Infamous RnB star R.Kelly sentenced to 30 years in prison!

He was sentenced in New York by federal Judge Ann Donnelly.

The Grammy-winning, multi-platinum selling singer has used his fame to lure and control young girls into sexual trafficking.

"This case is not about sex," the judge said. "It is about violence, cruelty and control."

The judge acknowledged the points made by defense, that R.Kelly had a very difficult and abusive household growing up, where his sister and landlord would abuse him sexually.

Kelly is guilty of charges for sexual exploitations of a child, racketeering, bribery and sex trafficking, since last year.

Kelly forced his victims to perform sexual acts for his gratification, and would even film them.

He would set up strict rules on where these victims went and would even force them to film videos claiming they were doing it on their own will

Seven women spoke in court before the court announced their decision.

This sentencing was done more than 20 years after the first allegations were made on him.