Subscription feature in Telegram is coming later this month.

The widely popular messaging app, is also planning on putting some features beyond paywall.

Manufacturers disclose subscription will give users “additional features, speed and resources.”

Founder Durov, also claims subscription will come with the accessibility to upload larger files and make use of some unique services.

They will also come with premium-only emojis and reactions.

However, the current features on the app will remain free, and the free users can reap all the benefits they are getting right now.

Telegram was launched almost 9 years ago in 2013 and is stilled used by a lot of people as a primary messaging app.

Today, the total people using Telegram is about 500 million people online.

The entire full range of Premium features is still unclear, but it certainly looks like the subscription will favor Telegram’s power users, like the Twitter Blue.

The subscription fee is expected to cost $4.99 per month, without many ads in one-to-many challenge.