

    This DUALTRON THUNDER 2 is an off road electric scooter featuring speed up to 62 miles per hour which may also vary on riders weight and the condition of road. It consists 72 volt, 40amp hour LG battery with outstanding practical folding handle bar. The led lights are programmable. It’s fairly solid rear foot rest meets the touch of modernity. It’s frame and handle are aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminium alloy and shaft is SCM440.

    • Largest battery
    • Flat proof tires
    • Not portable
    • Need better highlights


    fastest electric scooter

    This electric scooter goes up to the speed of 60 miles per hour. NAMI BURN-E consists two mighty motors of up to 8400 watts. It has Panasonic cell battery of 72 volt, 35 amp hour. The hydraulic disc brake is combined with electric brake that stops it without an effort. The tires of this electric scooter is 11 inch adding the elegance pf scooter. This simple scooter has simple light and practical design.

    • excellent ride
    • Longest range
    • poor screen visibility


    fastest electric scooter

    WEPED GTR has speed range of 74.5 miles(120km) with an excellent off road performance. It’s dual hub motor is of 20000 watt whereas 60 volt, 45amp hour features Samsung lithium rechargeable cell battery. Its charge time is 5 hours.

    • Made for heavy riders
    • Decent mileage
    • High price
    • Longer to charge

    ZERO 11X

    fastest electric scooter

    This cool electric scooter is features super speed of 59 miles per hour. It is also one of the fastest electric scooter in 2022 .ZERO 11X is equipped with 3200 watts of dual motors with 26 volt , 26amp hour battery. wheels of 11 inch are surely made for thrilled and challenging terrains. As a safety measure it has two flood lights and two rear led lights. this convenient machine has hydraulic cooling fans that controls the temperature.

    • Eye catching design
    • Long deck
    • overheat

    My Final Thoughts On Fastest Electric Scooter

    This is my final thoughts on Fastest Electric Scooters. I have used many different types of scooters over the years and this is what I think.

    Electric scooters are the newest trend in mobility, and it’s easy to see why. They do not require gas, as they use a rechargeable battery instead. They also do not require any type of license like a motorcycle does, which makes them one of the safest forms of transportation out there.

    The second year running, the Weped SST and Rion RE90 continue to lead the pack as the fastest electric scooters on the market and for good reason: they take first place both in terms of speed and weight capacity.

    Important factors to consider when buying a fastest electric scooter

    Being able to ride an electric scooter is a liberating experience. It has many benefits for people who commute to work or simply want to move around the city faster than walking.

    However, it is not always easy to find the perfect electric scooter that fulfils your needs. There are many variables that you need to take into account, such as the range, tires and suspension. You should also think about if you need assistance in carrying heavy loads, then you should probably go with a cargo bike instead of an electric scooter!

    Frequently Asked Question

    Which electric scooter is the fastest in the word?

    Dualtron X

    Which is the best electric scooter for you 2022?

    We have listed top 10 best fastest electric scooter in this article . You can buy according to their features and performance speed.

    Which electric scooter has highest speed?

    Rion RE90 has 75 mph

    Why should I buy an electric scooter instead of electric bike?

    The electric scooter is a more effective than bike and require less maintenance than bike . Its cheaper compare to bike

    How much does a fast electric scooter cost?

    it price varies $500-$5000

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