The Lightyear 0, runs for seven months straight once fully charged!

Netherland based EV startup recently showcase a car, Lightyear 0, which can run up to 625km on a fully charged battery or 7 months on a single charge.

This range is considered with an average daily commute of 35kms.

The car was under production for six months.

These vehicles need to be parked outdoors so that the solar powers on board can draw the sunlight’s energy.

Lightyear’s claimed range is 388 miles, which nearly matches Tesla’s long range model S-Sedan.

At a highway speed of 110 kmph, the car is assumed to run up 560kms on a single charge drawing energy from lithium-ion battery pack.

Producing around 170 horsepower, the EV hits 62 mph in 10 seconds.

At present, Lightyear 0 is the most efficient electric car in the world, using just 10.5kWh of energy.

The EV is said to enter productions this year with deliveries scheduling for November 2022.