The 6 Best L Shaped Gaming Desk[ Benefits, Buying Tips]

Selecting and the perfect gaming desk according to your comfort is never an easy task and oftentimes very frustrating and daunting. While some come equipped with comfortable and ergonomic enough, they might not have the most appropriate work spaces to do activities on and vice versa. To save you from this, we have curated a list for the best L Shaped Gaming Desk for Your Gaming and Home Office, to make your gaming chair selection process easier. Let’s take a look at them with its advantages and buying tips, shall we?

Benefits of an L-shaped gaming desk

  • Ample workspace: The L-shaped design provides plenty of space for a gaming setup, including a computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals.
  • Ergonomic design: The L-shape allows the user to sit at the desk with their body facing the center of the desk, which can be more comfortable and ergonomic than sitting at a straight desk.
  • Space-saving: The L-shape can help save space in a room, as it can be placed in a corner or against a wall to make use of otherwise unused space.

Tips to choose L Shaped Gaming Desk

As daunting as it may seem, choosing the best L shaped gaming chair considering its benefits, shouldn’t always cause you an headache. There are a few things to prioritize before buying one or look for while buying which are discussed as follows:

Size and Available desk space

The entire point of getting an L shaped gaming desk rather than a conventional or traditional rectangular desk is because of the the more space provided by it, or else having a corner desk with no adequate space is a big No-No!

In case you own a full-fledged gaming set-up already, it’s likely that you have to accommodate a lot of monitors onto your gaming desk, along with a bulky PC, numerous consoles, a lot of handheld headsets, speakers, controllers and so much more. The space that these take is no joke, so you much choose a gaming desk fitting all of these easily while leaving enough room for your hands to move around easily.

Cable management

Tangled cables are oftentimes the most frustrating and cluttering center on your gaming desk. It is dreaded by even professionals in the gaming arena, and are always looking for ways to keep them away from your sight as much as possible. Every setup device has at least 2-3 cable and when you have around 6 or 7 devices, you’ll have more than 20 wires just lying around which you definitely don’t want. So a good cable management system must be definitely opted while purchasing a gaming desk.


Not just providing enough space for your gaming set up, an L shaped gaming desk should cater to the user’s comfortability too. Gaming requires you to stay at your desk, in front of your screen for a significantly large amount of time leaving you with several health conditions like back pain, shoulder pain, and even pain in the hips joint.

Your spine is definitely not designed to have you sit on the same place for 16+ hours or even lesser, so it is crucial to minimize the negative effects of sitting as much as possible. For this, ergonomics is introduced in L shaped gaming desks and chairs which can either set up some type of padding to ease up your stay, or even stimulate micro movements rather than idle sitting.


Opting a decent gaming desk doesn’t require you to necessarily spend a fortune on it. Of course, the gaming desks are specialized products and can get quite expensive, but that’s quite fair for the services they offer. One way to minimize the cost, is to drop the word ‘gaming’ because you can seriously get a lot of l shaped desks that are qualitative and at a reasonable price too. Also the electronic standing desks are good alternatives in terms of price, though they can’t be as comfortable as gaming desks.

RGB setup

The craze for an RGB setup in a gaming desk is more than ever! Before making your big gaming setup purchase you need to first confirm whether you need a RGB set up or not considering it is the most common kind of setup in the gaming horizon. It contains inclusion of a lot of red, blue and green color in your gaming desk to add the ‘tech-look’ to it. When done right, the RGB setup definitely looks incredible.

In case you want a RGB setup, you might be happy to know that some gaming desks come with built-in RGB setup in them. All you have to do is buy the strip lights yourself. This is pretty cool for people who are passionate about an RGB setup.

Our Top 6 Picks – Best L Shaped Gaming Desk

Among the different kinds of gaming desks in the market, we have hand-picked the top six picks for the best L shaped gaming desks for your gaming and home office. Let’s take a look:

  1. Mr. Ironstone L shaped gaming desk
  2. Casaottima L shaped gaming desk
  3. GreenForest L Shape Gaming desk
  4. Coleshom L shaped Gaming Desk
  5. Bestier L shaped Gaming desk
  6. Foxemart L shaped Gaming desk

1. Mr. Ironstone L shaped gaming desk – Best Overall

Mr. Ironstone L shaped gaming desk
IronStone L shaped gaming desk

Not just the most popular and the best selling L shaped gaming desk in the market, the Mr. Ironstone L shaped gaming desk comes at a reasonable price too.

Mr. Ironstone L shaped gaming desk is our top pick as the best L shaped gaming desk. It is not just an almost full L shaped gaming desk, with a very sharp corner, but also has a small shelf on the side that can be switched according to your preference. One great benefit of having a corner setup is that it gives you additional working space in the corner. Plus, the entire setup is made up of a high-quality P2 MDF board with a metal frame for structure support which makes it a very rigid option.

Having a dimension of about 51 x 51 x 30 inches, it will provide you a workspace of about 50.8 inches. This L shaped gaming desk has the supporting bars made up of 1.2 x 0.6 inches cross-section powder-coated steel bars, ensuring a firm stability of the desk. Also, the desk is 29.5 inches in height giving you that correct sitting angle with a great seat to table ratio. And not just that, the foot pads are included in the desks to match the uneven floors.


Dimensions50.79″D x 50.8″W x 29.53″H
Color | StyleBlack | Modern
Top MaterialLaminated Engineered wood

Key Features

8 inches of desk space available.

  • Entire desk made up of MDF board and metal frame that gives great stability.
  • An additional monitor stand is also included.
  • Has a L shape design with sharp design.
  • Contains a 2 x 0.6 inches cross-section metal frame.
  • Has a 5 inches depth.
  • Gives way for two-way setup for the monitor stand.
  • Material wise strong construction and durability.
  • Maximum space-saving formulated by L shaped design
  • Additional compartments unavailable.

2. Casaottima L shaped gaming desk – Durable and Tear Resistant

Casaottima L shaped gaming desk
Casaottima L shaped Gaming Desk

Casaottima is one of the most popular options as the brand is very popular among all the gaming setup lovers. It is not just built with a very great design, but is also suitable for a plethora of applications.

This desk is best for people looking for a spacious workspace along with a sleek, subtle and attractive design. It contains 51 inches of working space on both sides, that is even switchable since both the space desks are identical. Included by a monitor stand, this desk also has a scratch proof finish on the top preventing possible damage over time. On top of that, it is resistant to water and temperature too making it perfect for every room corner. The included monitor is even removable plus a 3 year warranty is a cherry on top.


Dimensions51″D x 51″W x 30.4″H
Color | StyleBlack | Modern
Top MaterialEngineered wood
Mount TypeFloor Mount

Key Features

A total of 51 inches space available on the desk.

  • Constructed of highly engineered wood.
  • Contains an additional monitor stand.
  • A rigid L shape design.
  • Very affordable
  • Absolutely waterproof, scratchproof, and heatproof surface.
  • Large and attractive desks at an affordable price.
  • Multiple monitors placable on both sides
  • Impressive frame quality.
  • Compact monitor shelf included.

3. GreenForest L Shape Gaming desk

GreenForest L Shape Gaming desk
GreenForest L shape Gaming Desk

GreenForest manufacturers are a great and widely known furniture brand. It is known to be highly durable and one of the largest L shaped desk in the market right now.

It features a longer side of a whooping 58 inches paired width of about 44 inches, which will help you give a larger workspace area. It also offers a dedicated platform on the lower side for cabinet placement, important for gaming rigs.

There is also a removable additional shelf that can be placed on either side of the table. On top of that, the height of the ground is 29.5 inches from the ground giving you adequate legroom for easy leg placement.


Dimensions58.1″D x 44.3″W x 29.17″H
Color | StyleBlack | Contemporary
Top MaterialEngineered wood
Mounting TypeFloor Mount

Key Features

Large workspace available of about 58 inches.

  • Material of P2 particle board.
  • Removable shelf available.
  • Curved extended L shape design for greater flexibility and organic feel.
  • Minimalistic yet sleek, subtle wooden finish.
  • Adequate desk height.
  • One of the most spacious L shaped gaming desk with a large working space.
  • Accommodates about 3 monitor setup.
  • Completely removable corner.
  • The shorter side offers restricted applicability.

4. Coleshom L shaped Gaming Desk – Best Budget Friendly option

Coleshom L shaped Gaming Desk
Coleshome L shaped Gaming Desk

If you are in need of a gaming desk with an extremely large working space, then the Coleshom L shaped gaming desk might be the best choice for you.

This Coleshom L shaped gaming desk is undoubtedly one of the largest gaming desk, with one side measuring 61 inches long. Speaking of width, it is about 18 inches and the second side being 43.5 inches long. On top of that, an additional 9.4 inches wide shelf also present on the shorter side, providing an extra floor for the shorter side. This highly spacious gaming desk can easily accommodate 3 monitors on this desk without any problem, even after leaving some space for hand movement.


Dimensions47″D x 66″W x 28.5″H
Colour | StyleBlack | Gaming
Mounting TypeFloor Mount

Key Features

A total space of 61 inches desk space which is considerably for a gaming desk.

  • Constructed of engineered wood and iron frame.
  • A monitor stand is also added.
  • Organic, and curved extended L shape design.
  • Iron frame of 57 x 0.7 inches cross-section.
  • Impressive desk quality.
  • A very large desk space available; in fact one of the largest in the market.
  • Ideal for professional gamers.
  • No CPU shelf provided.

5. Bestier L shaped Gaming desk – Eco friendly option

Bestier L shaped Gaming desk
Bestier L shaped Gaming Desk

If you are an eco-conscious person and are someone who tries to incorporate biophilic options in things you use in your daily life, then the Bestier L shaped gaming desk might be the best option for you.

Bestier marks highest in the best L shaped gaming desk in our eco-friendly category because it is made up of bio-friendly material – carbon fiber. Plus, it is made up of 100% wood meeting P2 grade standards and certified by CARB. The desktop is also adjustable to smaller dimensions and the extra-long desk space can easily accommodate 2 people or 2 gaming setups. Not just the desk that can be shifted from straight to L-shaped, the ladder shelves on this desk can also be adjusted either to left, right or middle according to your wish. And the best part is that these shelves, provide no hinderances on the required legroom which is a plus point in addition to storage spaces.

For further sturdiness and strength, it is supported by a metal X frame of wide steel tubes, plus also contains 3 cable holes for cable management.


Dimensions55.2″D x 55.2″W x 36″H
Color and StyleGrey | Modern
Mount TypeWall Mount

Key Features

  • Environmentally efficient table.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Additional spaces for storage without hampering legroom.
  • Enough desk space for two gaming setups.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Spacious leg room with storage shelves.
  • 12 months of free customer service offered by the company.
  • The desk might be too large for some people.
  • Assembly of the desk isn’t very easy.
  • Users have complained about the dents present on the desk during arrival.

6. Foxemart L shaped Gaming desk

Foxemart L shaped Gaming desk
Foxemart L shaped Gaming Desk

Foxemart undeniably takes the cake for the most premium choice for the best L shaped gaming desks in 2023. The highly reliable and qualitative brand Foxemart is extremely well known for its strength and durability, and its best L Shaped gaming chair doesn’t fall short either.

Foxemart offers you one of the best L shaped gaming desks providing a total of 51 inches of work spaces from each side, curved corner included. This is multi functional and can be used both for working setup as well as an entertainment setup. There is also a 19 x 7.8 inches monitor rise present on the table, used to install the monitor without any effect on desk space. However, in case your monitor is larger than 21 inches, the shelf might be better to use aa a showcase for decorative items or even laptop.

Not just the easy desk space, this L shaped gaming desk is also made up of sturdy metal frame. These are accompanied by triangular junctions to prevent the L shaped gaming desk from unnecessary wobble. On top of that, it has scratch proof and waterproof finish on the surface that makes it durable and easier to clean even if you spill your soup or juice over it.


Dimensions49.6″D x 49.6″W x 29.2″H
MaterialEngineered wood
Mounting TypeFloor Mount

Key Features

A total of 51 inches desk-space available, which is adequate enough.

  • Constructed of powder-coated steel frame and scratch proof MDF Board.
  • Includes additional monitor stand.
  • Has an organic and flexible L shaped curved design.
  • Both sides offer the same, even space of 51 inches.
  • Impressive construction quality.
  • A long term reliable choice.
  • Switchable monitor stand.
  • Some might find the monitor stand to be very small.

Our Final Verdict

From the Top Six Picks list we’ve curated for the best L shaped Gaming desk for your gaming and home office, our top pick was definitely the Mr. Ironstone L shaped gaming desk.
Not only is this Mr. Ironstone L shaped gaming desk provides adequate work space to place your gaming setups and easily accommodate 2/3 monitors, it also contains cabinets and shelves for storage without hampering much legroom. And the best part is that it’s mildly priced and is even affordable so that middle class can buy it and reap its benefits.


Buying the best L- shaped Gaming desk isn’t an easy task. But, we hope we’ve made the task a little easier with the top 6 picks and the factors to consider before buying the gaming desk portion of our article.

This list was curated by reviewing and reading more than fifty articles, reviews and users’ responses and feedbacks. We were here with the top picks for the best L shaped gaming desks and if you guys still have some unanswered questions please let us know about them in the comment section down below. We will be more than happy to answer them!

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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Is an L shaped gaming desk worth it?

Yes of course! An L shaped gaming desk is definitely worth it! First off, with its shape providing maximum workspace while taking the least floor space. It is also designed taking ergonomics into consideration so it is beneficial for your body, plus some even come with cable management options that’ll prevent your desk from cluttering.

Can you put an L shaped gaming desk in the middle of a room?

There are a lot of ways to arrange an L shaped gaming desk in a room. One option is aligning it in the corner to save some space or against the wall so that one side can be used a cabinets. If it’s a V-shaped room, you can set the table in the middle of the room, too. One thing to consider, however is never to let your back face the entrance while sitting on the desk. You have to save only the movement space at the back of the chair, or else a lot of space will be wasted.

How to arrange an L-shaped desk?

There are different ways to arrange an L-shaped desk and that vaguely depends upon the user’s personal preference and hand habits. Generally, it is preferable to place the monitor at the center of the desk, since it is the deepest part of the desk and will help in saving space. The left portion is usually utilized in placing files while the right part is often kept emptier considering a lot of people are right-handed and they need space for hand movement. Plus, it also encouraged the left to right workflow.

How much do L-shaped gaming desks cost?

The cost of an L-shaped gaming desk can vary widely depending on the size, material, features, and brand. On average, you can expect to pay between $150 and $1,000 for an L-shaped gaming desk.

What materials are L-shaped gaming desks typically made of?

L-shaped gaming desks can be made of a variety of materials, including wood, metal, glass, and other composite materials. The selection of material can depend on the style and durability desired, as well as the budget.

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