Top 10 Best Long Range Walkie Talkie Two Way Communication

As we all know, long distance communication is a must for many activities and professions. Walkie talkies are the most accessible form of portable long range communication.

This article will list out the top 10 best long range walkie talkies for your consideration. You can use the data to pick the right walkie talkie for your needs and budget.

Walkie talkies are most probably the most popular gadget invented for kids as the kids love them while playing cops or robbers. although walkie-talkies are often seen as toys for kids, these handy tools are valuable even for professional use. In these modern era of outstanding mobile phones that has connected the world but where mobile phones doesn’t work walkie talkie does. Example, If you are going on an outdoor adventure such as hiking camping or skiing where mobile network might not work. In case your friends or any family member went quite far, walkie talkie will work its best at communicating effectively with the rest of your group.

Walkie talkies do not need any mobile network or satellite as it works through its antenna sending signals varying from distance and obstructions. These two way radio also checks weather alerts and scan for signals keeping you up to date with the weathers. Walkie-talkies aren’t just for hiking and fishing trips, when something goes wrong in the outside world a set of walkie-talkies along can keep everyone connected while doing their activity.

Tips to choose Long Range Walkie Talkie

There are many things you should look before buying walkie talkies. so, we have prepared list of things to consider while buying walkie talkie and it goes like this;

  • Clarity and range in varying different conditions
  • Water- resistant or Non-water resistant
  • Long battery life
  • High sound quality
  • Wide headsets compatibility
  • Lightweight and portable
  • LCD Display
  • Flashlight

Our Top Picks

  • SAMCOM Walkie Talkie
  • Retevsis RT29 Heavy Duty
  • DEWALT DXFRS800 Heavy Duty
  • Pxton Walkie Talkies
  • GOCOM G600 FRS
  • Mildland- LXT600VP3
  • Archshell Rechargeable
  • eSynic Rechargeable
  • Motorola T260TP
  • Seodon Walkie Talkies

Quick Looks: Best long range walkie talkie

ImageProductDetails  ResistantPrice
samcomSAMCOM Walkie TalkieColor: Red
Weight: 1.15 pounds
Not water resistantcheck on amazon
etesisRetevsis RT29 Heavy DutyColor: Black
Weight: 7.13 pounds
Water resistantcheck on amazon
dewaltDEWALT DXFRS800 Heavy DutyColor: Black and White

Weight: 6.04 pounds
Waterproofcheck on amazon
pxtonPxton Walkie TalkiesColor: Black
Weight: 2.75 pounds
Waterproofcheck on amazon
gocomGOCOM G600 FRSColor: Black and Blue
Not water resistantcheck on amazon
midlandMidland- LXT600VP3Color: Black
Weight: 1 pounds
Water resistantcheck on amazon
archshellArchshell RechargeableColor:  Black
Weight: 1.5 pounds
Water resistantcheck on amazon
esynceSynic RechargeableColor: Black
Weight: 6.4 ounces
Waterproofcheck on amazon
motorolaMotorola T260TPColor: Black and white
Weight: 6.4 pounds
Waterproofcheck on amazon
SeodonSeodon Walkie TalkiesColor: Black
Weight: 3.52 pounds
Not water resistantcheck on amazon

1. SAMCOM Walkie Talkie

SAMCOM Walkie Talkie long range walkie talkie

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This user friendly red colored walkie talkie is 7.87 x 7.64 x 2.32 inches in size weighing 1.15 pounds. This best walkie talkies for adults long range has 22 main frequencies and 154 CCTS/CDCCS codes. In wide open spaces it will reach up to about 1-3mi, without interference of hills or buildings. It’s unique functions “Group” button has the function of one click broadcast though you are not on the same channel.

This walkie talkie features adjustable high power/low power mode. In noisy streets you can use high power mode that increases penetration and signal whereas low power mode is power saving extending the battery life.

If we talk about its battery life, a single charge provides over 24 hours of frequent use. It fully supports power bank and vehicle adaptor if you are outside. The LCD screen of this top best walkie talkie allows you to clearly view the basic settings.


  • 1-3 mi optimal range
  • High/Low power adjustable
  • Dual Channel watch
  • Weather alert & NOAA
  • 462.5500-467.7125 MHz frequency
  • Good quality
  • Great reception
  • Long range

    2. Retevsis RT29 Heavy Duty

    Retevsis RT29 Heavy Duty

    This high powered water resistant long range walkie talkie is 12.05 x 10.31 x 8.31 inches in size weighing 7.13 pounds. This two way radio features extreme penetration up to 5 miles in construction sites and mountain survival. This heavy duty walkie talkie will work even if it is soaked in water for 30 minutes. Its large battery of 3200 mAh capacity allows you to use the walkie talkie for 10 days standby.

    It features squelch blocking background noise that enables crystal clear sound without distortion. This walkie talkie has 16 channels with high power and long range. It’s mic is built high quality and original. The strong audio keeps you and your team always in contact with loud clarity sound whether you are in building or outdoor.


    • 16 channels
    • 3200 mAh battery capacity
    • High/Middle/Low output power
    • Emergency alarm
    • VOX

        3. DEWALT DXFRS800 Heavy Duty

        DEWALT DXFRS800 Heavy Duty

        This long range walkie talkie is 18.25 x 6.75 x 5.5 inches and weighs 6.04 pounds. This walkie talkie is ideal for on-site business applications like front desk of hotel, retail, grocery or restaurants as it is built on FRS platform. This best long range walkie talkie are built smart, simple, tough, high performance and reliable. It has 22 preset channels with privacy codes in order to avoid unwanted interference from others.

        Its rugged anti slip design is able to withstand 2-meter drop. Thanks to its two watts of power providing longer range of communication up to 25 floors of long distance. To eliminate accidental channel changes it provides key pad security.

        This walkie talkie is designed for ultra long run time and can be used 18 hours standby with the combination of 2662 channels.

        The main features of this walkie talkie are:

        • LCD Display
        • Microphone/speaker/jack
        • Anti-slip design
        • Volume knob
        • Awesome radio
        • waterproof

          4. Pxton Walkie Talkies

          Pxton Walkie Talkies

          This long range walkie talkie for adults is 8.34 x 1.89 x 2.36 inches in size weighing 2.75 pounds. This two way radio has 16 preset channels that can be selected by rotating the knob of this radio. It features VOX functions like voice control, night flashlight, low battery alarm etc.

          In open areas this walkie talkie can reach up to 3 miles and reach 0.6-1.2 miles in cities or towns. This long range walkie talkie takes 3-4 hours to fully charge and the battery lasts 8-12 hours standby. This lightweight and compact in size walkie talkie is water resistant, drop proof with hard and durable shell perfect for outdoor climbing, construction sites , supermarkets etc.

          The flashlight feature lets you use this walkie talkie even in the dark without electricity or in danger you can use as a distress signal. This is easy to use for elderly, children or adults.

          The main features of this walkie talkie are;

          • Emergency alarm
          • Can be use directly out of the box
          • VOX free function
          • Equipped with headphones
          • Exceptional range
          • Decent price
          • Difficult to hear while speaking quietly

          5. GOCOM G600 FRS

          This waterproof long range walkie talkie is 2.17 x 1.57 x 7.09 inches in size and weight of 3.53 ounces. This two way radio is water resistant at rainy days and foggy days. It’s 3 sensitivity level easily activates voice transmission for hands-free to ensure safety. It automatically scans through 11 available weathers and locks the strongest weather alert channel with 1050Hz weather alarm in LCD display.

          This walkie talkie features 22 family radio service channels which provides up to 2662 channels with 121 CTCSS privacy codes to help block other conversations. Battery of 1200mAh NIMH rechargeable battery and LCD screen with big keyboard supports normal work.

          The dual watch feature allows you to setup two channels so you wont miss any calls. Its roger tone indicates the user’s transmission and signals for clear talk.


          • Microphone Headset
          • Auto squelch for automatic shut off weak transmissions
          • Battery save mode
          • Key lock for security
          • Great for camping
          • Great Quality
          • Not helpful support

          6. Midland-LXT600VP3 (long range walkie talkies 30 miles)

          Midland-LXT600VP3 long range walkie talkie

          This long range walkie talkie up to 30 miles is 2.19 x 6.09 x 1.27 inches in size weighing just 1 pound. This water resistant two way radio has 36 family radio service channels with rechargeable battery pack. In open areas with little obstruction, this walkie talkie provides longer range of communication.

          It features 121 CTCSS privacy codes with continuous tone-coded squelch system. To help block other conversations it provides 2662 channel options. You can also use silent option to turn of all the tones.

          In order to alert you with severe weather updates the weather scan will automatically scan through 10 available weather channel and locks the strongest channel. If there is a risk of severe weather in your area, NOAA weather alert will sound an alarm.


          • Cross compatible
          • NOAA weather scan alert
          • Longer range
          • Good, clear sounding radios
          • Good clear sound
          • small, light and easy to use
          • DCS or CTCSS to reduce interference.
          • confusing radio models

          7. Archshell Rechargeable Walkie Talkie

          Archshell Rechargeable Walkie Talkie

          This long range walkie talkie is 9.37 x 6.97 x 2.4 inches in size and weighs 1.5 pounds. This rechargeable walkie talkie is small and convenient in use. Due to its comfortable size it easily fits on your hand. Each radio of Archshell has a removable belt clip. This walkie talkie has channel capacity of 16 channels.

          The frequency range of thi walkie talkie is UHF 400-470MHz. This long range walkie talkie comes with a 1500mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery and a charging dock. The speakers are built with high quality that provides loud and crystal clear sound.


          • Scanning function
          • Emergency alert alarm
          • Battery low alert
          • VOX function
          • Channel monitor
          • Great long range
          • Easy to use and durable
          • Battery problem

          8. eSynic Rechargeable

          eSynic Rechargeable long range walkie talkie

          This eSynic rechargeable two way radio is 2.36 x 1.3 x 4.53 inches in size and weighs just 0.4 pounds. It features 16 memory channels FRS462MHz which ranges up to 3 miles in open area without obstructions. Depending on your surroundings it reaches up to 0.6-1.2 miles in cities or towns.

          The channel frequency can be programmed in frequency range using 16 position rotary channel switch. You can easily charge this walkie talkie with USB plug and power bank even if you are outside. This walkie talkie has 1500mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. It takes 2-3 hours to fully charge and then use it for 8-9 hours standby.

          This walkie talkie has multi functional feature like LED touch light, Emergency alarm, CTCSS/DCS function perfect for security guard, factories, hiking, biking construction area etc.


          • Power saving
          • Channel monitor
          • Voice operated transmission
          • PC programming
          • 50 CTCSS/CDCSS
          • Long range
          • Good battery life
          • need USB port

          9. Motorola T260TP

          Motorola T260TP

          This long range walkie talkie for adult is 6.42 x 2.13 x 1.24 inches in size and weighs 0.4 pound. This walkie talkie ranges up to 25 miles letting you stay in touch with your family and friends whether you are in a trail or hiking in the woods. It comes with 3 Nimh battery packs and 1 ‘y’ cable charging adapter with dual micro-USB connections.

          This compact and lightweight walkie talkie comes with essential features like NOAA weather alert channelas and iVOX/VOX hands-free communication. No matter what your situation is but you have freedom to communicate nicely. The actual range depends upon is limited by several factors like terrain, weather, obstructions or electromagnetic interference.


          • Dual power
          • iVOX/VOX freedom of hands
          • NOAA weather alert channel
          • USB charging
          • Good radios
          • Quality product
          • Battery problem

          10. Seodon Rechargeable

          This Seodon long range walkie talkie is 2 x 1 x 10 inches in size and weighs 3.52 pounds. This two way radio is convenient uptation compared to other similar radios. It features extra battery of 1500mAh Li-ion rechargeable. The removable belt clip is also very easy to install even without screws. In open spaces it has range up to 5 miles and on other conditions range varies from different factors.

          This long range walkie talkie is ideal for indoor communications as well as outdoor communications due to its lightweight and small size. This two way radio has multi-functions like channel scan, VOX, TOT and battery saving function. It also features high capability Li-ion battery of 8×1500 mAh.

          This walkie talkie can be used for adults and kids over 5 years old. It has three methods of rechargeable; Recharging the battery via charging base, USB charging pot.


          • Rapid USB charging
          • Up to 16 channels
          • Time out timer
          • Battery saving
          • Alarm function
          • Four backup batteries
          • Attractive with reasonable price
          • troubleshooting problem

          Top 3 Safety Tips for Using a Long-Range Walkie Talkie

          Walkie talkies are a great tool for keeping in touch with your loved ones, co-workers, and friends during an emergency. However, it is important to be aware of the risks involved with using these devices.

          1. Don’t use your walki talkie to communicate with strangers or people you don’t know

          2. Keep your radio volume low and only use it when necessary

          3. Don’t share personal information over walki talkies

          FAQ about Long range Walkie Talkie

          How walkie talkie works?

          They works sending and receiving radio signals through their antenna.

          What makes walkie talkie good?

          It’s reliable clear sound quality and durability makes walkie talkie outstanding.

          Can I use walkie talkie while driving?

          Unless you are driving safe and aware, you can use walkie talkie while driving.

          What radios can you use without a license?

          The Family Radio Service(FRS)
          The General Mobile Radio Service(GMRS)
          The Business Radio Service(BRS)

          The Multi-Use Radio Service(MURS)

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