MED MASSAGER  Body Massager Orbital Electric Portable Therapeutic Handheld REVIEW

Anybody that has gone to chiropractic before can easily recognize this deep tissue Chiropractic deep tissue massager. This powerful but gentle massage machine is a staple in everyday life. You will love the feel of it even on joints. This product is dedicated  to providing a better and healthier lifestyle. It allows flexibility, range of motion and practically marvelous alleviation. Your own proficient massaging tool with extra or various methods explicitly material to your condition.

Quick summary of med massager  Body Massager

  • portable massager
  • easy to use
  • you can pick your speed
MED MASSAGER  Body Massager
MED MASSAGER  Body Massager

Specifications of MED massager

ColorWhite Handle, Black Base
Power SourceAC 110V
Style2 Speed

KEY FEATURES of MED massager

MED MASSAGER  Body Massager
MED MASSAGER  Body Massager

Classic Speed Options

MedMassager Chiropractic Body Massager is an advantageous versatile massager accessible with 2 Speeds  giving an amazing experience. It allows you to choose your ideal speed setting according to your need, tailor your restorative routine starting a low speed and gradually increasing over time.

Focus on triggered points

This flexible body massager is a blessing to athletes, sport fitness trainers or people who constantly gets muscle strains while playing or working out. It will deal with the pain triggered places of your body to assist with reducing your pain, and keeps up with appropriate blood stream in your body.

Ergonomic design

For easy use, the massager is wonderfully styled and completed in splendid chrome and strong powder coat, the cushion is extra delicate and is shrouded in the most tough calfskin grained clinical spec vinyl. This chiropractic massager is very simple to use solo or with a partner. It is an important tool for stimulating circulation and easing muscle tension while reducing joint pain and swelling. It is very easy to use and has been incredibly effective. It provides innovation, durability, credibility and mental stimulation.

Extra soft pad

While returning home following a day of work or play with drained, throbbing body, there could be no finer sensation of unwinding than the MedMassager body unit. Wonderfully styled and completed in splendid chrome and strong powder coat, the cushion is extra delicate and is canvassed in the most solid cowhide grained clinical spec vinyl. Partake in that additional delicate quality with most extreme solace.

Full body massage

This hand-held full body massager covers total body covering neck, back, shoulder, legs, feet, hands, thigh, hamstring and arms. We should loosen up those profound tissue. When it is placed on back it helps loose all the stressed muscles and when it adjusts it’s position you can hear all those cracks and pops. All these popping and cracking are the result of relaxed tissues and muscles on your body

Perfect Relaxation Gift

If you are looking for a great relaxation gift for your loved one here we present MedMassager Chiropractic Body Massager. MedMassager Body Massager can be your best choice; based on the principles of reflexology that can be a friend in need for your friends and family making them to remember you until the end of time. We guarantee to give them more comfort, warmth and relaxation.

How to use MedMassager body massager?

  1. Idea: Start on a lower speed and increment until you are alright with setting.
  2. Safeguard: When rubbing over the midsection, move the massager in a clockwise heading, add slight strain.
  3. Utilize the edge of the delicate cushion to target needle therapy pressure focuses.
  4. Continuously tie long hair up and don’t permit it to get in the middle of the cushion and engine lodging.
  5. Flip around the massager on the floor covering with the delicate cushion looking up and rub each foot in turn.
  6. By putting massager topsy turvy on your lap, you can likewise rub hands, elbow and lower arms

Note: A warm sensation and unpretentious irritation is normal and implies that the massager is actually bringing blood stream to the kneaded region.

Where to use for pain relief?

MED MASSAGER  Body Massager
MED MASSAGER  Body Massager


Position: Tilted

Technique: Keep it at the spot on a soothing setting


Position: Over the shoulder

Technique: rub around the muscle cap of shoulder, down the back and front

Mid and upper back

Position: Around the edges of the shoulder blades

Technique: Move up and down the spine in gentle circular motion

Lower Back

Position: Tilted

Technique: Keep it at the spot on a soothing setting

Thigh and hamstring

Position: Over the quadriceps of muscles

Technique: Rhythmically move from top to the knee and back

Calf and lateral

Position: over the calf

Technique: Massage in the calf area and outer lateral muscles of lower leg

  • Simple structure
  • Easy to handle with duel handles
  • Well designed
  • Helps with sore muscles
  • Best to use with a partner
  • Great for chiropractic type massages
  • Long cord and 2 vibration settings
  • Strong Motor
  • Great pain relief
  • Variable speed
  • they can keep it running without overheating
  • Blessing for chronic or discomforting pains
  • Sharp edges
MED MASSAGER  Body Massager
MED MASSAGER  Body Massager

Frequently Asked Question

Can you use this med massager by yourself for lower back?

Yes, it can be done by yourself, but it’s not easy to manipulate anywhere on the lower back while standing. It’s much easier to do lying down. It weighs about 4-1/2 lbs. You can also use it on other parts of the body as well which is helpful when doing things by yourself.

Is it plastic construction or metal?

It appears to be mostly hard plastic, but there is a metal plate between the motor and the pad; just above the pad. It seems sufficiently sturdy to me. It’s heavy

Does it have heat?

 No. This product does not have built in heat.

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