Zendaya shuts down Pregnancy Rumors!

Rumors has surfaced recently over TikTok for you pages and Twitter feeds, that the popular celebrity Zendaya, is pregnant.

The cause of such rumors was a viral TikTok video that appeared to react to a fake post of Zendaya posting an ultrasound of a pregnant belly.

It was later said to be a part of the ‘Krissed meme’ trend which has been buzzing up recently.

The Hollywood ‘IT’ girl went on to her Instagram to address that rumors were in fact not true.

“See now, this is why I stay off Twitter” she wrote.

The rumored ‘to-be father’, apparently,  is Zendaya’s Spiderman: No way Home co-star, Tom Holland whom the star has been dating since July 2021.

The 25-year old actress, Zendaya, recently shared a black-and-white snap of Holland, 26, to congratulate him on his birthday.

The youngest Emmy-winning actress, is most famous for her role as Rue in HBO series ‘Euphoria’.

She is a former Disney child actor, and a successful producer, singer and a model.