The Best Lawn Edgers In 2022 – Are They worth it?

Believe it or not, having a beautiful lawn is everyone’s dream!

We all secretly want a well-managed lawn that can make the neighbors and relatives jealous whenever we have a little get-together at home. But, as good it may sound, the maintenance can be a pretty daunting task. Taking a care of a lawn is not easy, I must admit! But, it can be made a lot easier if you pick the right, efficient lawn edger model for you lawn.

Lawn edgers let you cut a deep notch in the area where your grass meets the sidewalk, driveway, curb, or patio very precisely and in a convenient manner, giving you a very well-maintained and professional lawn. Now, you may think, won’t a string trimmer with an operator do this just fine? Well, Yes! But, the vertical blades that spins inside the lawn edgers will give you the straightest, most accurate and cleanest results a string trimmer ever could, and that too in an economical way. These are even better when the turning or the edge of your lawn is very steep, crooked or narrow.

So, what should I consider before buying a lawn edger?

Like any other technical purchase you make for the betterment of your house, lawn edgers for you lawn, too have a certain crietrions or fields of considerations that are necessary to look into before buying one. Some of the ones are listed below and explained likewise:

A. Type of the Lawn Edger:

It comes without a thought that the market is filled with the different and ever-ranging types if lawn edgers. So, it is very important to pre-dwelve into the kind you want to purchase. To know that, you must first know about the functions of the different kinds of lawn edgers on the market and their distinguishing specialties.

For example, stick-type edgers have a long handle, similar to a weed whacker, having a gas engine/electric motor at the top, and the cutter at the bottom. These are light and easy lawn edges giving you one of the finest and the straightest cuts. Sometimes, they are also available as an accessory that can be attached to an existing machine.

Similar, are the walk-behind edges, are the larger types, usually powered by gas and having four wheels for stability. They are reputed to give you the cleanest, the most stable cuts in the market. But, they are slightly on the expensive side, and take up more space when not in work.

B. Size of your lawn:

Size of the lawn is a huge factor in determining the type of lawn edger you want to get. Since, the lawn mowing should be done on the entire yard/ lawn of your house, not chossing the right one on time might be regretful later.

In case you have a larger lawn, you should probably take a lawn edger that works on gas or is motor oriented . Plus, you should also choose a model that is comparatively lighter than the others in the market so that even when you work for prolonged time periods, you will feel less fatigued. Now, in case you have a smaller lawn you might wanna take in the extension cord ones, since they are cheaper. Or you can take the electric ones too, they are great options!

C. Functionality:

Under functionality, one thing you want to consider is whether you are simply wanting to clean the edges or you want to clear overgrowth on a regular basis? According to this, you will need to purchase a lawn edger containing a motor able to withstand the workload. It is also advisable to purchase one with a blade rather than an edging line. If your lawn has a lot of trenches, you might want to buy yourself a stronger lawn mower / lawn edger accordingly.

The Top 5 Picks

Till now, it is pretty clear that purchasing a lawn edger is definitely not easy. But don’t worry! We have you covered!

Based on the mentioned criterions, we have hand-picked you the Top 5 best lawn edgers you can buy for your lawn right now. Let’s take a look, shall we?

#1. Black + Decker Lawn Edger – Lightweight, with great features

Black + Decker Lawn Edger - Lightweight, with great features
Black + Decker lawn edger

The company, Black+ Decker has it’s reputation of making high quality of different home appliances, both indoors and outdoors. Similarly, the lawn edger is also no less!

The Black & Decker LE750 2-in-1 Landscaper and Trencher, is equipped with a powerful, 12-amp, 2-1/4 horsepower motor, which creates trenches and clears overgrowth, at an impeccable rate and efficiency. The edger to trencher convertible feature of the product is also very useful, and convenient and is amazing for areas near trees, flowerbeds and fences. This trencher can move through and remove tough roots and stubborn dirts without much hassle. Plus, the blade depths of this lawn edger are adjustable, which is just perfect to control your cuts, offering three different positions.

The handle is also either left or right handed-handled, that allows users with great flexibility while maneuvering and increased leverage. This three position offering blade can be made in three different depths, considering how deep of a depth you intend to make. As good of a cut it makes for straight lines, you might have a little trouble for curved edges.

This product requires no assembly of little tools and accessories, you can start away the moment you put your hand on it. There is also a built-in cord retention, that is responsible for keeping extension rods secure during use.


Dimensions: 30 x 10 x 12.5 inches

Colours Available: Black

Weight: 13.1 Pounds

Power Source: Corded Electric

  • Easy or no assembly required after purchase.
  • Offers three different mode of blade-depth control.
  • Left or right handed assist handle for better maneuver.
  • Very lightweight and easy to use.
  • Handle might be a little low for tall customers.
  • 7.5 inch blade is a little small.
  • Extension cords in the product might limit it’s range.


#2. WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger

WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger
WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger

If you have a relatively smaller lawn and want to keep it in a good shape, but don’t want large lawning appliances cluttering your garage, then this WORX WG896 Electric Lawn Edger might just be the one you want. To begin with, the product has a very strong and powerful motor, that provides you with the most crisp, and well-finished results. It is also very easy to maneuver and guide around, thanks to it’s lightweight design and three-guide wheels just below it.

This lawn edger runs on electricity and on a 12-amp motor, that can cut through tough dense overgrowths or even small terrains. It is very famous to provide very charming finishing near driveway, sidewalks, pavements and curbs. A 7.5 inch blade was driven by the motor, with it’s adjustability being possible in three different cutting positions, with the depth of 1.5 inches.

It also has two rear wheels and one front wheel for stability while working on the lawn. The product also comes with an extendable shaft, that can be adjusted to the user’s height, giving you the ultimate experience of edging your lawn.


Dimensions: 57.4 x 35.8 x 27.9 Centimeters

Colours Available: Black and Orange combines.

Weight: 7 kg and 260 grams

Power Source: Corded Electric

  • Extremely great for small/ medium lawns.
  • A comparatively cheaper option.
  • Adjustable shaft and cord lock available.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Blade-depth control possible.
  • 7.5 inch blade is a little small.
  • Extension cords in the product might limit it’s range.

#3. ECHO PE-225 Handheld Edger

 ECHO PE-225 Handheld Edger
ECHO PE – 225 Handheld Edger.

It’s no surprise that ECHO’s products always manage to make it high up to the list, with their amazing products and efficiency. They have been giving us trusted products for decades now, and they just keep getting better.

This handheld stick-edger is a very good product for its price, with an ability and engine to easily tend to the top soils and typical-cool season grass, clay soils, and even soils with small pebbles in them. The 21.2-cc engine which supplies power to this machine, also takes a professional-grade 50:1 gas-oil mix, along with the i-30 starting system. What this does, is that it reduces start effort with a spring-assist mechanism. Basically, it implies that starting the machine will take very little effort or no effort at all, it’s that easy!


Dimensions: 73 x 12 x 13 inches

Colours Available: Black only.

Weight: 20 pounds.

Power Source: Gas Power.

  • Very lightweight and easy to use.
  • Rubber flap presents, which can reduce the chances of flying debris.
  • The manufacturing company are well-known and branded products.
  • Can be quite expensive that other market competitors.

#4. TrimmerPlus TPE 720 Dual Edger – Best Accessory Edger

TrimmerPlus TPE 720 Dual Edger - Best Accessory Edger
Trimmer Plus TPE 720

This is a very useful in case you already own an attachment capable of string trimmer. In case, you already have an attachment that can be used as the string trimmer, for example, the Troy-Bilt, Remington, Craftsman, Yard Machine, Yardman, Snapper, Bolens, Murray, Ryobi, Greenworks, or Kobalt, and many more, and are looking for an edger without spending much amount. Then, this might be the one for you.

When it comes to home maintenance appliances, we cannot deny that we try to make the best of the resources we have. So, this TPE 720 Dual Edger, will give you the chance to utilize your already available trimmer and turn it into very effective, sharp-edges cutting edgers.

You will know in case you own a trimmer, that the accessory needs to be slide to the end of the shaft, well, this edger head works similarly too. The edger accessory slides to the shaft’s end, coming from the power head which is then tightened by the knob in the shaft’s end. There is also a back wheel present at the back of the product, which provides you a steady rolling surface, upon which the accessory is supported.


Dimensions: 35.5 x 12.5 x 6.25 inches

Colours Available: Black only.

Weight: 6 pounds.

Power Source: Gas Power.

Package comes with: TrimmerPlus BC720 Brushcutter,J-bar and a shoulder strap.

  • Affordable and economical option.
  • Attachments compatible with a wide range of high brand products.
  • Presence of guide wheel to increase accuracy.
  • Adjustable blade depths.
  • Requires an existing machine to operate.
  • 7.5 inch blade might be a little short.

#5. Troy-Bilt 4 Cycle Wheeled Lawn Edger – Best for light edging work

 Troy-Bilt 4 Cycle Wheeled Lawn Edger - Best for light edging work
Troy-Bilt 4 Cycle wheeled lawn edger

The Troy-Bilt 4 Cycle Wheeled Lawn Edger, without a doubt, one of the best one available in the market right now. With it’s jumpstart technology, it contains a 29cc engine. Aiding an easy start from the first pull, thanks to its Spring Assist Starting Technology and JumpStart Extension, the engine doesn’t even require the mixture of oil and water like the other machines in the market.

Equipped with a heavy duty and a whooping 9″ dual-tipped steel blade, it has a maximum edge depth of 1.75 inches. The handles are very ergonomically designed and the handles can be adjusted providing the users with the best lawn-edging experience. And, added with the 2-year warranty offered by the company, you are definitely in for a good weekend time pass.

Ergonomically, it has an amazingly lightweight design and the handle can be adjusted to a total of six different positions, letting you lawn edge in the most comfortable ways possible. The well-designed handle has a throttle and idle that makes maneuvering and controlling the equipments very easy.

However, there are some issues with this lawn edger, the first one being it’s engine. Volume of 29cc for an engine is not powerful enough to rip out and shred dense overgrowths and stubborn roots. But, if your lawn only has fine grass and requires just a little trimming from time to time, you should be fine. The blades can also be difficult to clean sometimes, and if you are dealing with sod, you might want to unclog it fairly often.


Dimensions: 15 x 24.5 x 14.3 inches

Colours Available: Black and red combined.

Weight: 28 pounds.

Power Source: Gas Power.

  • Adjustable height options in six different positions.
  • Foldable handle design facilitates easy storage.
  • Sturdy steel frame with great durability.
  • Easy start with just a smooth and steady pull.
  • 3 premium wheels for extra stability.
  • Amount of oil difficult to navigate as the oil compartment has no dipstick.
  • Might not work for heavy overgrowth and stubborn roots.
  • Works great for fine grass only.
  • Cleaning the blades can be difficult.


Well, having a lawn for parties and get-togethers are great, but maintaining the lawn might be a tad bit exhausting. However, with the help of these amazing lawn-edgers, you are bound to have a perfect lawn in no time, and even might enjoy getting a bit of enjoyment edging them. These listed products are very good to use in their own ways, but might have a little difference in their specialization, and for what kind of surfaces they work best. As, already mentioned, please take a look at you requirements and analyze them, before running to the market to get one.

This list was an outcome of reading hundreds of blogs, articles and customer reviews on the products. We have therefore, curated the best picks considering the different necessities, and possible bases of a lawn-edger purchase. We also looked into the different criteria the customers would consider before purchasing. Our main aim was to make sure the consumers get the most out of the money they are investing, so we chose picks on the basis of factors like their affordability, multi-functional, storage options, ergonomically aspects, height adjustments, blade sizes and so on.

If you still have some queries and unanswered questions, please feel free to ask them to us right away through the comment box down below. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are lawn edgers worth it?

Yes -Of course! That is, if you are someone who takes great pride in their lawn and wants to keep them in top shape at all times, then yes it is definitely worth your investment. Lawn edgers will help you get rid of weeds, lets you create a beautiful pathway and driveway in the lawn, and will even let your grass take in enough moisture and water flourishing their health.

When is the best time to edge my lawn?

During the rainy/ monsoon season or in the mornings. Yes, the best time to edge your lawn is definitely when the soil is comparatively damp and wet. This will let you maneuver the edger easily and the shovel will work great during this time too.

Are lawn edgers noisy?

Gas-powered lawn edgers, are generally noisier than a battery-run or an electric lawn edger. This is because they are powerful and can cut even through stubborn roots.

How do I choose a lawn edger for me?

Generally, there are just a few things to consider before buying a lawn edger. One, you need to be very aware of the type of grass you are edging, whether they are fine grass or dense overgrowths, so you should choose accordingly. Other factors like, adjustable heights, at least three blade positions, and a customizable blade depth can be a major bang for your buck!

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