Top 5 Picks: The Best Snowmobile Helmets for Safe and Comfortable Riding

Believe it or not, snow mobile is a very popular sport right now and having the best snow mobile helmets for it is as important too!

The month of winter is often dreaded with the act of falling leaves, barren land, draught and extreme cold temperatures, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot have fun and have to stay completely inside during winter. Snowmobiling is one of such popular sports many people around the world play and have fun with during winter. But, playing such extreme climate in an extreme weather settings can be challenging and requires extra cautiousness by the player. Better equipments are needed to aid safety and protection during play, for example choosing the best snowmobile helmets.

Snow mobile helmets are basically the protective covering you wear around your head to protect from any injuries while you are on a snow mobile. Sometimes the roads can be slippery, natural disasters may come out of nowhere and there might be several other factors posing a constant threat to an organ as delicate as your head, so choosing the best snowmobile helmet is extremely important for adventurers of the snow.

Tips to choose the best snowmobile helmets

It is a no brainer at this point on how daunting the purchase of these snow mobile equipments like snow mobile gloves, snow mobile helmets can be!

With a plethora of options available in the market from a dozen of different brands promising different things, the customers are bound to be confused and may have second thoughts about buying the best snowmobile helmets for them.

But don’t worry! We have listed out the major factors and points to consider, the very important and unmissable ones, to help you choose the best snowmobile helmets for you:

Type of Helmet:

Through out the years, snow mobile helmets have evolved in design and styles constantly to match the riders’ preference and demands. However, there are four basic types available in the market right now ; the full face, the modular type, the open face – motocross, and the dual sport style.

A full face snow mobile helmet will provide you with a one solid piece of equipment with a face shield and/or visor. It covers most of the parts of your head and only a few parts are flexible. These types of helmets are the best for safety and protection against crash. These type of snow mobile helmets are generally best for trail riders.

Weight of the helmet

Since it stays atop your head, the weight of the helmet also plays a significant role while purchase. You do not want a bulky snowmobile helmet, that will make you feel like you are carrying a rock on your head. Light-weight helmets are usually preferred and are very easy to wear, too. But, this doesn’t mean you should opt for the lightest because sometimes the best snowmobile helmets security features cause a weight increment for helmets, you will need security over weight definitely.

Safety Ratings

The best snowmobile helmets have their security and safety measured by three main parameters called the DOT, ECE and SNELL. These rating systems rate the helmets on the basis of parameters like  Impact (shock absorbing capacity), Penetration (ability to withstand a blow from a sharp object), Retention (chin strap’s ability to stay fastened), and Peripheral vision.

DOT is set by the Federal Government’s Department of Transport, SNELL is a private company and ECE standard rating systems are set by Economic Commissions for Europe, and they all emphasize on letting you choose the best snowmobile helmets according to you needs. The higher these ratings, the better the helmets are.

Dual Pane and ventilation:

A dual pane is one of the necessary components of any snowmobile helmets. Similar to a dual pane windows, used in homes, two separate panes in dual panes too, help to minimize the amount of fogging on the shield in cold temperatures, and are separated by a thin layer of gas. This gas layer acts as an insulator, helping prevent heat transfer, which creates condensation on the shield in cold temperatures.

However absurd it may sound, ample airflow is one of the key factors in the best snowmobile helmets. Ventilation, if provided, helps in clearing the moisture out of the helmet that can build up inside from the rider’s breath. They also have adjustable vents to set the required amount of airflow.

Heated Electric Shield:

Sometimes, the use of double pane instead of single pane is also not enough for proper heat insulation. That’s where the heated electric shields come in! A heated electric shield in the best snowmobile helmets, have electric heating elements, running along the outside rim of the shield, powered by a cord plugged into your snowmobile’s electrical system.

Breath guard

Along with a double pane shield, the snowmobile helmets also have a breath guard to prevent fogging. A good breath guard in best snowmobile helmets seal tightly over your nose and around your face, helping to deflect your breath down and out the bottom of the helmet, which prevents condensing the shield in front of your eyes. Oftentimes, breath guard also comes with a flexible metal strip along the nose, that can be used by the rider, to form the top of the breath guard around the nose for a very tight seal. These guards are attached to the snowmobile helmets via velcro or snaps.

The Top 5 Picks for the Best Snowmobile Helmets

We have compiled a list of the top best snowmobile helmets based on factors such as safety ratings, popularity, and market sales. We invite you to review the list and choose the helmet that best meets your needs.

1. 509 Tactical Snowmobile Helmet – Best Overall Helmet

 509 Tactical Snowmobile Helmet
Tactical snowmobile helmet

If you are looking for the best multi-season helmet that is going to get you even directly through the snow, and can be worn both on and off-road, then you have come to the right way! The 509 Tactical is the best snowmobile helmet for you!

Not just the usability of these helmets both on and off road and in the snow, this snowmobile helmet features an amazing breath box and spectacular shell design. Not just the design, they are available in numerous different sizes and tons of colours, with weighing just about 3 pounds. This gives you a wide variety to choose from incredible and comfortable options, that is very light and flexible on your head when wearing too, making it one of the best snow mobile helmet choices in the market.

The tactical series unlike the similar altitude series from the same company, however doesn’t have the fid lock option, but a standard tether d-ring. It also has a total of 9 vents for air circulation which makes it very suitable for colder temperatures and doesn’t let your screen fog a lot.


SizeX-Small to 2X Large
ColourSix colours available
Outer MaterialPolycarbonate
Weight2.5 pounds.
Safety RatingDOT certified

Key Features

  • Huge variety in colour choices.
  • Aggressive and stylish design, with custom interior fit eps.
  • Affordable ; a good bang for your buck!
  • 6 sizes available across 2 outer shell molds.
  • Offers maximum peripheral vision with class leading eye port opening, which is even more better with the 509 glasses.
  • DOT Approved.
What we like
  • Available in six varying sizes, that fits almost everyone.
  • Large face shield opening, conveniently accommodating a pair of goggles.
  • Large chin skirt to protect you from harsh wind.
  • Removable vent plug to regulate airflow inside the helmet.
What we don’t like
  • Non-removable internal liner, so helmet can be quite smelly down the road.
  • 509 Goggles needs to be purchased separately
  • Face shield is not included in the pachage.


2. HJC Dosta Adult Snowmobile Helmet – Best bang for your buck

HJC Dosta Adult Snowmobile Helmet
HJC Dosta Adult Snowmobile Helmet

With the HTC Josta Adult helmet, it doesn’t matter whether you are riding professionally or as a hobby, it gives you an amazing anti-fogging and breath-deflection, it is probably one of the best snowmobile helmets in the market right now!

Having an advanced polycarbonate shell, it has an amazing fit and great comfortability when you wear it. One of the great features of helmet coming from the HJC company is their remarkable face-shield. For instance, the face-shield of this particular HJC Dosta offers an anti-scratch coating and a 95% UV-Ray protection in it. It is integrated with a RapidFire Shield Replacement System, which is very unique, simple and secured, providing an ultra-quick, tool-less removal and installation for efficient operation, for your best snow mobile experience.


SizeSmall to X-large
Colour5 colours available
Outer MaterialPolycarbonate
Weight5.04 pounds.
Safety RatingDOT certified

Key Features

  • Modern, advanced CAD technology integrated polycarbonate composite shell, for light-weight and comfortability.
  • HJ-09 Frameless Snow Shield present.
  • Frameless shields present, that demonstrates increased field of vision along with integrated exhaust ventilation.
  • Powercord available with the electric Shield.
  • Unique ‘RapidFire Shield Replacement System’.
  • 2-Stage shield closure system plus a shield locking system available.
  • Adjustable forehead plus chin vents, along with two rear exhaust vents, creating a full front to back airflow.
  • Fully Removable/Washable Interior cheek pads and liner, made up of Nylon.
  • All sizes of cheek pads are interchangeable in all helmet sizes.
What we like
  • Very lightweight, advanced technology and comfortable to wear.
  • Adjustable forehead and chin vents, for better air control.
  • You can choose from two snow shields.
What we don’t like
  • There might be issue in the sizing of the helmets when purchasing online, so it’s better to order one size up.


3. Vega Helmet Electric Snowmobile Helmet – Best versatile option

Vega Helmet Electric Snowmobile Helmet - Best versatile option
Vega Caldera Electric Snowmobile Helmet

One of the best snowmobile helmets in the market right now, the Vega Electric Helmets are certainly the eay to go, if you are looking for a helmet that is very multifunctional and versatile.

Featuring a whooping 9 different kinds of shield features, along with tints, mirrors and anti-fog elements, this makes up the perfect and best snowmobile helmets for the winter. On top of that, it is DOT and ECE approved, so you can be very assured about its efficiency, durability and most importantly its safety features in the snow. It has an aggressive aerodynamic build, with an efficient breath box adaptable for your snow venture in any kinds of weather.

The Vega Caldera helmet features a huge heated shield, with an extra long fuse protected split cord, compatible with all snowmobiles, atvs or motorcycles, and also avoids any kind office buildup, by eliminate fogging. This will give you an opportunity to see larger of the world around you, almost 30% more than other helmets. The design of this helmet is also very modular with a special inner drop-down shield, and a metal jaw-locking system. For padding, it contains a Quick Release Strap System, which is very comfortable to put-on and undo with or without your gloves.


SizeX-Small to 2X Large
ColourSix colours available
Outer MaterialPolycarbonate
Weight2.5 pounds.

Key Features

  • Very versatile option ; the helmet is suitable for almost all outdoor venture.
  • Contains a a massively extended and correct vision.
  • Comes with a  fog-reducing breath box attachment, heated snow shield, advanced modular flip-up helmet system.
  • Contains a high density channeled airflow EPS liner for utmost impact.
  • Very lightweight aerodynamic casing/ shell.
  • 3 closable intake vents containing an angled passive anterior exhaust vent, to let maximum air flow out but rejecting wet weather in.
  • Washable and replaceable liner system.
  • DOT and ECE approved.
What we like
  • 30% Larger Shield and Sunshield, that it’s market competitors.
  • High density directed airflow for proper ventilation.
  • Replaceable and washable liner to get rid of smell in the helmet.
  • Aerodynamic and highly modular design.
What we don’t like
  • Sizing when you do online shopping might not be the most accurate.


4. Castle X Mode Snowmobile Helmet – Best glasses-supporting helmet

 Castle X Mode Snowmobile Helmet
Castle X Model Snowmobile Helmet

If you are on the look-out for a very aggressive looking, good-design helmet, that can hold your glasses perfectly and give you an amazing snow mobile experience, then this Castle X Mode Snowmobile helmet is the best snowmobile helmet for you!

With an included dual-pane shield, smoke tint sun visor, well-designed breadth box along with a chin curtain, this is the best among the best snow mobile helmets, you have to believe it! It has a highly modern designed shell made up of advanced Polycarbonate Composite, with CAD technology, They also have a wide range of helmet sizes bound to fit for anybody who wants a new snowmobile helmet, with the sizes ranging from  Small to 3X-Large. Approved by the DOT security ratings, the liner of this helmet also contains a multi-density EPS placement in the chin bar plus at the sides.

Not just these, the ventilation and airflow system of this helmet id also very well developed, that is able to eliminate surplus heat and moisture. The face-shield is also very highly coated to avoid any kinds of scratches, and comes with a high-definition amber tint sun visor, giving you a spectacular visual clarity.


SizeSmall to 3X Large
ColourMatte Black
Outer MaterialAdvanced Polycarbonate Composite
Weight2.27 kilograms.
Security RatingDOT and ECE Approved

Key Features

  • Includes dual pane anti-fog shield, for better visual clarity.
  • Very aggressive and aesthetically modern design. 
  • Comes with High-Definition Amber tint sun visor, breath box and cold weather chin curtain.
  • Contains rider-friendly drop-down sun visor system.
  • Quick release chin strap buckle system, providing micro adjustments options for more security and comfort.
  • Advanced ventilation system allowing air to feasibly flow front to back, removing excess heat and moisture via the air flow channels in the EPS liner.
  • DOT & ECE Approved snowmobile helmet.
What we like
  • Very comfortable to wear and a secured fit.
  • An advanced CAD technology and a polycarbonate composite injection moulding.
  • Advanced ventilation system.
  • Perfect placement of goggles in the helmet.
  • Clear visibility and better quality with smoke tint shields.
What we don’t like
  • Ventilation might be lacking to keep the shield fog-free in very freezing conditions.


5. Scorpion EXO GT920 Full-Face Helmet – Honorable mention

Scorpion EXO GT920 Full-Face Helmet
Scorpion EXO GT920 Snow mobile helmet

Last but not the least, this helmet in our list is as cool as it sounds! With a polycarbonate casing shell, that is very well-engineered to provide you with maximum comfortability, flexibility and security at the same time, this is one of the best snow mobile helmets in the world right now!

It has a full-face coverage that will block any sort of dry, cold air trying to seep in towards your face while you are in your snow-mobile venture. This helmet is also said to provide maximum impact displacement, plus an extraordinary comfort and energy displacement. Scorpion EXO GT920 is a very high-tech, ergonomically designed helmet that contains dual-density and multi-dimension EPS lining.

Although not the best venting helmets in the market right now, it however, lets enough air to keep your head cool in the summer and, along with the the Pinlock on the visor, plus the breath deflector, there’s enough air inside to keep the visor clear most of the time. It is a flip-front helmet excellent feature of pulling the visor back towards the rubber gasket whenever it’s closed, which keeps it nicely sealed against air and water.


SizeSmall to large
ColourMatte Black
Outer MaterialPolycarbonate
WeightLightweight, N/A
Star RatingECE approved

Key Features

  • Flip-front helmet with a sporty edge.
  • Amazing anti-fog visor system, along with a useful integral drop down sun visor.
  • Lightweight helmet and easy to use chin-bar system.
  • Provides maximum impact displacement.
  • high-tech, dual-density, multi-layer EPS lining provides superior comfort and energy displacement.
  • Sports bike aero and styling.
  • 5-year warranty.
What we like
  • Helmet liner constructed via anti-microbial fabric, that is fully washable and replaceable.
  • Helmet features an Ever Clear anti-fog face shield.
  • Anti-scratch hardened coating on the shield makes this face shield 100 percent UVA and UVB resistant.
What we don’t like
  • Not a lot of color options available.
  • Bulkier looking and less aerodynamic than some of it’s market competitors.


With this, we hope the tiresome and confusing task of choosing the best automobile helmets for your next snow venture might have been a little easier.
All the picks we have made above are possibly the best in the market right now, as most of them fulfilled the choosing criteria discussed formerly in this article.

This article presents a selection of the best automobile helmets options based on extensive research of customer reviews, buyer guides, and other online sources. Our goal is to help consumers find the best helmet that meets their needs and budget, considering factors such as durability, material quality, heat protection, and thermal safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buying the best snowmobile helmets can raise a lot of questions in people’s head. Some of the most frequent ones asked by people are discussed below:

What are snowmobile helmets used for?

Snowmobile helmets are the helmets used to prevent your head from causing any injuries or sustaining damage in case you crash or land in a dangerous snowy environment. It also helps to keep you extra warm in these climatic conditions. They have vents to prevent condensation and fogging.

Can I wear a snowmobile helmet while riding my motorcycle?

Yes! A snowmobile helmet is even more well-designed than a regular motorcycle helmet and will give you enough safety and protection in case you unfortunately meet an accident. But, you need to remember that snowmobile helmets are warmer than the regular ones.

What do you wear under a snowmobile helmet?

It usually comes down to personal preference, as some users don’t wear anything at all while others wear a light, thin beanie for a little added warmth. People also wear balaclava in extreme conditions.

How tight should a snowmobile helmet be?

The best snowmobile helmet for you will be the one that will hug around/ wrap around your head perfectly. It should be tight enough to stay on when in case you have an accidental crash or landing, to resist sudden impacts. It should basically not move around when you move your head.

Can I wear sunglasses in a snowmobile helmet?

If you are someone who prefers tinted lenses for visibility in sunny weather conditions, then you might now need a sunglass. But, in case your helmet has a clear visor, sunglasses can be worn or even other power-glasses can be used to reduce possible glare.

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