Musk wants to store everyone's DNA database! 

Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk has been a buzzing topic for the news, from buying twitter to launching satellites.

But today, he talks about the storage systems storing human DNA’s.

Elon Musk seems to believe that he can store every person on the planet’s DNA in a tiny storage system.

In the 2000s, similar science was carried out on  'the complete human reference genome',  assembling every possible human genetic combination, resulting in more than three billion!

The project eventually came to halt, and as of 2022, millions of additional combinations have been added to the sequence.

And Elon believes he can store all of this in a relatively small microchip database.

Although Musk believes this, several other experts disagree with this, some of them even questioning the ethical standing of Musk’s desires.

MIT Technology Review, Senior Editor, Antonio Regalado rejected this idea stating ‘one human genetic sequence would need over 100 gigabytes of storage.’

But, these profound discussions were carried out in Twitter, the app famous for expressing inner thoughts and monologues, so the reality of the issue cannot be confirmed!