Top 8 Best Office Chairs For Neck Pains In 2023[Tips, Specs, Features]

We all know that when it comes to comfort during work in offices, there should definitely be no compromise! Even more, when it comes to a part of the body as crucial as the neck. Neck connects the head to the rest of the body, so it is extremely important to make the position you’re sitting in to be comfortable for your neck!

Whether you are an office employee, or either an employee, working for extended periods of time will make you find yourself in hunched positions over the computer screen throughout the day, and with a severe body pain in the long run. Neck, shoulders and back are the organs most prone to these situations, so using a chair designed specially against neck pains will provide a lot of help in minimizing such issues.

Neck Pain relief chairs are designed with a calculated neck rest, cushioned bodies, and adjustable settings to help you maintain proper posture, during your activities on the desk. So, in the article below are some of the top picks for the best office chairs you can purchase right now to keep your body in better position while working.

Quick Tips:

  • The chair should be adjustable to accommodate different body types and sizes and provide proper lumbar support to align the spine and neck.
  • It should also be made of comfortable and supportive materials and have enough cushioning to provide pressure relief.
  • Additionally, the chair should have a sufficient weight capacity to hold the weight of the person using it.

Tips To Choose office chairs for neck pains

It is important to keep your neck from going out of alignment, and the best way to do this is by maintaining a good posture. A perfect office chair will support that effort with features such as ones which help promote good sitting positions.

Head and Neck Support

The neck is the most vulnerable part of the body. It is important to choose office chairs that will provide support for your neck and head.

The first thing you should look for in an office chair is if it has head and neck support. This will make sure that your head and neck are comfortable while you sit down. You should also look at how comfortable the chair is, how much padding it has, and if it reclines at a good angle.

Lumbar Support

To avoid neck, shoulder and back pain, ensure the chair you are using has a good lumbar support. Most office chairs come with three types of lumbar support.

Fixed Lumbar Support

This type of lumbar support cannot be adjusted.

Adjustable Lumbar Support

This type allows you to manually adjust the height, depth or firmness to your preference.

Dynamic lumbar support

It automatically adjusts its depth & firmness to ensure that it’s aligned with your body and posture.

Adjustable Armrests

When people talk about how to prevent neck pain at work, arm support is usually not the first thing that’s mentioned. Poorly placed arms while working can lead to shoulder pain which then leads to neck pain. The proper arm position is with your arms at a 90-100 degree angle. This makes your forearms parallel to the desk and makes for the most relaxed body posture.

To achieve this posture, look for office chairs with armrests that are at least 2D.

1. Steelcase Gesture Office Chair desk with headrest

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair desk with headrest
Steelcase Gesture Office Care-desk

In case the budget isn’t a main issue for you and you are all in it for the ergonomic experience and to prevent the possible back problems, then the Steelcase Gesture office chair can be the best pick for you! The extremely delicate yet super strong office chair of this sort will provide you with an amazing sitting experience.

It is designed in a way that it is designed with a back and seat that move that move alongside the user in a synchronized patter. , Also, adjusted in a flexible mechanism, it allows you to express modes of positions easily, which can adhere the maximum mass of about 400 pounds that can be suitable for any body types.

So, it can easily be termed as the best of the best for neck pain relief, along with the added headrest. With a number of adjustment degrees and a whole lot of adjustable options, comfort is almost guaranteed, with the chair cradling your neck just in the right places.

Key Features

  • Versatile headrest options.
  • Synchronized seat and back-rest to provide optimal support in all positions.
  • Plethora of colour options (over 17)
  • Adjustable 4D arms (best one on our list!)
  • Added features including seat depth, lumbar support, and tilt tension adjustment.
  • 12-year warranty.
  • 400 lbs weight limit.


  • Dimensions: ‎23 x 23 x 40 inches
  • Weight: ‎78 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Steelcase
  • Qualitative textile upholstery
  • SGS class gas lift
  • Synchronized ergonomic design.
  • Swiftly adjustable and flexible seating.
  • Costly

2. Duramount Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

The best description for this chair is a qualitative headrest within an appropriate budget! The large contoured design featured in this chair helps to limit stress on the neck for both short and tall people of up to the height 6’3”.

The appropriate firmness of the chair is very convenient and can be easily adjusted in terms of height and angle even when the user is sitting down.  On top of that, the padded armrests have a little concavity to them so they’re even more easy and comfortable to sit on. To add beauty onto the function, slightly contoured foam seat design, meshed back-rest, and rollerblade wheels just add more beauty to it.

Duramount Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair
Duramount Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair

Key Features

  • Retractable, arm and head adjustable head-rest.
  • Lockable backrest tilt.
  • Hard wood friendly rollerblade wheels.
  • Easy assembling.
  • Mesh back-rest with convenient contoured foam seat.
  • Height- and depth-adjustable lumbar support.
  • Adjustable padded armrests lock into place
  • 330 lbs weight limit


Dimensions: ‎26 x 23.6 x 42 inches
Weight: ‎330 pounds
Manufacturer: Duramont

  • Easy assemble – only eight simple steps.
  • No noises from the chair.
  • Strong metallic body.
  • Casters are noiseless and roll very smoothly.
  • Very convenient for use at homes.
  • Tends to give off a little chemical odor.
  • Armrests may not be appropriately firm and stable.

3. Nauhaus Ergo 3D Ergonomic Chair

If you are looking for a satisfactory service with a good budget option, then the Nauhaus Ergo 3D Ergonomic chair might be the best one for you. For a fraction of the total cost price of its market counterpart, Gesture, you can purchase this particular chair.

The chair includes a well-ventilated dynamic mesh back that responds well to the bodily movement in the chair. The headrest made up of mesh is so beneficial during the summer season, it gives you as good of an experience as a natural cooling system. The holes of the mesh, allow swift movement of air, helping you with excessive perspiration. And the height and neck adjustment feature, just adds more beauty to it!

Also, to work on hardwood floors roll able wheels are provided that are even more convenient to use.

Nauhaus Ergo 3D Ergonomic Chair
NOUHAUS Ergonomic 3D Chair

Key Features

  • Height adjustable, removable, retractible and tiltable headrest.
  • Comes with free rollerblade casters for hard floors.
  • Dynamic lumbar support that adjusts right to your body.
  • Lockable height adjustment with 3D armrests.
  • Lockable 135° tilt function with tension control
  • 5-year warranty
  • The company provides amazingly supportive customer service.


Dimensions: ‎27.95 x 27.16 x 49.01 inches
Weight limit: ‎275 pounds

Colour: Black

Material: Wood , Iron
Manufacturer: Duramont

  • Breathable ElastoMesh Fabric
  • Very appropriate for humid, hot climates.
  • Extra roller casters for hardwood floors.
  • 5-year warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Back-rest height limit for users upto 6 feet only.

4. Smug-Desk High back ergonomic office chair

Buyers on a budget-extreme plan but still wanting an absolute chair to keep you from having a neck pain, then the Smug-desk chair might be the one for you! The full mesh headrest is very adjustable giving you the opportunity to lift it up into an appropriate angle to match your desired position.

There is also a  connection to the mesh back which has a fixed, sturdy lumbar support and arms, to provide the users with an even higher degree of comfort. The angle up to which the backrest tilts is unbelievably 120 degrees. However, the armrests are not adjustable, and the seat cushion is definitely on the thin side, not appropriate at all for prolonged seating.

Smug-Desk High back ergonomic office chair

 Key Features

  • Height- and angle-adjustable mesh headrest.
  • Big, fixated and sturdy lumbar support cushion.
  • Multipurpose hanger behind the chair.
  • Mesh back paired with moderately comfortable foam seat.
  • Lockable tilt with tension control.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Heavy wheelbase provides base and keeps it safe from tipping over.
  • Mesh fabric very breathable and easy to clean.
  • Assembling simple and easy
  • Affordable and economical
  • Rough gliding of wheels.
  • Inadjustible lumbar support.

5. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

There are numerous reasons for the gabrylly chair to make it to the lost of premium office chairs for neck pain reliefs. The super adjustability of the chair, provide you an amazing lumbar support experience, and most importantly a superior neck support. This chair might be the best one among the list we have made here, and that solely is how versatile its function is as an adjustable neck rest remedy.

There are primarily three ways in which you can adjust the headrest in three ways, via vertical adjustment, bracket adjustment, and tilt adjustment. On top of that, the flip-up armrests present in the chair, can help you conveniently store the chair under the desk when not in use and to create more space if needed. Rest assured, one thing you can guarantee with this chair is a healthy back and a straight painless neck.

Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair


  • Dimensions: ‎22 x 25.2 x 45.3 inches
  • Weight: 41 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Gabrylly
  • Weight Capacity: 280 pounds
  • Material: Mesh

Key Features

  • Able to hold up to 280 pounds.
  • 4 supporting points in the chair.
  • Suitable for people having height of about 5’5″ to 6’2″.
  • Fold-up armrests.
  • Adjustable height and tilt.
  • Easy to Install
  • Breathable mesh back-rest and mesh seat
  • Four different degrees of adjustment.
  • Stable chair base.
  • Foldable arm-rests.
  • You can lock the arms of the chairs in position but only in some parts

6. KERDOM Breathable Mesh Office Chair for office use

Among the different levels, degree of comfort and materiality of back-rest, if you are into the segmented sorts of back-rest, then the KERDOM one might be the best for you. Mesh materiality, this breathable computer desk chair provides four support points, including head, back, buttocks, hands, and the lumbar area. This will help you to adjust the chair as per your requirement. Also, while a height and rotate adjustable headrest will take care of your neck, an abrasion-resistant seat cushion will be providing you with a comfortable experience. 

This makes this particular chair perfect for long term office use helping to prevent fatigue for prolonged period of time. On top of that, fully adjustable armrests will eventually let you roll the chair close to the desk and create more space on demand.

KERDOM Breathable Mesh Office Chair for office use
KERDOM Breathable Mesh Office Chair


  • Dimensions: 21 x 11 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 39.9 pounds
  • Manufacturer: ‎KERDOM
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Weight Capacity: 300 pounds.

Key Features

  • 135-degree adjustable back angle
  • 4 support points for comfortable seating and rests.
  • 3D freely adjustable armrests.
  • Segmented mesh back design.
  • Easy to assemble; only about 15-30 minutes.
  • Breathable design.
  • Curved hollowed seat.
  • Fails to work as a heavy-duty chair.

7. SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair has a remarkable reputation as a two-way adjustable lumbar support. And along with an adjustable back support, headrest adjustment, step less seat height, tilt adjustment, and height-adjustable armrests , this is quite the bang for the buck you spend. On top of that, the W-shaped waterfall seat design of the chair ensures the comfortable central seat position, and the adjustable headrest supports your cervical spine and helps prevent neck pain. Also, the weight capacity of this chair is pretty high, so anyone can sit comfortably irrespective of the body size.

SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair
SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair


  • Dimensions: ‎27.52 x 27.52 x 42.09 inches
  • Weight: ‎35.2 pounds
  • Manufacturer: SIHOO
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Polyurethane

Key Features

  • Can hold up to the weight of 330 pounds.
  • S-shaped 90°-125° tilt backrest.
  • W-shaped padded seat for comfortable seating experience.
  • Two-way adjustable lumbar pillow and headrest.
  • Load-bearing, dependable adjustable armrests.
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Modern design.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • The headrest might be too low for people 6’4” and taller than that.

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8. Glitzhome Executive Office Chair

If you want an amazing headrest for your office but have a sofa texture and feel to it, then you can sign to this lavishness with the Glitzhome Executive Office Chair. This mid-century style generously cushioned chair has a high back with a built-in padded headrest that is akin to a giant pillow attached to the chair The height of the headrest is just right for people that are between 5’0” and 6’4”. The best feature of this office chair is the opulent PU leather finish and thick cushioning that offer an extremely comfortable sitting experience, even for larger people, irrespective of their size.

Glitzhome Executive Office Chair
Glitzhome Executive Office Chairs


Dimensions: 27.36 x 28.15 x 47.64 inches
Weight Capacity: ‎275 pounds
Colour: Camel
Material: Leather

Key Features

  • Built-in padded headrest
  • 87 to 106° backrest tilt adjustment
  • Comfortable padding in the seat with PU leather upholstery
  • Easy assemble.
  • Rocks and has tilt lock
  • Fixed arms and lumbar support

  • Exquisite design with a stylish touch
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Flexible Adjustment
  • Multi-functional
  • Properly load bearing
  • Not so breathable like the mesh material
  • Not so durable as compared to its market competitors.


So, these are some of the chairs that can elevate your office or even work-from-home experience. The choosing of the most appropriate product clearly depends upon the user and varies according to the person using it. Of course, the most important chair for use clearly depends upon its strength, flexibility, rigidity and the wide array of functions it provides. But, the basic assumptions to be considered are generally under the following points:

  • Head and Neck Support
  • Lumbar Support
  • Adjustability of the Seat Height
  • Robust Seat Height

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Do neck support chairs have adequate lumbar support too?

It depends on the specific chair. Some neck support chairs may also have adequate lumbar support, while others may not. It is important to consider both neck and lumbar support when choosing an office chair, as proper support for both areas can help reduce strain on the neck, back, and shoulders and alleviate discomfort.

To ensure adequate lumbar support, look for a chair with adjustable lumbar support or one that is designed with built-in lumbar support to fit the natural curvature of the lower back. It is also a good idea to try out the chair and make sure it provides sufficient support for the lumbar region.

Is the seat cushion comfortable?

Yes, of course! As mentioned before, a proper neck support is un achievable without proper lumbar support, and the seating is highly dependable upon the better lumbar support. So, yes, the seats need to be super comfortable, and the materials for such are used accordingly.

Does neck support have adjustable armrests?

You might not think that armrests are an important feature of an office chair for neck pain. But, that’s not true! Not just the lumbar supports, the arm rests are also maintained accordingly to keep the neck position better. Hence, the adjustable armrests and the materiality are deeply taken into consideration while design a chair.

What are the benefits of chairs with neck rests?

There are a plethora of benefits ranging from lower pressure on your back and legs, improving sitting experience and reducing fatigue while working for longer time periods.

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