Leupold Rangefinder Not Working? Here are Some Potential Fixes

No matter which activity you’re doing, whether that be hunting, birding or rangefinding, having a rangefinder in a perfect condition is always beneficial. In fact, it is a must to have a perfectly working rangefinder to secure the best result in your sport. But, since it is mechanical device running under a certain set of mechanisms to keep it working, it can malfunction or break sometimes. This breaking down isn’t a certainty neither it is an uncertainty, but it sure is defeating and distressing to the user of that rangefinder.

Leupold is one of the most loved and one of the most popular rangefinder brands in the hunting & golfing horizon, and it also offers a great range of warranty features for your rangefinder, that if it breaks, they even provide you with an entire repair free of cost. Despite these services, sometimes malfunctioning and incorrect data readings can be defeating for the user on the spot.

That is why, in this article, we are going to talk about the different kinds of problems you find in a Leupold rangefinder, their possible causes and the steps you can take to bring the rangefinder back in their working condition i.e. troubleshooting the problem.

Symptoms of the problem

Symptoms of any faulty rangefinder can be many. When it comes to a Leupold rangefinder specifically, there are some symptoms that are readily seen and these are the ones that can be a good indicator that something is going on with your Leupold rangefinder.

Symptoms that leupold rangefinder not working
Symptoms that leupold rangefinder not working

Blank Display

Having a blank display is a big symptom for some people, and sometimes, if your Leupold Rangefinder display, also goes blank all of a sudden, then there might be something wrong with it. Oftentimes, changing the mode will solve the blank display problem in most cases, but sometimes they cant work properly, and might indicate a larger problem.

In case the change of mode fails to solve the problem of blank display, retracing back to flipping the manual might also help. There might be issues like this mentioned in the manual, and trying to switch through all these modes could prove to be beneficial in some cases. This is because, if you follow the manual thoroughly, you might be able to swerve between manuals that might not even be accessed with the mode button on the rangefinder.

One of the other cause of a blank display could also be because of loose connections, but fixing these might require professional assistance. And also, in Leupold’s context, if you open the device to correct the possible loose connections, you might just dissolve your warranty from the brand. So, its even better if you contact a manufacturer in such case. But, you can always give it a try if only you are a PROFESSIONAL!

Unclear Readings

This is another symptom of a faulty rangefinder that happens quite a lot too. It oftentimes depicts the change in modes, but not always. That is why, inspecting the device carefully is very very important.

One of the first ways to resolve this issue, is through the change of modes, and if that doesn’t work, you might as well go for the manual flipping, like the ones mentioned above. There might be some solutions mentioned by the brands differing from company to company.

If both of these don’t work, you might also want to check the lenses, since they could have been blurred or dirtied due to the possible exposure to dirt and dust. In case this is the issue, cleaning the lens might resolve it. But, make sure to clean the lenses without scratching them, and that can be done by making use of specific liquids that are specialized for cleaning lenses.

Besides dirt, the lenses could also have stains on the insides. If that is what the issue is, disassembling of the rangefinder can be done. Then you can use a wet soft cloth in order to wipe any dirt oir dust possible, and the lenses can also be replaced if needed. If all these don’t work, contacting the manufacturers can also be done.

Zero Readings

This is also another symptom of a faulty rangefinder, and this is observed when there isn’t any reading on it at all. Several reasons aid to such faulty readings and the similar process of switching between buttons under mode settings can be toggled between and checked. Besides that, checking the manual for specialized mode options can also be done.

These kind of issues are generally brand specific and that is the reason why a lot of solutions apply to for a particular rangefinder and might not work on another.

Hard to capture Targets

Having a hard time to locate and capture the target is also one of the symptoms and indicator that there is something going on with your rangefinder. Now, first of all, faulty readings might be one of the key reasons why your rangefinder is unable to capture targets. And, fixing the mistaken readings could easily solve this issue.

Another issue might be regarding the cleanliness factor of the rangefinder that might not have been providing the best reading and navigation of the target. So, you might as well try once by cleaning you possibly dirty lenses. Rangefinders are mostly use in outdoor environment settings, so the exposure to dust and dirt isn’t something new.

Apart from the two symptoms mentioned above, difficulty in navigating and capturing target could also be caused due to weak batteries. Replacing the old batteries with the new ones are relatively easier, where you just need to open the battery chamber and connect them.

Possible causes- Why your rangefinder won’t work

Now, let’s take a look towards some of the possible causes on why your rangefinder quits working. Oftentimes, a Leupold Rangefinder ceases to work due to the following possible reasons; like foggy lens, a damaged lens, degrading battery life or can even have faulty electronics.

Possible causes- Why your rangefinder won't work
Possible causes that your leupold won’t work

Damaged Lens

Having a damaged lens is probably one of the most common problems with an issued or faulty rangefinders. Any lens can be severely damaged if you handle the equipment with carelessness, and if the device drops or takes a hit from a distance. This can end up in a sever crack or a scratch in your lens. And, a damaged lens will not just hamper your lens’ accuracy, but can also make it very hard to locate and observe the target in question.

In case, your rangefinder has a damaged lens, you need to make sure to take it to any professional as soon as possible. Remember, that taking the gear to a professional is highly recommended, because oftentimes people end up making the issue even bigger by trying to replace the lens themselves.

Degrading battery Life

Issues with batteries are also very common in rangefinders, and a lot of people experience this. It is so common, that if the rangefinder is seen to be having any issues, the battery is checked first and foremost.

The thing with battery is that it will slowly have lesser lives the more time passes by. So, if your battery is significantly old, then you might have to replace the old battery with a new one. Besides its ageing, sometimes batteries also get damaged due to their exposure to water and other harsh environmental conditions, and replacing the batteries under those circumstance is necessary.

Faulty Electronics

The faulty electronics can sometimes be the reason why your Leupold Rangefinder isn’t working. Electronic parts can get faulty from experiencing a hit or falling from a height, or by being exposed to extreme temperature conditions.

Faulty electronics are quite difficult to diagnose, so if you suspect a rangefinder has a faulty electronics, it is in your best interest to contact with the Leupold Customer Service. They will most likely be able to help you troubleshoot the issue right away and decide on whether the gear needs to be sent in for repairing. Seeking a professional’s help is a must in these kind of situations.

Foggy Lens

Foggy Lens is one of the other common issues a lot of Leupold Rangefinder users talk about. One key cause for having a foggy lens is the storage of gear in a humid environmental setting, or by either exposing it to a drastic drop or fall in temperature. A lens which is foggy not only makes it difficult to locate and observe the target, but also make your shots inaccurate and inefficient.

If your gear has a fogged or foggy lens, you can simply wipe it down with a clean and dry cloth. However, if the situation is persistent, you can use a lens cleaner designed for cameras.

Troubleshooting steps

Below is a brief outline on the steps you can primarily take or plan on taking to troubleshoot the problem of your Leupold Rangefinder and identify the root cause of it:

  1. Checking the Battery
  2. Checking the Lens
  3. Replacing the batteries
  4. Adjusting the required settings.
  5. Cleaning the lens.
  6. Checking the Electronics.

If your Leupold Rangefinder isn’t working properly, there could be a number of reasons why it is doing so. Although the hard and fast solution for all the problems can’t be deduced immediately, as the problems may vary from user to user, and so do the solutions. But, on the surface, here are a few steps you can try to troubleshoot the issue:

Troubleshooting steps for Leupold Rangefinder not working
Troubleshooting steps for Leupold Rangefinder not working

1. Check the battery

Like we mentioned earlier, a battery issue is so common, that whenever a rangefinder, stops working we go to make sure the battery is okay first. In order to check the battery, you must first make sure that the rangefinder is turned on and that the battery is charged or has fresh batteries.

In case the batteries are dead, make sure to replace the damaged ones with new ones and try the rangefinder again. If the issue is still not resolved, you might want to check the charging port too, since they might be dirty too and causing the problem. When cleaning the charging port, you can either use a q-tip or a toothpick too.

2. Clean the lens

Oftentimes, a foggy lens is the reason why your Leupold rangefinder won’t work properly. So, if your rangefinder ceases to work, check the lens first. You can initially inspect if your lens is either scratched, cracked or is it dirty – and then decide on whether it needs just a little cleaning or an entire replacement.

Sometimes, the adjustment of focus is also required in case the lens aren’t functioning properly. Dust, dirt, or fingerprints on the lens of the rangefinder can also highly impact the Leupold Rangefinder’s performance. If your lens need just a little cleaning, you can use a clean, soft cloth to gently wipe the lens.

3. Check the environment

One of the important troubleshooting steps is the checking of the surroundings of the rangefinder too. Since a lot of rangefinder types, including Leupold can be affected or can be seen with differences under the influence of weather extremities, it is very important to check that too. In case the weather in which you’re using the rangefinder is very cold or very hot, in case, this can cause significant change in the rangefinder’s performance. The performance also alters under heavy snow or rain conditions.

4. Check for damage

One of the key troubleshooting steps for any Leupold Rangefinder not working option is by examining if it bears any kind of damages on it. In case the rangefinder has been dropped or handled rough, the rangefinder’s quality can be damaged too.

Damages can either be done internally that will not be visible physically and should be taken to a professional for handling. But, if the damage is outside there are several signs that are quite visible like dents and cracks.

Possible solutions

Depending upon the adopted troubleshooting steps, the potential solutions of the problems can also be determined oftentimes. Some of these possible solutions include replacement of battery on need, fix or replacement of faulty wires and so on.

  1. Toggling between different modes of the rangefinder.
  2. Cleaning the lens very often.
  3. Replacing the old batteries with new on need.
  4. Fixing or replacing the loose connections / wiring with the help of professionals and manufacturers.


All in all, the Leupold Rangefinder is one of a kind, but even such a brand doesn’t come with zero problems. Rangefinders, need to be be handles well and must be cleaned from time and again. Among the different possible steps taken by the people like switching batteries, and so on. It was a really great day.

Troubleshooting by making use of other things is true because a lot of people complain about having issues with the newborn. These issues are usually mitigated by changing modes of rangefinder, cleaning the lens, changing the battery from old to new and so on.

Hope this article provided on some insights about the possible problems in Leupold Rangefinders and some ways to troubleshooting the issues. If there are other issues, feel free to tell them down in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why my Leupold rangefinder display is fading?

The Leupold rangefinder’s display can fade due to a few reasons like low battery, dirty lens, low contrast settings or or a faulty display.

My Leupold rangefinder won’t turn on. What should I do?

The first things is to try to replace the battery with a fresh one. if this method doesn’t work then contact Leupold customer support for assistance.

My Leupold rangefinder is not working and none of the above solutions have helped. What can I do?

If none of the above solution helped then you can contact Leupold customer support for assistance. They may be able to provide you a additional troubleshooting steps or suggest sending the rangefinder in for repairs.

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