The 6 Best Anti-fatigue Mats- Are They Worth It?

As strange as it may seem, ‘Ergonomics’ has taken the world by storm.

The craze of Ergonomics is real and a lot of people today worldwide and in constant search for options that makes their everyday life easy and scientific. Users worldwide are on a constant look out on the optimization of their health benefits and seeking to work in the most appropriate set-up possible. This is even more relevant in today’s digital world, where the entire world lives just across a digital screen! People have even shifted to standing desks during work considering their health benefits and a lot of other works are done while standing in your own house too, for example cooking.

Well, hold on my friends! Ergonomic science today, has revolutionized your standing stance and position too. Conventional standing, through natural, have been proven to have forcing a constant pressure on the heel region which over time tend to cause aches, to even decalcification in your bones. On top of that, fatigue! Constant standing during work might have several health benefits but they can tire you out faster, than when compared to sitting. But this, can be changed with ‘ Anti-Fatigue Mats’.

What are anti-fatigue mats anyway?

Simply, anti-fatigue mats are the kind of mats that are designed in such a way, that they reduce fatigue to a great degree , that are caused by standing for long periods on a hard surfaces, for instance, cemented floors. These anti-fatigue mats are made up of materials like rubber, vinyl, wood and sometimes of carpeting materials.

They are widely used to reduce foot and lower limb disorders, for workers who stand in one position for elongated time periods. Issues like discomfort, tiredness, sore feet, legs, knees and hips after extensive standing hours, are an aftermath of the combined effects of numerous factors like the design of the particular task at hand, footwear of the working personnel, and the flooring material of the work environment. Standing itself causes a lot of stress and fatigue, even if we reduce all the surrounding factors.

One thing to know before buying these mats, are that they donot solve all kinds of issues regarding pain in legs for constantly standing personnels, as they are caused due to several factors mentioned above. However, they provide relief to certain degree thats for sure! If you do not have any terminal illness, and are just fed up with how tired you feel when working constantly, then, rest assured, the product is the best one for you!

Well, How do anti-fatigue mats work then?

To begin with, these anti-fatigue mats start by improving your blood circulation throughout your body, by creating constant micro-movements in the leg muscles. The mat contains a soft surface on top of it, which not only makes the mats comfortable by easing the pressure in your knee/ patellar and back area, but create a minimal instability simultaneously encouraging the activation of leg muscles.

This will in turn, allow you to evenly distribute the pressure caused by standing up across both your legs, in a way that one is not trying to support more weight than the other. This will give you a better posture and will mean that you will not be putting an increased stress onto any of your body joints.

Cross-Section of a Anti-Fatigue mat | Photo Credit:

Not just the feet, making frequent natural changes in your body will help in decreasing the headaches, relieve tensions in your shoulder, neck and back area. These changes will activate your venous pumps, which are responsible for pumping you blood back to the heath rather than pooling in the lower limbs leading to certain degree of discomfort.

This will also reduce your changes of circulatory system diseases, as your heart is working hard since your veins are at pressure. Plus, the warm soft surface to place your feet on will give you a relieved feeling, and psychological stability and will alleviate you mood simultaneously, rather than working on a cold, concrete floor.

All in all, Anti-fatigue mats for your standing desk and the kitchen are one of the most convenient and economical investment you can make that will completely change your experience while standing for prolonged periods of time!

But, how do I get the best one for me? Don’t worry! In this article, we will list out the Top 6 best anti-fatigue mats for your standing desks and kitchen in 2022, based on their features, pros, cons and their effectiveness, helping you elevate your working experience in this sedentary lifestyle.

#1. Kangaroo Grade Mat – The Best Pick

All Day Ergonomic Stain Resistant Floor Rug Anti Fatigue Cushion Mat
Kangaroo Anti-Fatigue Mat

Well, the number one pick has to be the number on in function too. Kangaroo Grade Mat is simply the best in the market today. Users and reviewers, who have tested the product first hand can’t help but fall in love with the product the minute they set their foot in.  

The Kangaroo mat has light textures, beveled at the top preventing the user from tripping over it. It’s top portion is made up of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), leather (similar to the leather you find in a car console), making it durable and convenient. With the 3/4-inch-thick middle layer made up of polyurethane foam, and synthetic rubber bottom layer, Kangaroo will never let you slip in the kitchen floor. The various sizes and colours they offer make the product even more lovable, as you can match it with your interior decor aesthetic.


Dimensions: 81.3 x 50.8 x 1.9 Centimeters

Shape: Rectangular / Round

Key Features

 The Kangaroo Anti-fatigue comfort mat has a springy/ bouncy interior material with durable exteriors to provide support and comfort.

The PVC-leather on the top and synthetic rubber inside resist almost all accidental kinds of spills, like oil, honey, etc.

What we like
  • Extremely comfortable and soft.
  • Very durable with triple layer material.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Impervious to liquids and spills.
What we don’t like
  • Less durable in comparison to its market competitors.
  • Creases may remain for longer time.

#2. GelPro NewLife Professional Anti-Fatigue Mats – Best for Multiple Users

NewLife by GelPro Professional Grade Anti-Fatigue Kitchen & Office Comfort Bio-Foam Mat
GelPro NewLife Anti-Fatigue mats

If a lot of member in your family are planning to make use of a single Anti-Fatigue mat, then you need to be specific and well-aware about the durability of mats. The king of such durability is the GelPro Newlife Professional Anti-Fatigue Mats. Though, slightly on the expensive side, it delivers without compromise in terms of comfort and durability. The surface of this mat has an abrasion- and puncture-resistant surface which increases its lifespan. What this basically, means is that, no matter how long you stand on top of this mat, you feet will never sink in.

On top of that, the mat has a bevelled edge on the sides and the non-slip feature. This incredible product is available in five sizes, with its polyurethane foam springing right back even if a lot of feets walk over it. It is even available in brushed or vine patterns, with a lot of colours to choose from.


  • Dimensions: 32 x 20 x 0.75 inches
  • Shape: Rectangular with bevelled edges.
  • Colour Options: Midnight, Earth, Stone. Vine Black, Latte, Brown and Grey.

Key Features

  • High density bio-foam cushion construction.
  • Extremely durable and comfortable to use.
  • Anti-slip property, with high tracktion and non-skid bottom surface.
  • Easy to clean, stain and water resistant.

What we like
  • Incredible support and comfort for the user.
  • Firm cushion supports your feet perfectly.
  • Extremely durable, even when multiple people use it.
What we don’t like
  • Pronounced cushion might cause tripping.
  • Slightly expensive.
  • Dirt attaches readily.
  • Slightly firmer and steadier.

#3. FEATOL Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mats (Anti Fatigue Mat Floor Kitchen Mat)

Anti Fatigue Mat Floor Kitchen Mat, FEATOL Standing Desk Mat Foam Cushioned Anti Fatigue Mats
FEATOL Standing Desk Anti-fatigue mats

This mat is the thickest one in our list, with it’s thickness of about 0.9 inches. Since thickness directly relates to comfortability, this mat is cushy and will bring immediate relief to your tired feets whenever you step on it. The technically advanced polyurethane foam material, along with it’s ergonomic design make this an essential for your home.

If you struggle with aching joints, then this mat is really the way to go! Users of this mat has said that they have no feeling of soreness and fatigue even after standing on this mat for hours. The remarkable thickness of the gel and memory foam construction was what held up this experience, making the users feel like the foot is almost sinking into the mat giving a cushiony feel. On top of that, the PU leather surface gives an amazingly durable quality for a low price, puncture and water proof features.


  • Dimensions: 20 x 32 inches
  • Shape: Rectangular with bevelled edges.
  • Colour Options: Black
  • Material: Foam

Key Features

  • Made up of 9/10 inch advanced PU foam, combining the benefits of gel and memory foam for a great cushioning experience.
  • Quite durable and resistant to puncture and tears.
  • Versatile Usage.
  • Non-slip design with textured surface and bevelled edges.
  • Easy to clean, and an overall good valur for money.

What we like
  • Ergonomically designed with textured surfaces.
  • Durable and puncture resistant.
  • PU Foam thick construction to give high quality, cushioned experience.
What we don’t like
  • Dirt attaches readily due to textured surface.
  • Might be hard to clean.

#4. TOPO Comfort Mat by Ergodriven – The Most Dynamic Mat

Topo Comfort Mat by Ergodriven ,The Not-Flat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat with Calculated Terrain ,Standing Desk Mat , Comfortable Standing Mat , Office Mat , Desk Accessories , Obsidian Black
TOPO Comfort Mat by Ergodriven

If you want a really dynamic mat for your standing desk, that really stands out from the cround, then this TOPO Comfort Mat might be just the one you’ve been searching for. Everything is just so unique about this mat, with its design, looks and all, and it doesn’t look like any other mats in the market. This is because it’s designed very specifically for standing desk in a way to provide supporting rests for your legs as you carry on with your work.

In contrary to most of the rounded/ rectangular mats, this mat is kind of a rounded square, having edges and a center that gradually slopes upward, encouraging you to move around when you stand on the mat. It also lets you balance on the mat’s raised corners, massages your feet on its slightly lifted center, and elven lets you raise your heels on its back ramp. At its tallest point, the mat is astonishingly 2.7 inches thick, making it one of the thickest mats available. Materialwise, it is made up of high-density polyurethane foam, hence it is very squishy, soft and easy to clean.


  • Dimensions: 26.2 x 2.7 x 29 inches
  • Shape: Rounded square with terrain surfaces.
  • Colour Options: Obsidian Black
  • Material: Polyurethane foam

Key Features

  • Extremely ergonomic with very calculated terrain designed surfaces.
  • Made from high-density polyurethane, delivering a firm and buoyant surface even after hours of continuous usage.
  • Resistant to compression, wear and tear, and delamination.
  •  Infinite micro and macro movements possible, thus providing a wide range dynamic positions for users to stand in.
  • Encourages longer, more comfortable standing breaks.

What we like
  • Meticulously designed terrain Ergonomics.
  • Very dynamic encouraging minute muscle movements.
  • Assortment of a wide range of standing positions.
  • Natural design than normal mats.
  • Polyurethane for increased durability.
What we don’t like
  • Flat surfaces of the terrain too thin to offer required comfort.
  • Might be difficult for either very short or tall individuals.
  • Slides easily on the floor, increasing tripping and slipping risk.
  • Stilettos cannot be worn above it, as it might cause irreversible punctures.

#5. ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Mat – The most affordable and easy to clean

ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat – 3/4 Inch Thick Perfect Kitchen Mat, Standing Desk Mat – Comfort at Home, Office, Garage – Durable – Stain Resistant
Comfilife Anti-Fatigue Mats

The ComfiLife is simply one of the best on the market right, and might be the best potential match for a lot of customers who are trying an anti-fatigue mats for the very first time. These mats are thick, durable, and have non-slip property, while also being resistant to stains of oil, honey, soups,etc. The mat is remarkably easy to clean, very supportive and is available in a wide range of 13 colors and 3 size categories, catering to your individual needs.

Materialwise, this mat is made up of high-density memory foam, thus it cushions your feet snuggily every time you step onto it. With a thickness of a whopping 0.75 inches, ( thickerf than a lot of conventional mats since the base line is 0.5 inch), the mat has bevelled edges making it impossible to slip, so you don’t have to worry about falling on the kitchen floor. On top of that, it doesn’t curl at the corners like a lot of other mats, hence no risk of tripping too.


  • Dimensions: 20 x 32-70 inches
  • Shape: Rectangular with bevelled edges.
  • Colour Options: 13 varieties including Black, Red, Grey.
  • Material: Memory foam

Key Features

  •  Firm, yet soft high-density foam core keeping you comfortable both in the kitchen and while on standing desks. 
  • Stain-resistant with non-slip surface.
  • Durable, with the core staying intact even after years of usage.
  • Good service and product quality for the money.

What we like
  • Formulated of 3/4inch thick high-density foam, reducing discomfort from feet, knees, legs and back effectively.
  • Stain-resistant material making it easy to clean.
  • Non-slip bottom to ensure safety.
  • A good bang for your buck.
What we don’t like
  • Edges might peel off over time.
  • Doesn’t have folding property.
  • Might be too soft for some people.

#6. Sky-Solutions Anti-Fatigue Mats – The Most Versatile and Simple

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat - 3/4" Cushioned Kitchen Rug and Standing Desk Mat
Sky Solutions Anti-Fatigue Mats

If you are looking for a really simple yet very effective anti-fatigue mats, then these Sky Mats might be the one for you. Last but not the least, this product is moderately priced while giving you a lot of size and colour options to choose from. It comes in three sizes and four dark colours letting you perfectly cater to your interior decoration aesthetic.

The thickness of this mat is 0.75 inch which is still pretty higher for the bench mark value,(0.5inch). Materialwise, this mat is made up of their own company’s ‘patented’ foam, which is supposed to be the “perfect blend of support and softness for standing all day”. It also has beveled edge to prevent you from tripping, along with non-slip properties at the bottom.

Not just that, these mats are significantly durable and are easy to clean in case you accidently spill something onto it. The materials can be easily rinsed off from the mat surface without even the use of tissues. It’s plush memory foam core, is also very good at keeping your feet firm and supported even after hours of standing on the mat, either barefoot or with shoes as both feel super comfortable.


  • Dimensions: 20 x 32 inches, 20 x 39 inches
  • Shape: Runner
  • Colour Options: Black, Blue Diamond, Burgundy, Chocolate Brown, Dark Blue, Green Ombré, Gray, Indigo Deco, Natural Beige, Sedona Red Rocks
  • Material: Soft Foam foam

Key Features

  • Provides great comfort although softer and thinner than its market competitors.
  • Comes with a life-time replacement warranty.
  • Stain-resistant with non-slip surface.
  • Very easy to clean with just simple rinses.
  • Affordable product with product quality for the money.

What we like
  • Thick, squishy cushion to provide necessary support.
  • Creates an ultra-comfortable surface.
  • Colour and size ranges available.
  • Affordable price.
  • Non-slip design to assure safety.
  • Versatile and easy to clean.
What we don’t like
  • Textured surface might trap dust easily.
  • Permanent creases might retain.
  • Might retain plastic manufacturing smell.
  • Finishing material might peel off after continious use.


Standing on a hard, bare floor for several hours for work or either to cook a delicious meal can be fun on the surface, but might become exhausting too. Not just that, it might create several health hazards like strain on your lower legs, twisted ankles and even decalcification of bones. With the growing trend of ergonomics, we had curated you a list of out Top Six Picks for the best anti-fatigue mats.

These were prepared after reading hundreds of amazon reviews, and buyer’s guides, and considering the different necessities, and possible bases of an anti-fatigue mat purchase. Our main aim was to make sure the consumers get the most out of the money they are investing, so we chose picks on the basis of factors like their size, colour variations, thickness, degree of comfortability, slip and trip possibilities and stain removal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do anti-fatigue mats work?

Anti-fatigue mats start by improving your blood circulation throughout your body, by creating constant micro-movements in the leg muscles. The mat contains a soft surface on top of it, which not only makes the mats comfortable by easing the pressure in your knee/ patellar and back area, but create a minimal instability simultaneously encouraging the activation of leg muscles. This will give you a great degree of comfort if you have to stand for long periods of time, so Yes! Anti-Fatigue mats work!

Are anti-fatigue mats worth it?

If you have to stand for an extended amount of time, then the anti-fatigue mats may be a good investment you can make. These mats help you in regulating blood circulation by stimulating little body movements. However, all the leg problems of standing for prolonged time cannot be solved by these mats. Serious issues demands a medical diagnosis, these mats can help only to a certain extent.

Which is the best anti-fatigue kitchen mat?

From the list we have curated above, we recommend the Sky-Solutions anti-fatigue kitchen mats. They provide great comfort although softer and thinner, and have a life-time warranty. They have a non-slip bottom and strain removal is very easy in these mats ensuring your safety in the kitchen.

How do you clean an anti-fatigue mat?

While some of the anti-fatigue mats clean with just a few rinses and a little wipe with tissues, in case, something spills on it, some others need a little more caring. The textured surfaces made on these mats might trap dusts making it harder to clean, but regular cleaning will surely help you reduce them.

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